Sometimes while I’m walking or riding in cars I’ll look at a stranger and give them a story.

-The homeless man sleeping on the train was once an intelligent young man so full of promise until an onset of skizophrenia got him and once he was able to get treatment it was far too late for him.

-The woman wearing high heels and a business suit is blushing because she’s having an affair and just came from seeing her lover. She’s also fidgeting, because she’s trying to think of a plausible story to tell her husband who has a secret of his own. 

It’s stories like these whether true or not that make people watching fun and strangers so intriguing.

Dear Diary - Damon x Reader

Warnings!; Death mentioned, Compulsion? I guess that is technically taking advantage, minor violence like shoving, really not that mature or crazy so i think you’re good, ily 

Word Count: 1,615

Summary: Your grandmother left a journal when she dies, when you read it you are schocked to hear about Damon salvatore, the man whom you are being set up with. How is it possible he hasn’t aged a day since 1966

A/N: So i had an idea and when i put it together it turned out being kind of sloppy but i kind of like this. It is dark, and guys keep a look out for some possible bite!kink or feeding!kink, im weird whatever but i kind of want to write that like um hot. ik ik you’re judging. haha anyways yeah i hope somehow through the sloppiness you find a way to love this. 

When my grandmother passed away, she left a journal. A journal filled with her adventures; places she had gone to, things she had seen, and people she had met along the way. I can’t say my grandmother didn’t live a full life, she did. For 73 years, she maintained a heart of gold, refusing to have a mean bone in her body. And it wasn’t always easy for her, not with him around.

Dear Diary,

May 23, 1966

   Today, I sit in a local cafe with my favorite sundress on. It’s a beautiful day outside, far too beautiful to even think of staying in. On a list of beautiful things, I spot a man sitting at the table in front of me. He won’t look away and I can already feel the blood rush to my cheeks. A leather jacket, he wears. Bold choice. For someone who looks like he doesn’t want to be noticed, he sure brings a lot of attention. Oh no, perhaps I’ve been staring for too long, he’s on his way over. That’s all for now.

“Snap out of it!”  My best friend, Elena, tugged at my arm. “Are you up for it or not?”

“They’re brothers, right?” I asked, confused about the whole situation.

“Hot brothers.” She giggled. Elena had been trying to convince me to go on a double date ever since she met Stefan. Apparently, he had a brother who was just as good looking as he was.

“Okay, well what’s his name?” I groaned, partly joking. Elena froze up, searching her mind for a name. “Elena! You want me to go on a date with this guy and not even know his name?”

“No, no I’m sorry! I think his name was D-Desmond, I dont know!” She sighed, plopping down on the closest bench.

“Don’t worry, you can make it up to me tonight.” I laughed, pulling her back up to her feet. “Come over, we can study for tomorrow’s test and order a pizza!” She laughed, showing a look of relief before we headed back to the doorms.

Dear Diary,  

May 24, 1966

  Our guy is quite the mystery. Revealing nothing more than his name, he convinced me to spend the afternoon with him. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, I had a fantastic time with him. I’m sure you’re wondering two things: What did you do and What is his name? If you must know, we went back to his place, something I’d never do. He’s a stranger and every bone in my body told me I shouldn’t go with him but his stare. It was so captivating. And since we’re friends, I guess you should know his name. He’s a Salvatore. Yes! A member of one of the founding families! Okay, fine, you know his last name might as well know his first. Afterall, the infamous Damon Salvatore should not be kept a secret.

I squeezed into a black dress before putting on my heels. It was just dinner, so I was kind of annoyed about having to get all dolled up. But Elena said to dress fancy and I would hate to dissapoint. So, here I am, curling my hair for a guy whose name I do not know. Lovely.

I came down the staircase, watching the two men who stood at the bottom along with Elena. Stefan and her latched onto each other while the other brother stood a few feet away from them, staring intently.

“You must be Y/n, I’m Stefan. Salvatore, that is.” Stefan introduced himself, extending his hand.

You smiled, taking his hand. “Salvatore? I’ve heard many things about your family. Good things of course.” Stefan flashed a winning smile before you turned to his brother.

He had jet black hair and his eyes were an icy blue, sending chills down my spine as he stared down at me. Why did this seem so familiar?

“I’m Damon, I’ve heard many things about you as well.” He lifted my hand, kissing it gently. Damon? No…it couldn’t be. Did I hear him wrong?

I laughed lightly, confused. “Damon Salvatore? No, that can’t be.”

