Aries: your tears are so hot and your cheeks are flushed, you hide your face in your hands and you cry to all ends. I know you miss them, they made you feel like your heart was beating in your chest. But you were alive long before you knew you were, just as you were loved long before you believe you are.

Taurus: You made a rose garden with them. You each had your own, but yours were real and theirs was plastic. They kept tending them but it missed your loving touch, how could they screw you over? Love I don’t know. The universe isn’t fair; how can it be so cruel to something so precious?

Gemini: You used to talk to me, about politics and poetry. You used to tell me stories, about magic and all things pretty. You always told the story of you and them, you said it was the most beautiful one. The pen could never describe your pain, we’re in vain. Their lack of empathy to blame, you’re killing your brain. Your thoughts are violent and I know you can’t hide it.

Cancer: They said they were scared of you leaving, little did they know about how you wrote poems about their touch. How you stayed up just to talk to them, and complimented them everyday to make them feel like the world. Now you’re just another stripe on their wall, a number. It’s ironic, really. They take all your pieces one by one and then ask you why you’re empty.

Leo: They took your hand and walked with you through nights of blanched white stars and dark blue skies, you never liked boating until they took you on a cruise but they drowned you with the anchor of the ship. Now you’re a castaway on an island, you’re so isolated. What happened to your people spirit, did it go down with the anchor?

Virgo: You trusted them, you never believed in fairytales but goddamnit they were your Prince Charming. I’m so sorry they lied to you, happy endings were a religion to you but they didn’t believe in your God. I’m sorry that tears are your only remedy and everything hurts. I’m sorry that the midnight air burns on the places they’ve touched and that you don’t want to wake up in the morning anymore.

Libra: They were your favorite song, the one you kept on repeat when you were a teen. They were your high school sweetheart, they made you feel alive. They kissed your eyelids and looked at you with adoration, their back pocket held knifes you’d never seen. The silhouette you see in the dark frightens you. And you said “I don’t think people understand brokenness until they experience it, you keep getting stabbed with the broken pieces they made and it’s like a slap of nostalgia.”

Scorpio: You flinched from my touch, hid away in the dark. Little water sign with a shattered heart and atrocious eyes; I’m sorry that your trust has been crumpled like your thousands of papers in the wind. You told me you’d never love or trust anyone again.

Sagittarius: You ran to the edge the world and drowned in seas of sadness, you went over heartbreak hills and lied in beaches with suns burning your face, when you came back you were even more empty than when you left. Your eyes look so much more dull.

Capricorn: There was something enchanting about the way their eyes made your light up and their touch made you smile so broadly, now that they’re gone you’ve gone in a zone of workaholic mode. Anything to keep you busy. Anything to keep you from thinking of them.

Aquarius: You threw away your independence for them, took care of them when they were sick and tangled your hands in their bushy hair. They were your everything, your own world map with compass saying “Go find yourself.” Where are you? You’ve lost yourself.

Pisces: The smoke from weed lingers in your home, your bed hasn’t been made in two weeks. Vodka bottles lie on the floor. You haven’t washed your hair in all of these weeks, you didn’t leave your bad. You listen to their favorite band, I told you to get outside and you said that the only oxygen you had left, abandoned your lungs. They were oxygen, they were toxic.

—  Heartbreak

From a Texan to the rest of y'all.

We appreciate all the help we can get down here. It’s bad. The flooding is catostrophically bad. We will say thank you to anyone and everyone who helps us. We will work with ANYONE who comes to our aid.

But don’t you DARE spout off about the government “rescuing us” from anything. We are rescuing ourselves. Our favorite grocery store chain, HEB, is feeding people, supplying water, and getting their stores prepped WHILE IT IS STILL RAINING AND FLOODING.
A GROCERY STORE CHAIN has been able to reach places with food and water before FEMA ever possibly could.

Our favorite GAS STATION BUCCEE’S is sheltering rescue teams overnight and footing the bill for them to EAT AND DRINK ANYTHING IN THE STORE FREE OF CHARGE.

Citizens are taking their private boats, jet skis, canoes, flat boats, pretty much ANYTHING that can float and are working with our local fireman, police, AND the coast guard to help rescue other stranded Texans.

People are throwing addresses of stranded people all over Facebook and other Texans checking their feed have been diving off into the water to save them. If all you hear about on the news is FEMA taking action in Texas , IT AIN’T THE WHOLE TRUTH.




