Skjálfandi Bay

Skjálfandi Bay by Catalin Marin
Via Flickr:
Firstly I just wanted to say thank you for all the interesting comments for the previous post. If you haven’t read them, it was an interesting discussion about cloning objects in photographs and how “moral” it all is. There’s some very strong opinions in there! Now moving on to today’s image… Taking a break from the Dubai landscapes that I’ve been posting lately and dreaming of trips to come, I wanted to post a more travel related image and settled on this image taken in the Skjálfandi Bay in the North of Iceland. This particular bay is one of the main areas for watching the multitude of whales that grace Iceland’s coastline every year. The town of Húsavík is located on the shores of Skjálfandi Bay and from there whale watching boat trips can be organized during the day. The boats are actually quite big, but viewed from the mountains nearby they really look like tiny dots lost in the immense Icelandic landscape. To view the original shot (straight from the camera) visit the blog entry here: