a psychopath walks into a bar
he buys her a drink
they skip the small talk
he asked her
do you love to watch the stars?
stranger, stranger
I don’t know you, but
I’m looking for affection
she doesn’t know if
he’s the right direction
or the wrong turn
but she hydroplanes into
midnight skies
two blunts too strong
two shots too long
a bottle of pills will get you right
a bottle of pills will get you writing–
he’s not crazy, but the doctors
says his brain might just be lazy
won’t configure those thoughts right
these pills will get you right
but you won’t sleep tonight
maybe not for a week,
it’s okay I’ll take anything
just to ease the way,
if it’s a label,
I’ll sign my heart right there
wherever it hurts the most–
empty my blood
into things that I don’t understand
which way is out
if I’ve been living my
whole life backwards?
he tells her about a friend
of a friend– he died last year
because he couldn’t get over
losing his first born,
they said he jumped from
this very building
that we’re watching the stars from
she asks him why
why did he do it?
sometimes we don’t have
all of the answers,
I think he was meaning to fly
away from all of it–
they say death is just a chapter
that we can’t read,
like it’s braille or something,
like how love makes us blind–
she says but this is all too much
why are talking in metaphors anyway?
you know, I like answers–
she went back to the same bar
a year later and it was just her
she never left the building
but he did,
she called the ambulance
but they said that he died
some words are freakish,
she doesn’t buy anything
instantly anymore–
she doesn’t fall in love so quickly,
she doesn’t talk so quickly,
she doesn’t drink so quickly,
it’s always wine.
let it simmer,
let it soak.
the psychopath
was her high school lover
and they finally met up for a drink–
some says he wasn’t the same
when she left town
and in truth,
he never changed,
but all the people are made out of knives
and that…. that, my friends,
is why he finally took his own life
—  emotions that we’ve killed
Ski Jumping Awards - Slovenia

1. Athlete of the season (male): Domen Prevc. His form at the beginning was unbelievable. He was the first Domenator Dominator of the season. Won first competition in Kuusamo. Everyone was wondering what he’ll do next competition. From the 4HT his disposition wasn’t the best but when it came to flying he showed us that, even though, he hadn’t done it yet he is made for flying.

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2. Athlete of the season (female): Ema Klinec. She was 6th in the overall classification and she’s the only Slovenian female to be on the podium (2nd and 3rd place). She made her debut at the World Championship in Lahti and was placed 5th and she won gold and 2 silvers at Junior World Championship in Park City.

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 3. Team of the season: Jurij Tepeš, Jernej Damjan, Peter Prevc, Domen Prevc. Let’s be honest - Slovenian team wasn’t in the best form this season, but this team still maneged to be on the podium in at least one competiton (3rd place in Zakopane).

4. Top newcomer/breakthrough: Domen Prevc. You may think that he’s not a newcomer or that he has already been good in the last season, but this time he showed us he’s ready to winning and he’s ready to fight and fly. 

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5. Most impressive win: Domen Prevc, Engelberg. 4th win of the season, with the hill record (144 m) and huge advantage over 2nd place.

6. Best competition & 7. Best podium: Kuusamo, first competition. Domen’s first win ever. 2/3 Prevc brothers on the podium together. It seemed to be that it could have been Slovenian season again.

8. Best jump: Domen Prevc, Engelberg. It amy not be a impressive flight, but it’s a hella good jump with hill record.

9. Most touching moment: Peter Prevc winning in Sapporo. After impressive last season he couldn’t find his form in this one. After struggling in the first part of the season he finally found his way back to the podium.

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10. OTP of the season: Cene Prevc and his ‘strong, independent ski’. These two belong together, even though the ski wants its freedom.

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11. Crush: Domen Prevc. I think we can all agree that no one can resist these brown eyes and eyelashes. I can’t wait to see him become more and more handsome in the future.

