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Snap! Crackle! Electric Soup! Liquitex Pix from Bronx-born Nicholas Krushenick, Father of Pop Abstraction

Nicholas Krushenick: Electric Soup,” a survey of the artist’s hard-edge, eye-teasing, mind-bending, surreal and deviously humorous paintings over three decades, opens today at the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York.
One College Is Offering a Very Serious Class on Miley Cyrus

Die-hard Miley fans and pop culture junkies, you might want to clear your schedules: Skidmore College is offering a summer course on “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus." 

A look through the course outline proves the syllabus is not filled with YouTube clips of twerking and enormous foam fingers. The class earnestly addresses the topic of Miley — and a sincere look at her cultural relevance is well worthy of a college course. 

Professor Carolyn Chernoff, who is teaching the class, explains in her course description that they will "explore core issues of intersectionality theory, looking at race, class and gender, as well as a feminist critique of media, using Miley as a lens through which to explore sociological thinking about identity, entertainment, media and fame.”

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Mark your calendars if you haven’t already, folks, because this tournament’s one for the history books (or out of the history books?) - Skidmore Quidditch presents to you our first official tournament: The Battle of Saratoga!

More info can be found on facebook, or just by asking

Skidmore Quidditch is gonna be there. Skidmore Quidditch’s cool, quidditch-playing friends are gonna be there. Benedict Arnold and General John Burgoyne are probably not gonna be there, due to a sudden, incurable case of the dead, but I wouldn’t risk not showing up if I were you, because it’s going to be sweet.

See you then,