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#LouderTogether - Version 1: Directed by Brittany Snow.


So my mom raided through my entire phone 2 days ago, went into tumblr, and deleted my account. I’ve recreated this one under the same url, so please, please, follow me again if you followed my old account. I was so close to 1k followers, but the most disappointing part is that i lost all connections with a lot of mutuals that I care about. Being part of the pp and bechloe fandom has been a part of my life since 2013, so in a sense I kinda felt lost without my tumblr…wow I really have no life. Anyways, tumblr was also one of the only ways i could talk to my long distance gf @babytadpoles16 which was one of the other reasons why I decided to create (recreate??) this new account. 

Please follow me again if you still have any interest in my blog, I’m in the process of rebuilding my dash and will be posting the same gay trash.

(hey, that rhymed)

Also, it would be awesome if some of you pitches reblog this post so i can follow back the ppl that I used to follow? Thanks

* possible spoilers

Sooooo regarding the PP3 spoilers, do we know if the source is actually reputable?? Where did she get her info, or is it all assumptions? I refuse to believe the rumours, just too bizarre and self-destructive to be realistic, why on earth would they alter one popular, entertaining couple (bumper/fat Amy) for a tacky changeover to amy having a relationship with Ruby Rose, having absolutely no prior hint to Amy being anything other than hetero, DESPITE the fact that a perfect opportunity for a wlw relationship existed with Beca and Chloe who were drowning in subtext and tension for 2 movies prior, and beca also having a semi popular and tolerable relationship with a likeable, entertaining male character in Jesse, to have her fawning over a random new male love interest, AND getting rid of the Trebles, who were also well liked, to replace them with a bunch of male randoms?? I’m sorry but what exactly is this hoping to achieve?? Screen ops for cameos? You would want to have a death wish for your career to produce this, honestly sometimes I just can’t believe how much money people are paid to write utter nonsense

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