Colours of Thursday: Ski Holiday

There are 24 minutes left of Thursday.  For the last few days I have been skiing with my family so here are some photos.  You can see my sisters, Liane and Kati, and their husbands, and you can see my kid, Charlie, and my dad, and my bf, and various other people.  It’s fine for me to use these photos for Colours of Thursday because:

(1) There’s lots of white here, and white is all the colours.  Isaac Newton said so.  One day he bought a glass prism and he did some experiments in his room and he figured the whole thing out.  The rainbow, light, colours, everything.  Here’s what he said about white:

But the most surprising and wonderful composition was that of whiteness. There is no one sort of ray which alone can exhibit this.  It is ever compounded, and to its composition are requisite all the aforesaid primary colors, mixed in a due proportion.  I have often with admiration beheld that, all the colors of the prism being made to converge … reproduced light entirely and perfectly white, and not at all sensibly differing from a direct light of the sun.’

So that is really great news.  Thanks, Isaac.

(2) Look at the fetching pink ski jacket I rented!  Isaac Newton’s favourite colour was crimson, but I’m sure he would have admired my pink jacket.  My sisters admired it.  They decided that they would buy pink jackets of their own.  When I returned my pink jacket to the ski rental place, I asked if I could please purchase it, so as to match my sisters, but the woman said, ‘No, no, we never sell them. We rent them and rent them to death.  We wash them after every single rental ––even if they’re only rented for half a day!––and they just keep right on going.’  I felt sad for my pink jacket, but also proud of it.  Also I felt glad that the jackets are washed, even if they’re only worn for half a day. 

(3) I got home from the ski holiday last night and today, as I was walking into Kirribilli, I saw a small dog.  The dog was wearing a pink jacket.  I looked at the dog’s pink jacket fondly, remembering my pink jacket and there, printed on the jacket, was the word SNOWY.  Seriously!  Now, the dog itself was a dark charcoal grey, so I’m not sure if he was borrowing his sister Snowy’s jacket, or if he had one of those ironic names, like when people nickname a very large guy, ‘Tiny.’   Either way.

(4)  It is now 11.53 pm so I don’t have time to write a different Colours of Thursday.   Happy Colourful Thursday!   And may everybody have ski trips as brilliant and bright as the one I just took.

The Everfrost is the highest known peak in the Oberland’s eastern region. Despite having been a favorite challenge for the boldest hikers and skiers in the past, it has been a long time since anyone dares to venture it and one of the current laws decrees that children are completely forbidden from accessing it. There’s a common trend that those who climbed the top of the mountain never talk about their experiences. Not to mention that passerbys say they feel as if the peak is watching them, but everyone knows that is not possible. Mountains are not alive, they are just large deposits of land. However, they keep insisting about it…