-An angry, soaked Texan

astroquestions  asked:

hi, what would you say are the hobbies associated with the signs?

Check out your 5th House and rising sign too! 

Aries: Sports in general but there is an emphasis on boxing, wrestling, martial arts, paintball, laser tag, skydiving, scuba diving, and bungee jumping. Car collecting or auto work, gambling, hunting, fashion, traveling, and working out. 

Taurus: Associated with any sport that is team oriented and usually consist of a large team. Aesthetic arts like painting, interior design, or jewelry making. Cooking, homebrewing, soap, candle, or perfume making, gardening, singing, shopping, collecting items, and playing musical instruments. 

Gemini: Associated with sports like gymnastics, skiing, skating, throwing, tennis, and badminton. Writing, blogging, taking in a lot of media like video games and movies, debating, reading, chess, puzzle games, board games, and if socializing could be considered a hobby. 

Cancer: Is associated with team sports, is associated with ALL artistic hobbies especially drawing, photography, and painting. Cooking, scrapbooking, crafts of all kind/DIY activities, collecting items, sewing, knitting, crocheting, repair work around the house, and homebrewing. 

Leo: Dancing, drama, cheer leading,  gymnastics, fashion, painting, creative writing, movies, T.V. shows, reading, hunting, baton twirling, video games, traveling, gambling, celebrity watching, cosplay, LARPing, and working out. 

Virgo: Golf, skating, badminton, tennis, bird watching, collecting, working out, nutrition, couponing, reading, calligraphy, crafts, knitting, sewing, crocheting, gardening, chess, debating, puzzle games, and board games. 

Libra: Badminton, volleyball, tennis, figure skating, anything aesthetic such as painting or interior design. Fashion, drama, musical instruments, celebrity watching, and is loosely associated with poetry. 

Scorpio: Sailing, scuba diving, paintball, laser tag, flying, skydiving, bungee jumping, racing, para-sailing, swimming, anything artistic especially photography and poetry, fencing, chess, homebrewing, and ghost hunting or anything occult. 

Sagittarius: Hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, skateboarding, snowboarding, archery, horseback riding, geocaching, gambling, traveling, running, kayaking, billiards, darts, climbing, disc golf, and amateur astronomy. 

Capricorn: Hiking, mountain climbing/climbing, spelunking, hockey, fossil hunting, metal detecting, antique collecting/hunting, history driven hobbies, collecting items, genealogy, and is HIGHLY associated with working with their hands so hobbies such as pottery, sculpting, candle making, woodworking, jewelry making, metal work, origami, and Lego building. 

Aquarius: Surfing, snowboard, long board, skateboard, hockey, skiing, any “odd” sport, computer programming, amateur radio, amateur astronomy, debating, astrology, anything occult, dog breeding and shows, graffiti, parkour, cosplay, LARPing, yoga, and Tai Chi. 

Pisces: Swimming, surfing, fishing, scuba diving, diving, boating, water-skiing, amateur meteorology, anything artistic especially poetry, painting, and photography, whale watching, video games, movies, reading, and all types of gaming. 

Olicity Head-cannon Post 5x23

“Felicity can you hear me!” The comms are eerily silent.

“Felicity… Felicity please.” He screams this time as a tear trails down his face. The island is now ablaze as he clutches onto William. He tightens his grip on his son and places his other hand on his comm. Whispering he pleads “Felicity please say something” his knees no longer have the strength to hold up him and his son. He sinks down into the floor of the ships sobbing into his son’s hair repeating that name. It means happiness, intense happiness and his mind flashes to the way her eyes would crinkle when she smiles. He thinks about her loud voice and how she babbles and everything that caused him that intense happiness. He looked over to that island and saw that happiness burn away while he held his son the only form of happiness he had left. As he lay his head back he took in a deep breath and shouted out one last time “Felicity” and then looked at the body of the man who took his happiness and watched the blood pool around his feet.


He’s jolted awake with her name fresh on his lips and can still smell the ash of the scorched earth around him. Looking over he sees a mess of blonde hair scattered around a pillow and blinks multiple times. This has to be a mirage; his breath picks up and he begins to scramble out of bed. She stirs awake and looks at him with kind but concerned eyes.

