Skinny Pete

I’m here for all the emos around my age, who heard “Sugar We’re Going Down” and “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” on the radio in 2005 as middle schoolers, and fell in love. 

I’m here for the emos who are older than me, who captained the early fandom in its Myspace and LiveJournal days, whose love of these bands can be traced back to TTTYG or Bullets.

I’m here for the emos who are younger than me, who can’t remember 2005 because they were gradeschoolers or even babies, but who heard “Centuries” or “Victorious” and fell down the rabbit hole into a world they’d missed.

I’m here for the emo girls who were derided as “fake fans”, who are told their passion for these bands probably begins and ends with the singer’s pretty face. 

I’m here for the emo boys who were mocked as “girly” or “gay” for wearing eyeliner and long hair like their idols. 

I’m here for the emo nonbinaries who feel a little more secure in their identity when they remember that Pete bought skinny jeans from the “women’s” section, or that Gerard sometimes uses they/them pronouns. 

I’m here for the emos who paid out the ass and stood in line so they could tell the bands they love, “thank you for everything”. 

I’m here for the emos who have never been able to personally speak to the bands and probably never will. 

I’m here for all my emo kids out there. Put on your war paint. Sing Hallelujah. Keep running. 

Better This Way (Chapter Nine)

Alright. Peter and Harry… not platonic. That’s it. That’s all I’m saying.
Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!


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Peter had forgotten how much he liked to dance.

In fact he couldn’t remember the last time he danced.

Not like this, at least. Not in a nightclub with flashing lights and pounding music, packed full of beautiful people with beautiful bodies, everyone’s scents mingling into a heady mix of pheromones and hormones and sweat.

Oh yes, Peter loved to dance like this.

Dinner had been wonderful, great food in an expensive restaurant, laughing over drinks at an upscale bar, then letting the Alpha talk him into staying out even later, letting Harry get him into this high end club so they could blow off some steam together. It had all come back in a rush– the camaraderie, the shared sense of humour, the attraction.

Harry had always been good looking, and a few years had only added to the Alphas appeal. It hadn’t taken long at all for Harry’s innocent touches to spark something in Peter’s chest, something hot and familiar without that edge of danger that every moment with Wade held. And when he had responded to it, to the spark between them, Harry’s eyes had lit, interest bleeding into the Alpha’s scent.

The conversation had turned slower, less catching up and more just looking at each other, less joking and more quiet murmurs, until Harry had laced their fingers together and suggested dancing.

Peter had readily accepted, even though back before their dancing had usually led right to the bedroom, he was ready to try almost anything to keep his mind of Wade.

And Harry was so nice. Safe. Familiar.

So Peter had said yes and Harry had grinned at him, bringing Peter’s hand to his mouth for a sweet kiss, and nearly dragged him to the club.

So here they were.

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Breaking Bad Asks: Send a name for the corresponding question!
  • Walt: Success or morality. You can only pick one. Which do you choose?
  • Jesse: How do you cope with difficult times?
  • Skyler: Could you support someone you loved, even if they were doing something bad?
  • Flynn: Have you ever been let down by someone you looked up to?
  • Hank: When you start something, how motivated are you to finish it?
  • Marie: Can you keep a secret?
  • Jane: Are there any bad habits you’re working to break?
  • Badger: What is the most ridiculous idea you’ve ever had?
  • Skinny Pete: Do you have any talents or abilities that no one would expect from you?
  • Saul: If you could reboot your whole identity, who and what would you be?
  • Mike: How long have you been practicing your craft, hobby, or career?
  • Gus: In this world, what would you like your final lasting impression to be?

