Skincare tips ✨💧

1. Always keep a bottle of water bottle nearby. Hydration is 🔑, your skin will thank you!
3. Honey + green tea=a mask that will reduce dark spots and acne
4. Exfoliate 1-3 times a week, get rid of that dead skin/sebum build up 😷
5. Coconut is great for your skin + removing makeup! (Use it wisely tho, could clog up your pores)
6. You can never go wrong with face masks!!! Treat yourself to a nice face mask every now and then
7. Cut toxic people out of your life and remember to moisturize daily
9. In my opinion lush has the best skincare products, all organic and they’re cruelty free🐶
10. Change your pillow cases regularly if you don’t already
11. Sunscreen is your best friend, always apply before leaving the house to protect your self from harmful sun rays/premature aging🌞
12. I know y'all have things to do but get at least 7 hours of sleep to rejuvenate your skin!
13. Pat your face dry instead of rubbing when using a towel.
14. Listen to music and chill and try to keep the stress minimal, this will do wonder for your skin
15. Rose water is bomb for your skin and the scent is a bonus 🌹
16. Your skin is an organ so it will reflect the state of your insides, eat beneficial foods and drink plenty💧💦🍎🍉🍓🍒


🌱 Micol Sinn’s Giveway 🌱

I’ve reached 5k and i’m so grateful for all your love and support so I’ve decided to have this little giveaway and give you a chance to win some of my favourite beauty products and art supplies! 


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🍃 Moleskine Watercolour Notebook (pocket size)

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🍃 Copic Ciao marker -6 color set- (pastel)

🍃  Lush bath bomb: Sex Bomb

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☼ If any of the bath bomb won’t be available,the winner will get to choose a different bath bomb (of the same price) and the same goes for the rest of Lush’s products in the giveaway  ♡

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☼ I will send a message to the winner, the name won’t be announced publicly without the winner consent

☼ Despite the title,also boys can partecipate to this giveaway obv!!

☼ Winner will be announced on 14 April 2016 

☼  Message me for any question!


It’s all about beach-inspired tones and beach-proof skincare for me right now.

#Shiseido Sheer and Perfect foundation
#LaMer The Illuminatinb Eye Gel - doesn’t give my sensitive eye area rashes or milia!
#Kiehls Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense - turn in an old/empty bottle of sunblock for a free sample tube of this lightweight classic from now til 30 April; it’s got PA++++
#NARUKO Apple Seed and Tranexamic Acid Serum - this drugstore serum is affordable and contains an impressive 3% tranexamic acid to block melanin synthesis and quickly reduce dark spots and scars; highly recommended!
#MAC Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel
#NatashaDenona All Over Glow
#NatashaDenona Green-Brown 28 Palette
#Dior Vernis in 157 Lovely - translucent seashell pearl

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