“You’re not real, are you?” He looks down at his hands and looks back up as she begins to come closer to him. She begins to take his hand and start to pull it towards her “I’m real, I’m here, I survived Oliver” she finally places his hand on her chest to reassure him that she is real. He can feel her heart beat underneath her shirt and her delicate hands wrapped around his wrist. Shaking his head, he looks down, “Am I dead too, this can’t be real.”

“Oliver look at me” She pulls his chin up and smiles, “I’m real” this time she kisses him for good measure and he begins to cry. She rests her forehead on his and they breathe the same air for a moment until he pulls her into him, cradling her into his body.

 They start every day like this, he wakes up from the nightmare and she convinces him that he’s real and this is real. Sometimes he doesn’t believe her and sometimes he’s almost hurt her. But most of the time he just holds her and maybe he will listen to her heart beat for a while. Once when he woke up he looked at her with bewilderment and only asked “Are you an angel?” her eyes would well up with tears. 

That was the easy part thought, when he would wake up. He used to have all different types of nightmares before, one of his father, or his mother, sometimes even Tommy, mostly they were of his demons coming to haunt him never letting him rest. But now all he can dream of is scorched skies and a boat. He would always wake up saying he name and when he deemed her real he would begin to ask the questions. It hurt every time, and she knew it was going to happen so she braced herself. His hands would shake as stared out the window and asked “William, where is he?” at this point there was an edge of fury in his voice she would get up quickly and take him by the hand. Typically, William would be asleep and Oliver would just lean on the door frame and watch as he slept. By the time, Felicity brewed the morning coffee he would be whispering “my beautiful boy” over and over again as he wiped away what she assumed were tears. She would offer him a mug and walk back into the kitchen and he would usually follow. 

Today he just stands at the edge of the kitchen in a daze as if he was consumed but his own strife so she begins to take out a pan and turns on the stove. That snaps him out of his trance and he looks at her intently as she struggles with the task of making pancakes. He walks over to help her and for a brief moment they are both smiling. After the fifth pancake a noise startles them as William makes his way into the kitchen. He stands there for a moment apprehensive to join them, Felicity just sets to pancakes on to a plate and hands them to him then ruffles his hair. They both sit down as Oliver finishes the last of the batter and watches as his day seemed to get a little bit brighter. Maybe he can still have his happiness, because looking over at William and Felicity he feels warmth spread into his chest that hasn’t been there for a while. He picks up his own plate sits down and looks at the people he loves and smiles.

Kane and Toews face off (from [12\10\2013]

THE POWER-PLAY partnership of Blackhawks cornerstones Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews has already yielded two Stanley Cup championships and a Conn Smythe Trophy for each and they’re only 25. 

But off the ice, there is no neutral zone; the former roommates are hockey’s version of The Odd Couple. Toews, who became the franchise’s youngest captain at age 20, is the contemplative Canadian. Kane, the first American forward named Stanley Cup playoffs MVP, is the brash Buffalo native. Their chemistry clearly works, but how long can they keep it going? 

We turned the mic over to Kaner and Jonny and let them face off.

Patrick Kane: Jonny, the last time we played against each other, in the 2010 Olympics, we got into it. I don’t know if you remember.

Jonathan Toews: Oh, I remember. Wasn’t it inside your blue line, along the far wall? We were just horsing around, weren’t we? No?

Kane: I thought it was pretty serious.

Toews: You were worked up.

Kane: That’s because you came over and said something. I don’t remember why we were chirping back and forth, but it sent me over the edge. Do you envision that happening again if our teams meet in the Olympics [in Sochi]?

Toews: We’re probably safer being on opposing teams than we would be playing on the same line or sitting close to each other on the bench.

Kane: That gold-medal game in Vancouver, even though we were pissed we lost and got silver, was awesome for hockey. Something like 30 million people watched it. Even in the U.S., a game like that can help grow the game.

Toews: I had to sneak around the city [after Canada won]. My family and I went to The Roxy with Brent Seabrook and a couple of other players after the game. We snuck through the back of the bar and went downstairs to the basement. Vince Vaughn and some other Chicago people were there. When we’d try to go upstairs into the crowd, it was just nuts; you couldn’t move. 

Someone ordered a round of 50 shots and started celebrating with tons of random, crazy Canadian fans. It was awesome. If we have a chance to go to [Sochi] I don’t really know what to expect. You hear the stories of how different it is to play hockey in Russia. 

