Sky Witch


Earlier this week, “Sky Witch” premiered on Cartoon Network. This episode was fun because of the new locations I got explore and the new villain(?) that’s introduced. These are my favorite background designs I drew for the episode. The totems used in the first image were inspired by “Sky Witch” storyboarder Ako Castuera’s fine art sculptures. She is an awesome fine artist as well as a great story person.

Our art department is really lucky to have Sandra CallerosRon Russell, Martin Ansolabehere and most recently Terri Shikasho doing the BG paint. The show’s art director is Nick Jennings. These talented folks make the designs really sing…

When time permits, I add a rough tonal to the final design to try to help the painters with lighting ( ie, the scene with Princess Bubblegum touching the branch to open the secret passage way)… but they are so good that most of the time, the tonal isn’t needed. You can compare the tonal to the final colored piece here.