S2 E6 “Peekaboo”. Jesse is waiting by the roadside when he sees a beetle. He crouches to play with it, smiling, until he notices Skinny Pete is approaching. Skinny Pete crushes the beetle the moment he sees it. Jesse gets the name and address of the drug addicts who robbed Pete, and is determined to take action.

anonymous asked:

I know this is weird and dumb but, whenever you've got even a second for random requests, I'd really really like to see a doodle of my actual Breaking Bad son Badger, please. He and Skinny Pete give me life.

a rlly bad 15 minute doodle of a hungover trip to denny’s, ya know, like ya do

In Defense of Jesse Pinkman

  • “Stupid” - Season 1 and 2 present Jesse as pretty dumb. He’s naive, he did terribly in school (and it seems like that was mostly his fault), he lacks common sense, he pours out his and Walt’s entire water supply putting out a fire when there was a fire extinguisher five feet away. He’s not really that bright. And he never entirely loses that vibe of naivety; then again, he’s the youngest central character. He’s gonna be inexperienced next to someone like Walt or Mike or Gus. But Jesse matures incredibly over the series, including intellectually. The magnet, the train heist, luring Walt into the desert with the fake money barrel– all his ideas. Yeah, he needs older minds to work out the logistics, but wouldn’t we all? Besides, even when Jesse is stupid…how deep a flaw is that actually? I mean, it’s endearing! It is endearing, and touching, to see that even though Jesse started out as the only actual criminal in the cast, he doesn’t have what it takes to be a Scarface. He doesn’t have what it takes to be a Heisenberg. Intellectually, or morally, or emotionally. He was always gonna be a smalltime meth slinger who would’ve probably been caught pretty quickly had Walt not dragged him in to his operation. But Walt did, and because he did, Jesse’s almost more in over his head than Walt is! And Walt’s the 50 year-old teacher with the beautiful suburban family who’s cooking crystal meth! Not to mention that practically the whole reason Jesse does mature is because of the emotional torture that Walt has put him through. He was forced to mature. And uh, if it doesn’t go without saying– no, that doesn’t make Walt a good guy.
  • “Junkie” - This is probably Jesse’s greatest flaw. He consistently uses drugs as medicine for his stress and pain, and that’s a terribly shitty solution. And it’s frustrating to see him constantly return to it. But given everything we know about him, given the nuance of his character, is it really still valid to slap a “junkie” label on him and have that define his entire being? Hell, I wouldn’t even use that label to define fuckin’ Badger and Skinny Pete! And those two are idiots! Not only does Jesse have so much more to him than just this one (albeit major) flaw, it’s a flaw that he does try to overcome. He gets clean after Jane’s death, and he goes to rehab, and even though it doesn’t last, he does make an effort. And he returns most dramatically to using after he literally murders a fucking human being, something that– while drugs are still not a solution to, kids!– is probably the greatest emotional trauma he has ever faced. And yeah, he pulled the trigger. But we know whose fault that was really. His addiction is a serious problem that we can pray, whatever happens after “Felina”, Jesse fixes about himself. But it does not define him.
  • “Cook meth and kill people?” - Mhm…right. Heisenberg has never done that. I know this one is too stupid to merit refuting, but I just wanna point out the only three people Jesse kills in the entire series (and in his entire life, excluding whatever happens after the finale):
    • Gale Boetticher– Murder? Definitely. Excusable? Not really. But the fact stands that Walt manipulated Jesse into committing it; Jesse pulled the trigger, but Christ, how he didn’t want to. This was not a murder in cold blood. This was a terrified, tearful murder and Walt was pulling the strings. Jesse is probably going to have difficulty coping with this action for the rest of his days, while Walt has handy pocket justifications ready for every life he destroys.
    • Joaquin Salamanca– Awesome name? Yes. A shame that someone with this name is no longer in the world? Definitely. But Jesse shoots Joaquin in self-defense during his, Gus, and Mike’s escape from the Don Eladio’s bummer pool party, after Gus has poisoned the entire cartel and Joaquin has already shot Mike in the gut. And, though not really relevant, I think it’s maybe worth noting…he shoots him in the leg first.
    • Todd Alquist– Did anyone not do a fist pump watching Todd being strangled? Be honest. I can’t be the only one.
  • “Rat” – This one’s probably the most frustrating. I shouldn’t have to refute this. But apparently there are people out there who were raised by the mafia and condemn Jesse for ratting out the great Heisenberg to the D.E.A. I don’t wanna spend too much time on this, so I’ll just say this: Jesse kept his mouth shut for four and a half seasons despite constantly taking moral issue with tons of things that Walt did. Jesse kept his mouth shut when he wanted to quit the entire operation. Jesse opened his mouth when he found out that Walt had poisoned a child for his own personal gain. Jesse opened his mouth when he realized everything Walt had done to him, and to others– when he finally saw Walt for everything Walt was. Jesse helped Hank put Walt behind bars when he realized Walt was a man who belonged behind bars.
  • “honestly it’s more like ‘in a world of Jesse Pinkmans’, be a Heisenberg’” – I guess, in a manner of speaking, you’re right. I would never want to be Jesse Pinkman. I wouldn’t want to wake up to find my girlfriend dead of a heroin overdose. I wouldn’t want to watch my next girlfriend murdered in cold blood. I wouldn’t want to have my heart broken again and again. I wouldn’t want to be completely alone in the world. I wouldn’t want to be asked to murder people, or be sold into slavery. And I wouldn’t wanna be kinda dumb, or a junkie! But in a world of Heisenbergs, I would much rather be a Jesse Pinkman. I would rather play peekaboo and video games with children than poison them. I would rather throw blood money out of a car window than keep 80 million dollars of it that I can’t spend in a storage compound. I would rather love my girlfriend than rape my wife! I would rather know that my actions are wrong, and that they have consequences, than try to justify everything I do, no matter how terrible it is. I would rather try to have a heart, no matter how difficult among danger and violence and greed, than give in. Jesse Pinkman is deeply damaged and deeply flawed. Everyone on Breaking Bad is; that’s why it’s a great show. It has some of the most nuanced characters on television (And yeah– obviously that includes Walt! He’s not a straight-up bad guy either– not even close!). But despite his flaws, Jesse is also Breaking Bad’s moral center. And at the end of the day, I really don’t think anyone can deny that.