I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, Kaner, but I had the chance to go to Moscow for the World Championships in 2007. It’s a whole different experience. You never know if it’s going to be like that – or if the athletes will be sheltered away from things. But Sochi looks beautiful.

Kane: You hear that Sochi is really nice, but that where the families are staying could be an hour and a half away from where the players are staying. It seems like it’s going to be a lot different than Vancouver. You might look back to Vancouver and say that was the first time you got to play in the Olympics and it was almost like you were spoiled there. It was so nice, everything was set up awesome. 

You could almost walk to see your parents and family. It’s always cool to go to different places and see what’s really out there in the world. It would be great to get that opportunity.

Toews: Who drank more beer or champagne out of the Cup in 2010 and 2013 combined: me or you?

Kane: Are you trying to make me look worse or better here?

Toews: You can say me.

Kane: Well, as the captain, you had two days with the Cup.

Toews: Yeah, I logged a few more hours with it and I took advantage of it. OK, how about this: Who did more community work or kissed more babies with the Cup? I’m trying to rebuild your image here.

Kane: That’s good. I did charity events with the Cup all the time. What else did you do during the offseason?

Toews: I just went fishing, boating, hung out at my cabin at the lake. My buddies saw pictures of your jet skis and boats, and now they’re always asking if mine are as sweet as yours. They’d rather go party with you because you’ve got the big shack and the swimming pool with no deep end.

Toews: Which teammate would you let date one of your sisters?

Kane: A couple of years ago I might have said you.

Toews: But not anymore?

Kane: Not anymore. There are some guys you definitely would not want dating your sister especially hockey players. I’d have to go with Nick Leddy though. He’s the nicest guy in the world.

Toews: Nicest ever.

Kane: He’s a really nice, shy kid.

Toews: He’s undercover, though. Be careful with that.

Kane: People ask if you and I ever fought off the ice.

Toews: Are you kidding me?

Kane: We were roommates for five years. There were certainly times when we weren’t happy with one another, but I think that’s natural. You spend enough time with someone, you’re going to have your run-ins.

Toews: Can I tell the Toronto story?

Kane: [Laughs] That’s the one I don’t want you to bring up.

Toews: C'mon! It’s funny … now. We were just getting to know each other. It’s the night before one of our first games in Canada as rookies. We’re in Toronto and the game’s going to be on “Hockey Night in Canada,” so I’m in bed early. Probably 10 o'clock. I’m nervous thinking about the game, but you’re out having a late dinner or whatever. 

You come in and start causing a ruckus. Doors slam. People are in the hallway. Five minutes after you lay down, you’re passed out and snoring. Now I’m awake, absolutely livid. My blood is just pumping as I lie there awake. Another hour goes by and I can’t sleep. It’s maybe 1 o'clock in the morning. You’re still snoring. I get up and start punching your bed. You wake up and start hitting me with a pillow. I don’t know if you remember that.

Kane: Oh, I remember.

Toews: We were so mad at each other that we were going to fight right there in the middle of the night.

Kane: You were so pissed the next morning. Stormed out of the room.

Toews: I felt like s— after a sleepless night.

Kane: Remember what happened in the game? We were down 3-1 or something, but came back and won 6-4. After the game, you were still pissed off. You said, “Thanks for ruining my game on ‘Hockey Night in Canada.’”

Toews: No way I said that.

Kane: I was like, “C'mon.”

Toews: I never said that.

Kane: Yeah, you did. For sure.

Toews: Not a chance. You had two points, for god sakes! Lit it up. Led the comeback. I just sat on the bench. Steaming.

Kane: Still steaming from the night before.

Custance: Do you ever discuss your next contracts? Both of your deals expire after the 2014-15 season, but negotiations can start next summer.

Kane: It’s funny that people even bring it up now. We just got over the hump of our five-year contract. It’s still two years away. I mean, who knows what’s going to happen in that amount of time? I’m sure you want to stay here, Jonny. I’d love to stay here, too.

Toews: Are you hinting at who deserves more?

Kane: I’m leaving if you make more. [Laughs.]

Toews: We’ll both pretend that we’re not bothered by it [if the other makes more]. Look at [Ducks forwards] Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf, who both signed for, what, eight more years? It’s a debate you can go on and on about: Who is more valuable to their team? There are arguments to be made either way, but if you let ego get in the way, that’s when it becomes an issue. You’ve scored more points and done certain things in your career while I’ve contributed to the team in other ways. 

