A young girl sits in her bedroom. It is the first day of her summer vacation, and she is looking forward to spending the next three months off school with her friends. Since she isn’t saying anything, we have no way of knowing her name, and so we must pick one for her.

She’s okay with this. At least, she’s not complaining about it.

What will this young girl’s name be?

> Enter name.


Now that Manifest Destiny #6 is out, the first arc of one of the most interesting comics to debut recently has wrapped up. Matthew Roberts’ (shinolahead) art in this book is nothing short of breath-taking and if you’re not already sold just from the images above, the story has the potential of being epic in scope and quality.

In Manifest Destiny, Lewis & Clark set out on their Westward journey across America, but the new world has more than just amber waves of grain waiting for them. America turns out to be a land inhabited by magic and monsters, and it clear that the captains of this journey are keeping something from their crew. 

For fans of: alternate history, horror, epics

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One snap of my fingers, and I can show them all the monster they see inside me.  But, is that what Fluttershy would want?

Friendship, though a wondrous treasure to behold, is not without it challenges.

I don’t draw Fluttershy or Discord often, so why not have both at once?  Everyone wins, right?

Anyway, this was just another random idea, having me wonder how other ponies feel about the the master of chaos roaming free, despite his ‘reformation.’  What I had in mind with this drawing was that after Tirek’s defeat, outrage and unease began spread once again towards Discord, many calling for action to tame him for good or sentence him to imprisonment once again.  Though all of the Element Bearers have felt pressure from residents to do something about Discord,  it was Fluttershy who endured most of such talk, as many knew that she was among Discord’s closest friends.  Whenever approached about it, she is quick and calm in his defense for his reformation, that he regrets his wrongdoings and truly has changed for the better.  But when such disasters occur, there are those who only wish to cast blame on others, if only to make sense of the situation.  And, as the former lord of chaos would be out of reach for normal ponies, the same could not  be said for the timid pegasus, who would be shunned just for her assosiation with Discord, snide remarks thrown behind her back uneasy stares as she would make her way around.

It would prove finally too much for Fluttershy to bear, breaking down into tears as she recalled everything to Discord, who was never aware of what she was going through because of him.  He never knew that friendship could bring about such anguish….

Eh…this may need a rewrite to make it more coherent.  Little wonder why I’m no writer, right? XD