“ A ninja never admits defeat.”

“A ninja always picks himself up”

“When he’s down”

Basically jay during skybound.

I love this little ninja and this show has held a very special place in my heart for many years of my primary school years and it bounces back in high school. I love cartoons in general but ninjago is special and not many people give it a chance.

Anyways thank you for all your positive support guys this fandom is amazing to be apart of.

Also finally some hands of time in English is our praise it 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Ninjago Draw Yourself Challenge!

I didn’t see many Ninjago drawing challenges, so I made a few!

With this first one, you’ll draw yourself as the various races/character types found on the show!

(They are grouped together by season, starting at the pilots and ending with HoT.)

~ Ninja
~ Skullkin

~ Child form
~ Samurai _____ (Insert your own letter)
~ Nindroid (Julian Built)
~ Hypnobrai
~ Fangpire
~ Venomari
~ Constrictai

~ Nindroid (Borg Built)

~ Elemental Master
~ Kabuki
~ Anacondri Cultist
~ Anacondri

~ Ghost
~ Thief (ala Ronin)
~ Cloud Kingdom Monk

~ Djin
~ Sky Pirate
~ Nindroid (ala Echo)

~ One of Yang’s cursed students

~ Time Sibling

If you do this challenge, tag it as “ninjagomechallenge” so I can see your awesome art!

⛩🎢 Ninjago at Disneyland, pt 1! 🎢⛩

Love Ninjago, but the weather in Carlsbad is pure garbage for your weekend whip?

Here’s a list of ways you can have a spinning good time at the Happiest Place on Earth!

In Disneyland Park:

🌪☕️Practice your Spinjitzu on the Teacups! Either have your group split up and see who can spin out in color the fastest, or all pile into one for a tornado of creation!

🐍🗡Take a high-speed trip down memory lane on Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye! After exploring what feels like a Serpentine tomb, you’ll come face to face with skeleton warriors, the Great Devourer, and an Overlord-like spirit!

🤖❄Loved Rebooted? Then Tomorrowland is where it’s at! Visit Borg Industry’s by walking through Innovations, blow up Project Arcturus on Hyperspace Mountain, and dodge the facial recognition camera on Star Tours!

👺🍜Feel like you got an invitation to the tournament by riding the Mark Twain Riverboat! Send a friend ahead to Tom Sawyer’s Island and have them periodically text clues to their location. When your ride is over, head to the island and get your buddy back! First person to find them wins!

👻💎Are thoughts of Morro possessing your mind? Get your ‘exorcise’ by reliving season 5! Climb the Wailing Alps via bobsled at the Matterhorn, head under the waves for dangerous tests on Finding Nemo’s Submarine Voyage, then plunge into the Cursed Realm on the Haunted Mansion!

⛵️✨Wishing for adventure? Head to the Bazaar and rub Aladdin’s Other Lamp, then immediately ride Pirates of the Caribbean! Just be careful what you say for the rest of the day!


“I remember, I remember it all..”
“but how?”
“Who Cares”

I may or may not have typed song lyrics


You may recall Me and @holluhasnoclue Talkin about our Jay and Nya Cosplay? WELL, WE FINALLY GOT AROUND TO SHOWING YOU!! 

Jay is @holluhasnoclue (You can find her on instagram under the same name)
Nya is me. My work is on Facebook and Instagram as ShuggaQueenCosplay
Photos are by the amazing, new photographer, Sarah Brandt. If you wish to contact her, PM me and I can do that for you!