At the end of the day, I don’t think we’ll be complaining about the situation. We’ll both be pretty darn happy if we get a chance to continue the relationship with the team here.

Kane: It’s not like I wouldn’t pass you the puck because you’re making more money than me. [Pittsburgh’s Evgeni] Malkin is making more money [in average annual salary] than Sidney Crosby, right? He’s signed for less years or whatever it may be. But Crosby has a long-term deal.

Kane: At the end of the day, do you really care? I don’t know. What’s the difference? You’re making a couple hundred thousand more than the next guy.

Toews: Will you ever play in [your hometown of] Buffalo?

Kane: I’m pretty happy here right now. The better question is will you ever play in [your hometown of] Winnipeg? They booed you when we played there.

Toews: Yeah, I got booed in my hometown. So I’m not [signing there] anytime soon. People told me I would get cheered because fans did that for some of the former Jets players, but I never played for the Jets, so I didn’t know what to expect. 

The Winnipeg fans, especially the ones in the top concourse … they’re crazy. So I didn’t rule out the possibility that people might jump on that bandwagon and start booing me. My own buddies were probably the ones getting the boos going.

Kane: Winnipeg was a cool place to play. We heard going in that fans there like to boo the other team’s top players, so a few times when I had the puck I held on to it a little longer to hear the boos get louder. 

I used to go to games [growing up] in Buffalo. [Eric] Lindros came to town, and the whole game all the fans were all over him. He got kicked out of the game in the first period. The rest of the game wasn’t even fun anymore because he wasn’t playing. If anything, the booing is a compliment to that player.

Custance: An NHL team has never repeated in the salary-cap era. What makes you believe the Blackhawks can do it?

Toews: We have the same team, pretty much, except for a couple of guys. When you go to the Stanley Cup finals and you win, a lot of players step up to the occasion. Guys like Bryan Bickell, Andrew Shaw and Corey Crawford made names for themselves [in the playoffs]. Of course they’re going to deserve a little bit more financially. So it’s always tough – especially in a salary-cap sport – for managers and owners to keep their talent together when that happens.

Kane: You look at our team, and the better question would be, Why couldn’t we keep winning and have good year after good year? We have a lot of guys locked up for a long time. 

Like last year, we would be tough to beat in a seven-game series where a team has to go through us four times. As long as we don’t get satisfied or complacent, we could have a pretty good winning atmosphere here for awhile.

Toews: Do you remember the first time we played on the same team, the Junior Flyers?

Kane: Yeah. When we were what, 13?

Toews: Glory days. Your good buddy, one of the biggest loudmouths I’ve ever met – was the goalie. Never stopped talking. Kaner, you were the opposite. Same way you are now … seemingly quiet but definitely confident. 

You just walked into the [dressing room] wearing your flip-flops, put your bag down and slowly put on your gear. Then you’d just go onto the ice. I was used to being the top scorer on the team. Then you came along and started beating me in points every single game. I was like, “How does this little guy go out there and do that?”

Kane: A year or two earlier we had played your Winnipeg team. We beat you guys by a couple of goals, but everyone was like, “Who’s this Toews kid? We have to get him on our team.” We’d try to get all the best players from the Detroit area, the Buffalo area, the Toronto area. 

We started branching out and they brought you in for that tournament. Everyone was amazed. You were pretty much the same player that you are today. Two-way center, same stride. Low to the ice.

Toews: One of the questions I get a lot now is, “How do you think Kaner has matured? He just seems to be more composed a guy off the ice and it’s showing in his play.” I tell you, that stumps me every time.

Kane: I’ll read articles about myself, and they always have to go back to what happened off the ice. The media likes to ask me, “Are you more focused this year? Are you more mature?" 

That question ticks me off because what happened in the past seems like long ago. I’m not that person anymore. I’m sure there’s something I’ve changed here and there. At the same time, I do still feel like the same person.

Toews: It’s storylines. Fairy tales.

Kane: I’m not mature, though. [Laughs.]


I never thought I’d see water skiers in Minnesota in the month of February. We were walking the dogs along the Mississippi River when the ski boat pulled these two guys past us.

