Skyler Acord


Here’s the studio version of ‘Gotta Catch 'Em All’ from Tyler Carter and Josh Manuel with Jacky Vincent of Cry Venom (and bass by Skyler Acord). Download it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify!

Issues Preference: How He Turns You On


AJ would invite you to the studio, showcasing a few new singles and for you to help keep them in check as they write new lyrics. The nights always get rowdy, whether the boys get too drunk or they just can’t stand another night to work.  AJ would definitely show this teenage behavior by singing a new song he had thought of, the lyrics way too inappropriate; but you’d keep those lyrics in mind all the way home, and you would not let that context go to waste. 


Skyler just being Skyler. Need I say more? Being on Warped tour and needing to stay civilized would be the absolute hardest thing to do, but Skyler knows your weaknesses. He’d tease you and make silly faces before going on stage, not giving you enough time to give him a good hard kiss, but it would be worth it for the next time you’re a hotel. You’ll go at it for hours.


His shyness would kill you. Why? Well come on, that smile, his soft spoken voice. Who wouldn’t want that in bed?


Ty working on his music would give you a thrill. You wouldn’t know why of course. Maybe the way he works so hard or how focused he gets, or maybe its watching his hands work on his turntable. Which ever it is, it would make crawling into bed worthwhile. 


Tyler would serenade you on a small business trip out of town. He’d accompany you knowing how stressed and anxious you get running around the big cities, but he’d schedule a night where the two of you would be free and he’d take you to a nice dinner before serenading you on the rooftop of your hotel leading you into a stress free night.


Michael just being a plain old goof ball. I mean, who wouldn’t want to throw a party and see him have the time of his life, and then when everyone leaves with maybe a few stragglers passed out int the living room, you and Michael would go at it. The thought would make you itch, and scramble because you know you’d have to be extra quiet which gives him all the power to be one heck of a tease.