mushroom followers!

they are located in the little copse of trees just outside of whiterun. there is five of them, red, white, yellow, pink, and green glowing.


they will use whatever mushroom retexture you are using. i use the ‘realistic mushrooms’ one that i think was in skyrim ultra hd, but it’s not on the nexus anymore :(

thanks to vicn creature resources and a felicidade for the idea for how to get it to work. 

The two sides of Skyrim Mods:

Holy shit cool mods that make the game better and much more fun, wow thanks that mission sucked and now I know where to go!!!! Alternate choices and better graphics, more storylines and dialoges!!!

Making girl characters “sexy”, sexy followers, oh my god boobs, does that girl look like a human being?? Not anymore, BOOBS!!!!


Friend made a shrek mod. Figured I’d show it off in the best way possible: By spawning thousands of them in the middle of Whiterun.


✿ Tumblr exclusive Hair Pack (follower gift) ✿

Since I reached 444 followers, I’d like to thank you guys …with another hair pack!  ♫ヽ(゜∇゜ヽ)♪ (sry, I don’t want to can’t rly do anything else lol)

It consists of 21 hairstyles, is for females only, and has (limited) support for elves. Some are tweaks/fixes of already ported hairs, others are new ports.


please do not link or reupload to nexus or loverslab!

Credits go to Stealthic, Shocky, zzjay, Morten, Apachii, Newsea, Alesso, Peggy, Geisha, Sintiklia, Raonjena and Zauma. ♥

Please read the readme if you have any questions! 

Take care,


My ten favourite modded Skyrim experience screenshots.

With Christmas fast approaching and a number of great games coming my way it seemed like the right time for me to set down my modded Skyrim experience. It’s been fun modding Skyrim and sharing my screenshots with you.

I hope you have enjoyed what I have posted over the last few months. For those who did - many, many thanks for liking and/or reblogging my posts. If any of you are interested in seeing my Skyrim mod list to re-create the feel of my experience on your PCs just click here

Most importantly, my sincere thanks to all the modders who have spent a lot of time and effort making Skyrim an even better experience than what it already is to begin with. I can only wish that I had the talent and vision to create what they have done. 

Whilst my modded Skyrim screenshots postings have ended I do hope to continue posting modded/graphically enhanced screenshots for other PC games which I hope to be playing throughout 2015 (if my PC can manage it). 

Thank you once again for liking and reblogging my posts. I’ll leave you with my ten favourite screenshots of my modded Skyrim experience with Llensi (my Dunmer stealth build).

Hope you all have a great festive period :)