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i honestly love any and all representations of irk tbh

but i personally imagine it as a completely industrial planet of megastructures and blinding colour, every surface covered in buildings of varying magnificence, all in shades of purple and red and pink. there are public squares used for gatherings and speeches. it’s hard to distinguish between night and day on irk, so bright are the lights - there are no oceans, no forests. they were all mined and used and spoiled long ago. even the mountains were chiselled down to make way for civilisation. and so if you were to see irk from space, it would glow, light resonating from every surface. using technology similar to the laser sweeps they use on other conquered planets, the irkens burned through the slums of their planet, charring the surface so as to create a great, dark irken symbol visible even from space. there may be a ring surrounding irk, like saturn, and the irkens found some use for that.

and there are irken slums, inhabited by those too small to carry even food trays. they are left to fend for themselves, their designated zones shunned by all and patrolled only by armed soldiers to prevent an uprising.
the further into the capital you get, the brighter the lights. the tallest tower is the brightest of all.

irk is a huge planet, dense, allowing for multiple layers of civilisation - the hatchery, training grounds, and so on. partly for the safety of the smeets; mostly because there is no space for untrained irkens to be running around on the surface. once they do reach the surface, their lives continue mostly indoors. the pollution and cramped quarters outside are too much. perhaps they even live under protective domes. there are gladiatorial arenas, military training centres, shopping centres - anything and everything. they’ve stolen from every great race, adapted and improved technology and construction techniques and culture. the remnants of the native wildlife are kept only to be jeered at as inferior lifeforms.
it’s cold and gravity is strong; the skies are eternal sunsets - brilliant, in other words - but scarcely visible through all the layers of air traffic.

life is hard for the majority of irkens. maybe the tallest were even driven from their over-polluted planet and now live primarily aboard the massive, leaving irk to the lesser irkens.
w ow


Some Christmas Day selfies for y'all!! (Only posted a day late…)

I had a really fab Christmas!! I’m starting to get really confident in my ability to recover. Despite blips that I still get fairly regularly I know I can live out the future that I want to have. Which is a good thing given that I’m getting very close to being a university student 😁

My family were incredibly generous and I received some amazing presents (I got a LOT of makeup so prep yourself for constant selfies!). Today i am up and at the airport ready for a week of skiing- or sitting inside and complaining about a lack of snow.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! I know it can be a very tough time but you guys are strong as hell.

5sos + the months I associate them with:
  • Luke: {late September/early October}; days getting shorter, nights getting cooler, light sweaters, thin scarves, gray skies, strong winds, trees standing bare, broken branches, cardigans, beanies, pumpkin spice, combat boots on crunchy leaves
  • Michael: {December}; white, snowy days, woolly coats, red noses, visible breath, ice on the side of a window, starry nights by the fireplace, slush puddles, noisy radiators, fuzzy socks, ripped mittens, layered clothing, freezing rain, cold fingers, hot chocolate
  • Calum: {late May}; cool breezes, blooming flowers, open windows, the first time the songs of the summer get played on the radio, the smell of grass after it rains, outdoor picnics, kite flying, petals raining down from branches
  • Ashton: {mid July}; long days, cold nights, warm sand between your toes, salt water on tanned skin, humid air before a storm, the smell of food on a grill, broken ACs and sweaty car rides, backyard hammocks, short shorts and flip flops, crickets chirpping at night, morning dew, stargazing
FT 506 spoilers

Sit down kids because this is kind of a doozy. Apparently I had a lot to say on the subject.

I know a lot of people are pretty bummed/upset about the whole Erza stopping Dark!Gray and E.N.D Natsu thing revealed in the spoilers. I was one of them! My shipper’s heart wanted a shipping moment, as so many of you hoped for too. But alas, they did not make it in time.

“I think we made a wrong turn at Albuquerque.”

How can Natsu, who is slowly transforming into E.N.D, the strongest demon of Zeref’s books, who strikes fear even into Acnologia, who totally annihilated Dimaria in the safety of her Age Seal without, seemingly, breaking a sweat just minutes before, be stopped by a barely armored, unarmed, wounded Erza? And Gray, who had been keeping pace with said monster (another discussion for another time), shrouded in his own darkness and rage and drowning in this sense of betrayal and desperate to fulfill his father’s final wishes, being stopped by her too?

