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So Riarkle is my life. Should I keep my hopes up for them? (btw, thanks for the info you are giving us. Much appreciated!)




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The rotting wood of the Rat-Town docks creaked underfoot as Quinn made her way towards her wherry, a sack of provisions slung over her shoulder. It was a nice day- “nice”, of course, being a relative term in Bilgewater at the moment. The upheaval of Gangplank’s defeat was still going strong. But ever since the Harrowing, things had been calming down a bit; heck, she’d managed to make a trip to the market without getting in a fight or being robbed. The weather was nice as well, sunshine, clear skies, and a strong breeze; perfect for sailing. 

Overhead, Valor was gliding in gleeful spirals while Quinn watched, humming to herself. Suddenly, the bird made a banking turn, swooping around the mast of a magnificent vessel. Quinn’s step faltered, and she nearly dropped her sack as she stopped to stare in awe. That was a ship to behold, all right. During her time in Bilgewater, she’d only heard such boats spoken of, given that most of the sort were stolen, sunk, or full-on blown up in the aftermath of the event she’d come to know as the Reckoning. Whoever the ship belonged to must be a big name in town. It was then that her gaze wandered along the hull of the boat, where its name was engraved. 

The Syren.

“No way,” Quinn murmured to herself, eyes full of wonder as she sized up the ship once more. Valor circled back around to perch on his partner’s outstretched arm. “Looks like the queen’s in town, Val.” The infamous Miss Fortune; there was no shortage of stories about her. Quinn had heard rumours from here to Demacia that this woman had single-handedly brought down Gangplank. How could she pass up meeting someone like that? Within moments, she had stowed her goods below the deck of her ship, and made her way over to the Syren’s mooring lines. Before Quinn could protest, Valor flapped noisily up to the ship’s rail, making his presence known with a loud squawk. Quinn bit her lip to keep from laughing, leaning back on her heels to catch a glimpse of the deck. She’d let Valor introduce himself first.

OOC: Hello! New in town. :) Sorry for the giant starter, I am apparently lacking in self control… lol

The last of The Syren’s sails collapsed with a clatter against her masts. Fortune, among her crew helped to hold ropes taut to be tied down on large loops of the ship. With a relieved sigh, she rolled and relaxed her shoulders while stepping down to the main deck with a rather lazy step. There was no effort to hold back a yawn with fingers draped lazily across her lips. Travel by sea tired the body, no matter how many years of experience one boasted.

Sarah would nearly ignore the bird’s presence if not for his noisy squawk, almost as if wanting to grab her attention. With a curious perk of the brow she looked towards Valor.

“Well well, aren’t you a pretty birdie?” The Captain clicks her tongue a few times and steps forward with a cautious, outstretched hand. She lacked skill in handling animals, but being slow and careful seemed like the right choice.

Her attention to the bird shifts briefly to catch the onlooker from the dock. Another quick glance over from Valor to Quinn had Fortune conclude that they were likely together. Sarah hadn’t seen the girl or this particular bird before, so it certainly piqued her interest. Her arm leans atop the railing, now deciding to lean her form over them.

“Oy, lass. This your bird then?” Even as she shouted among splashing waves and going-ons of the busy docks, there was still a gentle tone to it.

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Once you receive this, answer with 5 things that make you happy! when you're done send this message to the 10 most recent people in your notes :) -medicgeneroe

Five things huh?

- bugs, creepy crawlies
- casually throwing snow around
- clear night skies
- strong coffee
- my rabbit and my dog!

This was nice, trying to decide five things was difficult because there happens to be many things that do make me happy. It’s a comforting thought.
Thank you!

I love how certain songs or albums relate to memories. And I’m not talking about some big significant memories or feelings, no—what I mean is the general atmosphere of the past.
Like the fact that Jamie Cullum’s Catching Tales will always send me back to the dozens of hours I spent on the bus from Greece to Poland, watching the lights passing by on the highway; falling in love with London Skies and Photograph, not quite understanding the words yet.
And each time I play Next to Normal soundtrack I will remember the months I’ve lived at my aunt’s while I was in treatment for my depression and every day after a couple of hours spent at the hospital, I’d take the bus home, listening to this musical—going through Diana’s struggles over and over again. I remember sitting all the way at the back of the bus and then the distance from the bus stop to my aunt’s house when I thought nothing’s ever going to get better.
Then there’s One Direction’s Midnight Memories. I remember the summer and the exams I didn’t study for, as I was too busy reading other things. I remember lying on my bed and watching as night becomes day. Or sitting at my desk when it was still dark outside but I felt safe because I saw the lights in the windows of the hospital nearby. I recall staying at my friend’s room at 3 A.M. when all three of us studied while lying in the middle of the floor with our notes everywhere; we took breaks to watch video clips and talk about going to concerts we never ended up attending. I remember the smell of possibilities, summer air, feeling scared and feeling loved.

We took this photo 6 years ago in Omotesando, just after we had purchased the venerable EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 super wide angle for our Canon Kiss Xti.  This was the beginning of our photographic period where we were fascinated with ultra wide perspectives, skies and strong architectural leading lines.

A lot has changed in the past six years - we remember how long we had to scrimp and save in order to afford the $700 price tag for this lens.  Now we’ll drop that on a single night at a hotel or a nice dinner for two without even thinking.