Sorry for switching between past and present tense!!! Let me know if I made any factual errors about the show too. (P.S. I’d also much rather be a Skyler White. And we know how people feel about her.)


S2 E9 “4 Days Out”. Jesse and Walt find that the battery of the RV run out when they are just about to have a rest in a nearby hotel. The generator explodes when Jesse is pulling it because he spilled gas all over the device, and he uses all of their drinking water to put out the fire in a panic. Desperately, Jesse calls Skinny Pete to pick them up, and checks with him again later in the night. However, the phone died when they figure out Skinny Pete is going in a wrong way.

An Emo Christmas

When I have kids I’m not telling them about Santa Clause. Instead, I’ll tell them that if they’re good and if they leave out eyeliner for him, Pete Wentz will come down the chimney and bring them all the emo. But if they’re bad kids, Brendon Urie will come and take away all their black skinny jeans.

breaking bad (4/20 edition)
  • walt: totally acts like the chillest guy in the room and on the rare occasion where nothing goes wrong he IS the chillest guy in the room, but the tiniest nuance ruins his chill and he peers out the window all night nibbling on his hand
  • jesse: absolute placidity, regardless of how chill or unchill he is. stoned jesse could be held at gunpoint and terrified and pissing down his leg, but his eyelids will droop regardless. touchy-feely, tries to be lowkey about it, fails tremendously
  • skyler: incredibly giggly but self-conscious and distracted because the mama bear in her worries something will happen to holly or walt jr while she's high. eats ice cream out of carton with large salad spoon, is not ashamed.
  • marie: the entire universe leaves her incredulous. distrustful of technology, assumes all devices are tapped which means you can forget ordering pizzas. wants to be under a blanket at all times.
  • hank: omg can i even do this hank is a law abiding asac dea wonderman!! um i think if hank got high he would be his alter ego dean norris headcanon accepted
  • walt jr: flynn is the chillest, always offers to let his pals hotbox in the rare monents he has a vehicle lol, always knows what snacks to get at 7/11, a reliable dude
  • saul: SAUL GOODMAN IS A RAD FELLA. always has good tunes even if they're dated and kind of embarrassing they always seem to fit the mood, gossip levels go up 5000%, saul is the guy at the party trying to talk about aliens. he is.
  • jane: lazy sleepy little shit but it's pretty cute, it's weirdly endearing. scrolls through netflix forever. ends up coming back to a show or movie she's seen a million times.
  • badger and skinny pete: we know how they get but i can't leave them off of this list, but we know. nerds