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In camera double exposure Los Angeles, USA

It makes me very happy when I go through the emails and submissions via our website and see people from all around the world sending in their photos.

Owner @drift_agram_r33 holding it down In South Africa with his drift R33 skyline
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One of the main goals when shooting for the Tourism Board @DiscoverHongKong was to create unique and powerful ‘Social First’ content. Angles and perspectives that have never been shot were key and the opportunities we were given tied in perfectly to this! 🇭🇰👌🏽. For me and @TomJauncey, the most exhilarating experience we had was hanging out of a #helicopter at 3000ft. We were doing insanely sharp turns and of course seeing the city from a perspective I have previously only dreamt of 🚁. This shot was no exception, using the Canon 11-24mm f/4 while strapped with a harness to the helicopter we asked to pilot to bank to the left (the side I was sat on). As he did this I lent out and managed to get my camera pointing perfectly down, here’s the result…did anyone say #HongKong was dense? 😳🏙!! #DiscoverHongKong #INeverKnew 

by Jacob Rigling (@jacob) April 06, 2016 at 07:53PM


Skytree by Dacchaman