Stepping past the obvious “it’s the nostalgia, Erza always stopped these two” defense (which is a major factor in this too), I’m going to argue that the reason why she is able to is because these two still have tiny slivers of their sanity intact.

“We’ve never used a drop of hair gel in our lives.”

I’m sure all of us can agree that Natsu is standing only in a small puddle of E.N.D’s true power. The hold hasn’t let up but he’s finding that maybe it would be better off if he just let it all out because, in his mind, what is even left for him. He let Lucy die again.

And here he is, standing before this massive, evil energy that he knows he can take with just a little added force to that fracture but knows he probably shouldn’t. Because Lucy wouldn’t want him to.

He’s teetering between himself and E.N.D. He still has some control over who he is and what he is becoming.

Here are some little tidbits why I believe this:

“I probably deserved that.”

The first indication of his mind not being completely overtaken was the fact that Dimaria was left alive. I’m sure E.N.D would have no qualms over killing anything but Natsu doesn’t take lives, it’s not his thing. Because, well, killing people is kind of a shitty thing to do. (I’m pretty sure Mashima knows this too and that’s why practically no one dies in Fairy Tail. I am okay with this.)

“A Michael Bolton song comes to mind but I can’t think of it right now.”

The second is after Natsu destroyed Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs Dimaria, he is still our Natsu. He holds Lucy still maintaining a completely human appearance, no outpouring of etherious fueled energy. He snaps when he thinks she’s dead and the dam that still holds his power at bay begins to leak a little more – the slight droplets of energy he used to protect Lucy begins to trickle out a little quicker. And each passing moment he delves deeper into the darkness, that crack spreads out more.

“Betrayal, my old friend.”

“You’ve known for like twenty minutes.”

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Łukasz Kruczek appreciation post

Dear Mr. Kruczek,

I know you won’t ever see this post, but I’d like to thank You for all the amazing work You’ve done in Polish ski jumping A Team. I also know that all the words seem to be empty and untrue now, but mine are completely different. The point is - You’ve been a member of this family for so many years… Firstly, as a jumper, then as a assistant, and then as the only one coach that made Poland strong in ski jumping. We’ve finally got a real team, not just one leader. This is extremely important for us because no one has ever done this before You. When everybody got sceptical over Polish coach, You showed them how wrong they were. 

We’ll remember all your achievements.. 2013 - the Gold and Bronze medals. 2014 - double Olympic Gold and the Crystal Globe. Jan Ziobro’s first win. Piotrek Żyła’s first win. Krzysiek Biegun’s first win. Aleksander Zniszczoł’s and Andrzej Stękała’s World Cup debuts. The new record of Poland. And many more. We managed to become a strong nation that all the other ones can’t forget about. And although this season is kind of lost, I’m not mad at You. You’ve done your thing. Your mission is completed now, sir. 

So, once again, a huge t h a n k  y o u. For all the emotions, for tears of joy, for the stress (!), for your presence and wise words. For your professionalism.

We’ll never forget You because once you become a ski jumping family member, you’ll always be a ski jumping family member.

But we know it’s not a “good bye”.

It’s “see you soon”.

With love,

your dedicated 

Kruczek’s Eagles

Łukasz Kruczek

ski jumper


best friend




the man who has change the face of Polish ski jumping. Forever.

Triangle Review/Theory Part 1: The Boys

DISCLAIMER: There is so much in this episode that I had to break it into two parts. This is going to be one of my more critical reviews, because I didn’t necessarily love this episode and I’m not all that fond of this arc in general (especially this Identity Crisis malarkey). Regardless, I want to learn the in’s and outs of this show and somehow keep the faith that the writer’s have ultimate goals that are admirable, so I will not stop reviewing each and every week.

