reasons why I love skam

1. it’s in norwegian

2. it tackles a lot of issues faced in modern day society in a realistic manner

3. it’s funny

4. it’s a show that’s made for teenagers with teenagers in mind. so no unrealistic story plots that makes you say…..really, my generation are seriously not like this? (I’m looking at you skins 3rd generation sorry lol) 

5. they have actors that look like teenagers (acne, basic make up, young looking, FUCKING REALISTIC)

6. it brings the discussion of teen pregnancies, rape culture, feminism, islamophobia, eating behaviours and the LGBT+ community

7. the acting is good enough that believe I’m watching people at school

8. all the characters are sort of personalised and made to seem real with the text messages, instagram pages and constant updates of them

9. despite all of them having faults (because you know, teenagers and they’re learning and shit) they are all likeable

10. modern music and current news slotted into the show (e.g Panda and mentions of Donald Trump)

11. i like the bold texts telling me the date and time. I dunno it reminds me of life I guess

12. they’re all trendy as fuck

13. the characters are relatable 

14. the actors real life instagram pages are fucking awesome (I recommend Ulrikke -the actress who plays vilde- she’s hilarious)

  • FRANKY: “Oh, that’s right, just run away!”
  • NICK: “I wish I fucking could! But I can’t. ‘Cause you’re in here. And here. And part of me would give anything for you to just disappear, just be fucking… gone. There’s a tiny part. The rest of me… the rest of me would take even this, even this shit feeling right now, over any other feeling about any other girl. Because compared to this, I haven’t felt a single fucking thing in my life.”
  • FRANKY: “Shut up.”
  • NICK: “I love you Franky. I do.”