Elena and Stefan furrowed their eyebrows but Damon only stared blankly at me, not showing the slighest concern. His eyes studied every feature of mine, making me blush deeply, not used to this kind of attention.

“Welll,” Stefan said clearing his throat. “We should get going, wouldn’t want to be late for reservations.”

Dear Diary,

May 27, 1966

  I’ve just been dropped off at my doorm by the one and only, Damon Salvatore. Tonight we had dinner which went very well. He was so polite and I love how he makes me feel. I’m constantly on the edge of my seat. At the end of the night, we danced. His arms wrapped around my waist as we talked about all the things life had to offer. And if only life could be maintaned, a promise to last forever. But even in the most magical places, eternity isn’t certain.

“I’m sorry,” I interrupted, standing up from the table. Suddenly, it was hard to breathe. “I need some air.”

Damon watched as I walked towards the resturaunt doors, clutching my purse tightly. I broke through the doors into the cold night. A breeze ran down my arms, causing goosebumps to form.

I leaned back resting my head on the wall. What the hell was going on? How could that be Damon Salvatore? He looks just as she described him, my grandmother. So young, so handsome.

“Elena sent me to check on you.” Damon came through the front doors, walking up beside me. He reached out, touching my arm. I gasped at the sensation of ice against my skin.

Dear Diary,

May 30, 1966  

   I may have been wrong about Damon. Maybe he isn’t the perfect gentleman. There is nothing more I want than to be in his arms, he’s got the best of me but I just feel so….cold around him.  I hope no one ever reads this, for what I’m about to reveal isn’t easy to process. He took a life. Right in front of me. But somehow, I was able to remain calm throughout the whole thing. It seemed as if murder came natural to him. I shouldn’t be telling you this, if anyone finds this it could stir up unnecessary trouble. I’ve seen odd things happen around Damon and I pray that you never run into him.

“Is this some kind of joke?” I pulled back from his grasp, breathing heavily.

“A joke?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“I know about you, what you’ve done.”  I pushed him back slightly beggining to feel dizzy. “You’re in the diaries.” Damon stepped closer to me, wearing an angry expression.

“Diaries? What diar–” Damon began but was soon cut off by realization. “That’s impossible, they were burned.”

Anger rushed throught me as tears filled my eyes. “You! You’re the reason she’s dead!”

Damon grabbed ahold of my arms as I lunged at him, “You need to calm down, you only know one side.” I struggled to break out of his grasp as tears poured from my eyes. There was no one I loved more than my grandmother. To come face to face with the man who started it all, I couldn’t help but be full of rage. I finally gave up, collapsing against him.

Dear Diary,

June 3, 1966

    I’ve been working more hours down at the hospital. The good thing is that I never really see Damon here. The last time I wrote in this journal, I revealed Damons secret. That he had killed someone in front of me. I may have not told the full truth. No, Damon killed many and I now understand what he is. He doesn’t show any mercy, he’s selfish. He is. I now understand that my morals mean nothing next to his compulsion. How cruel does someone have to be to compel someone to keep such a dark secret, never forgetting the brutal deaths but just losing sense of control. I hate being a slave to him, but still I can’t help but be intrigued.

“You’re a murderer.” I mumbled, exhausted from all of my emotions. Damon pulled back from me, staring down at me coldly.

“You’re grandmother wasn’t in her right mind when she wrote those, you know that.” He said, wiping a tear from my face.

My grandmother spent the remainder of her life in a psychiatric hospital. She had been diagnozed with skizophrenia and forced to been hospitalized. But how could she be crazy, when Damon Salvatore who hasn’t aged a day stood in front of me.

“She didn’t know what was good for her.” I breathed, surprised by my sudden realization.

“No, she didn’t. She stuck her nose where it shouldn’t be and she got herself into trouble.” Damon said, peering down at me. He held my face up, never looking away. My knees felt wobbly as I was drawn in by every word he said.

“You should leave,” He added, coldly but his eyes told a different story. A story filled with pain and sorrow. “Leave, burn the diaries, don’t come back and forget everything you know about me.”

I was finally set free from his grasp and could only think of leaving this town. Why was I even here? A man stood in front of me, with black hair and stunning eyes. He looked confused and sad, very sad.

“I’m sorry to bother you, what’s the quickest route out of here?” I cautiously asked, not wanting to disturb the handsome man. I felt my whole body shiver as he quickly directed me out of Mystic Falls.


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