Skullgirls is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

Digital and physical releases coming soon!

So Clem’s story is officially finished! After so much time our girl finally found a home where she can live happily with her new family (’:  I’m really proud of having been tha part of the fandom for these months! Thank you all for support, it means a lot to me <3 I’m not going to leave the fandom anytime soon, I still love my babies and hope I can make more fan art with them! And again, many thanks to skybound and the whole team who created such a wonderful game!

I want to thank everyone for supporting me and my art, Clems story is finally finished 💓 But that won’t mean I will stop drawing twdg related stuff. So here is some violentine fluff based on a tweet from @/onlyangelclem on twitter! 🥰