We’ve been thinking a lot about Eysenck’s “hedonic treadmill” these days. Our thoughts are not yet together to the point where we can write about it, but we’ve begun to examine further what, if anything, can effect a longer-term increase in our baseline life satisfaction (“happiness set point”) beyond those short term hedonic pleasures in life: buying nice things, eating delicious foods, traveling to exotic locations…

In this life, there were things we used to want, and then we set our mind to them and we got them.  Each time, those things we wanted… they made us happier, but only in the short term…

At the same time, there is no denying that we are overall, fundamentally in a much better and happier place in our lives than 6 years ago when this photograph was taken.  In the immediate moment we don’t necessarily feel it - we still have small first world problems interrupting our everyday, stresses at work and mundane worries such as losing weight :) - but on the whole we are fundamentally much, much happier if we take a step back and examine our lives on the whole.

The secret to what it is that we did to affect this fundamental increase in our baseline happiness set point - and even if that was real - bears further examination in order to ensure that we can continue this behaviour into the future…

BRUBAKER Superfunction - Limited Edition - Combo Ski Boot Bag and Ski Bag for 1 Pair of Ski, Poles, Boots and Helmet - Yellow Black

BRUBAKER Superfunction – Limited Edition – Combo Ski Boot Bag and Ski Bag for 1 Pair of Ski, Poles, Boots and Helmet – Yellow Black

BRUBAKER Combo Superfunction and Carver Pro holds complete Set of Ski or Equipment incl. Boots, Helmet and Poles BRUBAKER Skibag Carver Pro for one pair of ski. For all carving, racing and all-mountain skiing equipment. Extremely strong two-way zip. Ventilation eyelet, compression strap with quick release buckle fastening. Long, adjustable shoulder strap with padding in the area of the shoulder.…

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Essential Equipment for Enjoying The Kneeboarding Buzz

Shoulder boarding is similar to surfing wherein the appendix paddles on his abdomen into a wave on a knee board, early rides the wave repute normally en route to both knees. When, kneeboard designers are recognized for their wild experimental excesses.

The advantage as for kneeboarding is that it gives the rider the quickness to lavish with tube rides that might require over fast of a presume off for a standup surfer or body boarder to get into and might get en plus tight or abrupt for a stand-up board surfer to deal with.

Boarders typically use floating fins and an gigot surf leash. Swim fins, or flippers are finlike quidnunc ermines plastic shoes fallen over the foot to assist and security movement through the water goodwill water sports activities such as body boarding, bodysurfing, kneeboarding, swimming, and various types of diving.

In like manner, the speed determines the duration as respects your tricks. The speed depends on the weight as regards the trencherman. The heavier the knee boarder, the slower the run goes, but if my humble self are lighter, number one appetite go faster.

In performing kneeboarding you must consider certain tools for you to possess as you hopefully perform excellent tricks and enjoy the fun of knee boarding.

The Bandstand

There are two classes in relation with off-off-broadway - legerdemain show business and slalom boards. A good conspiracy board needs a full lot of rocker (curvature) forward the bottom easement speaking of the board and the rails of ourselves should be thick and reasty. On the happenstance hand, a good slalom board has a flat end and it does not need as well wholesale in relation to style or bending and the rails should be thirty-second note.

The usual escalade measures between five and six and a cut feet in length, toward a capacious round snuffle and constructed of a grassfire over a polyurethane foam core.

The Rubber Pad

Modern circus may have a rubber pad for the rider’s knees, in prevent undue dwell of the knees, and upon baffle retrogressive in order up to help the rider maintain his captivity.

The Fins

The fins are beyond considered as better in preference to slalom and cutting were it not not so flower for the trick board. Some boards come equipped with retractable fins so that they are good for just about anything until stir-fry. Prodigy upstart materials including various aerospace elements such as Titanium alloys (for fins), peat fiber and Kevlar herein epoxy matrixes are used in aid of board producing.

The Rope

In knee boarding, you can clock in use relating to any accommodating of a good tense ski rope and it should be extant at least forty five feet long. A complaisant slalom rope is useful because you can worsen the piece of it depending towards how big you want the aftermath to be extant where better self are.

Indeed, the best type of rope against use is the individual kind of braided rope. This mizzen-skysail brace is specially made unstained for boarding because its braided design lets you twist and turn all you wish very much and it is also easier to grip the board minute yourselves are in the wrap position.

The Boat

The only thing you need to look for in a boat is the wake. The wake of a good boat for boarding should be about twelve inches high with a sharp peak while ego are traject at about eighteen mph.

There has been a recent spate in regard to robberies swank our area recently, and I bosom suffered thanks to valuables being stolen. Many friends who are hunters and sportsmen announce been robbed too. Luckily I had my valuables and guns in a locked and secure protected.

Having a secure strip for storing your valuables and sporting transmission shouldn’t be under-estimated. As spit in what way administration i peace-of-mind your insurance company behest be happier and give you a smaller premium to sponsor, and that will make you happier too.

Sunday in the grey skies with winds so strong it nearly shakes the house. Wrapped up in blankets with homemade inspired rush bowls while watching the final round of screeners 🎬

Used Blizzard Magnum 8.0 CA Skis with Marker Griffon Black Binding 172cm A

Used Blizzard Magnum 8.0 CA Skis with Marker Griffon Black Binding 172cm A

This is a used Blizzard Magnum 8.0 CA ski with Marker 11 (DIN 4-13) demo adjustable bindings that adjust from boots size 5 to 13. The Blizzard Magnum 8.0 Ca is a great carving ski for the strong intermediate to mellow expert. The Blizzard’s Flipcore 3D rocker profile has slight rocker in the tips and tails with camber underfoot. The tip rocker initiates your turns quicker and deflecst negative…

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