Bandit Incarcerated
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I escaped on a walk and was missing for 14 hours before my family found me in a neighbour’s live trap they were using to catch skunks. I wasn’t ashamed, but I was very hungry! (She was also very irritated that I insisted on taking a photo before we let her out. Bandit is her name, and it’s appropriate!

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While I also get Steven’s point of view, I can identify with Bismuth’s fiery revolutionary feels. And I have a lot of songs that fit those feels, so I decided to make a playlist in tribute to her. I hope she comes back soon! #Freeher.

The name for this mix was shamelessly stolen from @oathkeeper-of-tarth ‘s tags.

1. The War| Jennie Abrahamson//2. Uprising (Muse Cover)| Andra Day//3. Pull Up The People| Alesia x MIA//4. Generals| The Mynabirds//5. Arise| Flyleaf//6. People Like Us| Kelly Clarkson//7. Bad Believer| St. Vincent//8. Search and Destroy| Skunk Anansie//9. Bury Our Friends| Sleater Kinney (ft. Miranda July)//10. Monster| Paramore

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Baby’s Snap Cup Bandwagon


This is a fantastic idea. I’m totally jumping on this bandwagon!

Snaps to Aleksa Mikhailova for not only being beautiful but always making other people feel good about themselves. @aleksamikhailova

Snaps to Alexei Kovac for making my favorite dragon smile again. @alexeikovac

Snaps to Alfie Pavia for being the best papa to the cutest coffee bean on the planet and always wanting the very best for her. @alfie-pavia

Snaps to Tony Fitzgerald for being the sexiest piece of Eurotrash on the island. @tonyfitzg

Snaps to Antoinette Bellerose for making sure my brain melts every time she posts a picture and being sufficiently humble not to rub it in too much. @xgirlwithasecret

Snaps to Artie Hamilton for being my Queen, even if just for a little bit. @artiehamilton

Snaps to Ashley Lewis for having the good sense to be from Seattle, where clearly all the coolest people are from. @fckinash

Snaps to Tic Hathaway for only smelling like skunk cabbage in August sometimes, and for being a great listener. @dom-ticxtoc

Snaps to Brody Ellis for occasionally forgetting to wear shirts. I still say you should do it more. @broderick-ellis

Snaps to Candy Harrington for being a fantastic roommate and friend. I may never level up because I don’t want to leave. @candy-harrington

Snaps to Carter Green for being the cutest new girl. I still plan to lure you on a long hike and attempt to make out with you. Just saying. @subxcartergreen

Snaps to Cee Cee Collins for always making me feel welcome and accepted when I am in her company. @cecilia-collins

Snaps to Chess Glasgow for tolerating getting licked at 6 am, managing to snag one of the hottest women on the island, and still putting up with a witch of an ex. I still say every cheque should be accompanied by a picture of Riley and you and a thank you note. @checkmatechester

Snaps to Cian Kovac for his abs. @talkflirtytome

Snaps to Colin Constantinescu for being the coolest quiestest guy on the island. One day they are all going to figure out how awesome you are and then I’ll never get another minute of your time. Till then, I shall hoard thee. @circusxboy

Snaps to Colton Sterling for the thing with you did with your tongue that one time. Yeah. Yeah. @coltonsterling

Snaps to Cooper Jackson for being my friend that I can make out with and being sexy AF but who pretends he doesn’t know that. So cute you little scammer. @subxcooperjackson

Snaps to Dallas Morgan for telling me how awesome Faith is. Totally right. Too bad I’m keeping her. @domxdallasmorgan

Snaps to Elian Espinoza for accepting my apology graciously and trying to take care of people we both care about. @elianespinoza

Snaps to Emily Scott for being the best early morning hammock hoarder of all time. @submissive-emilyscott

Snaps to Evelyn Sanders just for existing, and breathing, and wearing clothes like that. Yup. That’s enough. @miss-evelynsanders

Snaps to Faith Winston for making my fav kind of pancakes and being awesome. @faith-winston

Snaps to Frankie Rollins for teaching me how to love who I am and what I enjoy without shame. @frankiexdomme

Snaps to Gabriel Archer for his clear allergy to shirts, being witty AF and for letting me hug him that time. @gabrielxarcher

Snaps to Grace Cahill for being so nice to me when we first met. Wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of you. @dommegracekellycahill

Snaps to Jace Blue for being my dragon. @forsakenjace

Snaps to Jazz Abernathy for being generally awesome and so very shy. @abernathyjasper

Snaps to Jenny Cochran for the pictures. Yeah, we both know what I am taking about. @jenny-cochran

Snaps to Joey Huang for wearing sequins better than anyone else in this joint. @subjoeyhuang

Snaps to Joy Adcock for remembering that being beautiful doesn’t mean you can’t also be funny and smart. @joyadcock

Snaps to Lariot Nakamura for your open spirit, big heart and the fact that you are the second cutest doggie on the island (Sorry but Kaya wins) @alphalariot