First, the Boys:

I’m starting here  mostly because it incudes the jelly bean scene and I love anything that reminds me of Boy Meets World. With Ski Lodge coming up, it was only appropriate that this scene be somewhere in this arc and I’m glad they threw it back to this moment, even using some of the exact same dialogue between Cory and Shawn:

“You’re gonna let jellybeans decide my future?”

“Oh who else is supposed to decide? You?


 But one of my favorite things that the writers tend to do with GMW is throwback to a Boy Meets World scene and then alter it ever so slightly, so that the lesson/end result is still completely different that it’s predecessors. Jacobs said himself he “isn’t writing the same show twice”, so it’s good to see him sticking to his words.

Because yes, for those of you that didn’t realize it, the two scenes are similar, but they are anything but the same.

 Context. Is. Everything.

 In BMW, Cory is “deciding” between Lauren and Topanga. Does he say nice things about both girls? Sure. But how does the scene end? It ends with all of the jellybeans on Topanga’s side, Cory calling it “no contest” and figuring out (with what will end up sticking in finality through the rest of the series), that Topanga will always, and has always been the one

Scene over, cut to black, moving forward.

 Not so much when it comes to Lucas.

 “It’s always been Riley”

 Lucas originally puts all his jelly beans on Riley’s side, yeah. He even quotes Cory when it comes to her…at first. That is canon. But I’m not sure if some people fell asleep at that moment or what, but that is not where this new scene ends. Instead…


 Lucas then procedes to talk about how Riley was pushed by Maya in the subway and how this sort of counteracts the whole original idea he had that the “universe had brought him and Riley together”. 

 “It was Maya who pushed her. It was Maya who did that for Riley because that’s who Maya is.”

 FINALLY! A comment about something that has to do with one of the girls CORE personality traits, not just something flippant and obscure or shallow, like:

 “Riley is so goofy she  makes me laugh 50 times a day”

“I love when Maya ‘Hurr Hurrs’ me all day long”

 Even Lucas’ comment about the library scene they had together, is something that happened two years ago at this point. And although it was obviously important to him, I still really feel there should have been some scenes in season 2 that revolved around Riley and Lucas bonding/growing closer, regardless of the Maya arc that was building. One conversation may have been enough for Lucas, but it’s not enough canon evidence for an audience to back a real connection between the two of them. Maya being selfless about the people she loves, however,  is something legitimate to adore about a person, it is a trait that makes you passionate about someone else, and I like that the writers ended this “experiment” with that realization from Lucas. For me at least, that line cut pretty deep against the backdrop of all the other sugary substance answers he was giving.

 In recognizing that Maya pushed Riley (honestly thank God someone finally did) he also acknowledges that the “Universe” didn’t REALLY put him and Riley together, because Maya was really calling the shots for her friend. That’s a little growth for Lucas and that’s refreshing to see, because honestly this kid has had relatively zero-character development this season. Because of this, he is also becoming increasingly unlikable in my eyes.

 If this scene was taken in the same context as the one with Shawn and Cory way back when, it probably would have been about 5 minutes shorter. Riley would have been the answer and then the next 4 episodes wouldn’t really need to happen. Cory knew Lauren for like, 2 seconds of his life, and she was up against Topanga, who he had known since he was basically a fetus. Lucas, on the other hand, has had an ongoing friendship with BOTH of these girls for a few years now, and the decision just flat out isn’t as easy for him. That  something people of all ships need to recognize.

But still, let’s quickly sum up where we are at by the end of the scene: 

*Lucas likes Riley because she was pushed into his lap on the subway.

*Lucas likes Maya because of who she is as a human being. 


(And for those of you that are reasoning this with “because Lucas only liked Maya because she was ‘becoming Riley’”, please reference 4 paragraphs back where Lucas himself uses a reason from the first episode as to why he likes Maya so much.)

So next I would like to discuss Farkle. I know that he is “not really part of the story” right now (you will understand that joke later) but the writers slipped something in this scene that highlights some slight growth in his character and I think it’s worth pointing out. When he and Zay are trying to figure out who Lucas “really” wants, he comes to the conclusion that:

 “There may be no viable scientific way to decide this.”

