I admire Frank Castles skill to paint really nicely stylized skulls on his bullet-proof vests..


dinopants sketch

i wanna color it but i seem to really have built up a habit of starting things and never finishing…………………..

that’s what summer’s for right

(finished ver.)


CLC performing “Hot Issue” @ Skull & Haha in Busan: NORA Concert

Chisai meets Goth! Part 1

Chisai:*he Was just walking around but bumped into something! He looked up and it Was Goth! He have heard alot about Goth and have always wanted to be his friend.*

Chisai: Hello!

*Goth doesn’t hear him because he’s so tiny*

Chisai: hmm!! *he gets a idea and starts to climb up on goth scarf. Goth doesn’t notice him until he haved climb all The way up to Goth’s face. Now he notices him and looks at him*

Goth: huh? Hello?

Chisai: hello!!!! Im Chisai!! Nice to meet You!! *he holds out happily a hand so got can shake it and he smiles*

Goth:(omg he’s adorable) oh!! Nice to meet You Chisai! Im Goth! *he shakes his hand with his finger*

Chisai: *he seems really happy and smiles a really happy smile*

Goth: (so cute!!~) hehe your adorable! But why are You so small?

Chisai:*his smile quickly disapperars* i-im not small!! Hmhp!!..but i am adorable!

Goth: *he chukles and nuzzles The cutie with his skull* haha alright! But your so adorable and cute!

Chisai: *he blushes alot and nuzzles back* Hehe thank You!!!

Nova: thaaat’s part 1! ^^

Chisai belongs to @alexa1alexa

Goth: belongs to @nekophy