Snaps to Lennon Rapp for being honest about who you are. @lennonxrapp

Snaps to Luke Macomb for being Kaya’s person, cause she is awesome. You’re pretty awesome too. Kaya made me write that part. @becausetheyunderstood

Snaps to Lydia Lane for great wine, great conversation and agreeing that anyone who doesn’t like chocolate is inherently suspicious. @the-lydia-lane

Snaps to Maisy Bergman for setting the standard of all Adorable for the Adorable Crew. @maisybergman

Snaps to Matthew Clarke for the fantastic sex and generally being a cool bean. @domxmatthewclarke

Snaps to Baby Grey for coming up with this idea, for being the best cook’s assistant of all time and showing me how fun it is to slide in your socks. @babygreyrpg

Snaps to Michael Holmes for being a class act surrounded by all these horny brats. @the-fruit-of-the-spirit

Snaps to Mikah Anders for being so good to a certain mutual so and so. You rock. We may have to keep you. @mikah-anders

Snaps to Miles Stetler for agreeing to cuddles and BJs. @milesthemoose

Snaps to Nico Augustine for being the sexiest MF we hardly ever get to see. You just walk through, make us drool and disappear. You are both evil and awesome. @nikolaexaugustine

Snaps to Noelle Graves for being honest about what you love in the sack and of course, that recipe. It was GOOD. You rock. @charmedxxnoelle

Snaps to Paige Hexner for making me think about things, for having the best hair and for being a great member of the Adorable Crew. @ontothenextpaige

Snaps to Parker Shaw for being a little shit. Love it! Don’t stop. @parkershaw

Snaps to Penn Schneider for agreeing to get a lighthouse and pet Owl named Teller. This needs to happen. I look forward to visiting you. @domstargazerpenn

Snaps to Piper Collins for having the best rack on the island. @thelastbellona

Snaps to Remi Maragh for being the bestest bestie of all time. @remimaragh

Snaps to Riley Baxter for having a great sense of humor (and I am not just talking about dating Chess) and snapping a limb and still being one of the classiest, best put together women on the island. How you do it I do not know but damn girl. @rileyxbaxter

Snaps to Roxy Wright for always telling it like it is. @roxy-wright

Snaps to Sawyer Kennedy for being gorgeous, interesting and original. @sawyerdom

Snaps to Shay Steele for handling adversity with grace and having those magical eyes. @slaveshay

Snaps to Simon Whitter for being my Tink. No one could replace you. Period. @subbsimon

Snaps to Skyler Reynolds for letting me squish your boobies and admire your legs and all that friendship junk. @subskyler-reynolds

Snaps to Ty Montgomery for being gorgeous glue. @subtymonty

Snaps to Tzipporah Anne for being one of the classiest Dommes in the joint. @tzipporahxdomme

Snaps to Sir Vaughn Orion for making the best sausage on the island. @domvaughnxorion

Snaps to Wade Jensen for being an awesome camping roommate. Sorry about the time I fell asleep and drooled on your chest. @domwadejensen

Snaps to Xander Lacoss for being someone I care about and like very much. Also for being badass and grumpy. @submissivelyxander


4 miles this morning in the almost dark. No Maggie but also no Phillip the Skunk sightings. I think I found my new favorite running Pandora. I was running and singing Rapture and I Touch Myself haha. It made for a fun morning. Also, look how beautiful sunrise was over the lake.

Because sometimes what you need most is to watch a whole floofy family of French-Canadian skunks, mama and skunklings, bobbling down a lane in Pointe-Taillon National Park in Quebec. There they encounter a cyclist named Francois Arsenault, who remained very calm and still as they gave him a thorough sniffing, and then continued bobbling on their merry way:

[via Neatorama]

Yesterday we had a birthday for the dogbear. Decan is 2 years old and he knew something special was going down the minute we started preparations. We gave him a banana and a squeaky toy in the shape of a cupcake with cream cheese on top (his two favorite people foods) and then a meat bone thing, which, you know, is perfect for dogs. He loved every bit of it. To be honest, he didn’t love the paper hat, but he put up with it. 

When we set the plate down on the ground for him, he pranced around and sort of looked at everyone like, “Really?! I get to eat off of a plate?!? WHAT?!?!” And then he settled in to eat his treats. We let him go outside with the squeaker toy, which he immediately destroyed, and then we enjoyed ourselves some root beer floats, because it was a birthday party afterall. 

A while later, he was itching to come in (which is rare - he usually wants to live outside), and as soon as he got in the door we realized why. He’d been skunked. He smelled worse than skunk smell though. At short range, it has a sort of gasoline quality to it. I fired up the internet which told us how to get rid of the smell and then we whipped up a concoction of baking soda and dish soap and some other stuff. We had to trap him in the bathroom and lift him into the tub, and he really hated it.

It was like the dog equivalent of partying too hard and then having your friends clean you up after you’ve thrown up all over your dress in the cab.