 Small moment, huge breakthrough. Yes Farkle, science does not dictate love. The faster you realize this, the happier this audience will be.


 “Lucas I know it’s impossible to choose between both of them, I mean I couldn’t. But you have too. For the good of all of us.”

 Did any other Riarkle fans get a little queasy when they heard that quote? I have to admit that this made me vomit in my mouth a little, because I don’t like the idea of Farkle or Riley saying anything that will potentially shut down the possibility of a romantic arc between them in the future. But, remember to look past the surface. Think of it this way:

 Farkle is trying to hold on to the promise of never choosing either girl because he doesn’t want to lose either one of them – we see him talk more about this in Upstate. But here’s the deal guys- Farkle will NEVER have to choose. Lucas, on the other hand, does have too, his stakes are different.

 Farkle and Maya do not have a romantic connection, this was proven in canon during “GM Cory and Topanga” with the lackluster high five Maya gave Farkle and then with her response of “Nothin.”

Boom. Right there, romantic Markle is dead (sorry, shippers of Markle, if you exist!) Farkle, unlike Lucas, does not have to worry about losing someone because he he will never lose Maya, regardless. It doesn’t matter how in love with Riley he may eventually fall, he can still love Maya the same amount, just in a slightly different way. And she will be okay with that. Maya will always be around and unlike Lucas, Farkle can ultimately keep them both.

 So keep the faith, my people! Stay strong until season 4. Stay strong until Ski Lodge 1, for that matter. But you didn’t hear that from me.

 I want to give props to the costume department for being SO careful with this scene. Zay placing Riley’s jellybeans on the scale (By the way, why was there randomly an available old school scale like that in Topanga’s anyway?) and Farkle is placing Mayas jellybeans on the scale, but they are both wearing yellow and purple in their costumes, the respective colors of each girl. Also, Lucas, of course is wearing something neutral (Blue. Shocker!).

In addition, despite what I have heard many people claim,, I don’t think the writers gave Zay or Farkle any lines that suggested either guy wanted Lucas to pick either girl. They were both completely objective in attempting to help Lucas figure this out, albeit they are unbelievably annoyed that it’s even still an issue.

 Farkle snapping “WHAT?!” in response to Lucas’ “Except…” is perfectly staged, because we feel you Farkle, the audience wants this shit show of an arc to be over as soon as humanly possible, too. In fact, most of us think this should have been over in Season 2 (you should be with Riley by now), but the actor who plays Josh was injured and the writers had to change lanes. I suppose with the circumstances, they are doing the best they can.

As usual, I need to point out how unbelievably great Zay is. He’s still kind of a stock character at this point, playing Lucas’ “funny, cute friend” (to describe him in his own words), but that doesn’t stop him from being totally entertaining. “We’ve let this go on for so long because your pain is hilarious to us, but it’s gotta end eventually” is probably one of the most underrated jokes of the episode, it deserved way more laughs than it got.

Oh Zay, why are you so damn great?

 Lastly, the final scene of the episode Lucas slides in to Riley’s house and proclaims that he has made a decision, which is met with cheering and an abundance of applause, followed by the parent’s telling Lucas to sit down and tell them, instead. What parent’s are going to mutually sit down with the prospective boyfriend of each of their daughters and make him spill his guts? Holy awkward. Sorry Lucas. But then again, I guess you kind of had it coming.

 As far as the applause goes, I can only imagine that the audience was cheering over the fact that this arc is finally going to end so we can watch the writers grow their characters and move on to more interesting, complex and fresh plot lines.

 I love you Girl Meets World, but let’s get this show on the road.

 Part 2 Review, coming soon!

Nick Fairall

Have you seen that Nick was crying while he was talking to Werner? I just realised that and I don’t know why, but this seriously made me cry. It’s unbelievable what risks athletes take to reach their aim, especially after serious injuries.
They have to be so strong and I can’t wish but the best to all of them. ✨