We saw several fishing boats and kayakers too. On the way home several motorcycles were on the highway.

a concept: the avengers are forced to go on a team building retreat post-cacw
  • someone in charge decides that the avengers need to stop wanting to beat each other up
  • maybe they’re all offered something they really want (it’ll make pepper happy, bucky gets asylum, clint gets to see his kids, etc etc)
  • they’re sent to some woodsy resort place with a lake and a huge house with tons of bedrooms and big open common areas.
  • things start out real awkward
  • as the days pass they actually start figuring stuff out…turns out speaking to each other helps resolve conflict better than punching each other senseless???? who knew??
  • gradual re-emergence of Avengers Movie Night™
  • clint and nat sunbathing on the dock while sam and bucky race jet skis
  • “first one back is steve’s real best friend” “you’re his boyfriend you idiot”
  • one day it rains and the entire living room is taken up by board games
  • steve and rhodey murder everyone at risk
  • everyone abandons monopoly after tony’s been ahead for 3 hours but hasn’t won yet
  • late night cards against humanity games (which may or may not involve alcohol). clint wins by like 12 cards.
  • sam was actually supposed to win but clint cheats and grabs more cards while everyone is arguing over whether or not it’s fair that steve and bucky are on a team.

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Things I Want To Do With Him:

1) Go on a picnic
2) Watch the sunset
3) Watch the sun rise
4) Cook breakfast
5) Find the spot under M-14 we found while canoeing
6) Visit the Stacks…
7) Go on a roadtrip!
8) Visit Chicago
9) Live together
10) Less than $10 date
11) Bake cookies/brownies
12) Build a blanket fort and watch movies in it
13) Lazy Sunday mornings in bed
14) Visit Traverse City
15) Go to Mackinac Island
16) Go camping
17) Play the Game of Love
18) Go to a drive-in movie
19) Make dinner together/ for him
20) Watch cheesy movies and eat popcorn
21) Traditional dinner/movie date
22) Stargaze
23) Go bowling
24) Go to a haunted house
25) Go to a sporting event
26) Go to Cedar Point
27) Go to Disney World/Universal
28) Travel the world
29) Go to concerts/shows
30) Take a class
31) Coffee shop date with long, deep conversations
32) Paint (ball) war
33) Water balloon fight
34) Skinny dipping
35) Go to the zoo
36) Take pictures in a photo booth
37) Boudoir photo shoot
38) Shop for lingerie
39) Kiss at New Year’s
40) Go canoeing (again)
41) Write letters to each other
42) Go to an aquarium
43) Nerf gun war
44) Play card games
45) Play board games
46) Go dancing (recreate the night we met)
47) Recreate our Detroit date
48) Ride go-carts
49) Take a bubble bath
50) Watch fireworks
51) Finger paint…on each other
52) Exercise
53) Harry Potter marathon
54) Have a bonfire with s'mores!
55) Read a book
56) Go to an arcade
57) Go mini-golfing
58) Get a couple’s massage
59) Go to a bed and breakfast for a whole weekend
60) Rent a little cabin/cottage for a week, get to know each other really well
61) Play with a frisbee
62) Go out on the boat/jet ski
63) Meet each other’s families
64) Go tubing down a river
65) Go to a carnival
66) Play video games
67) Karaoke
68) Play volleyball at the beach
69) Get drinks at a bar
70) Go to a waterpark
71) Go on a hike
72) Play Twister (naked)
73) Play laser tag
74) Go ice skating
75) Go wine tasting
76) Go sightseeing
77) Rent a hotel room
78) Build a snowman
79) Make playlists for each other
80) Decorate a Christmas tree
81) Play on a play ground
82) Explore an abandoned place & take lots of pics
83) Pretend it’s our first date – get ready separately & meet somewhere
84) Sneak into somewhere we aren’t supposed to be
85) Get frisky at an event
86) Play Truth or Dare
87) 3 hour make out session (nothing else)
88) Have an ice cream sundae bar
89) Organize a scavenger hunt for the other person
90) Take a scenic drive
91) Have a themed night
92) Have a spa night
93) 20 Questions
94) Write a bucket list & do something on it!
95) Go house hunting just for fun
96) Go pumpkin picking and then carve them
97) Spur of the moment trip with a to-be-determined destination
98) Play hide and seek, make the prize interesting
99) Play pool
100) Play strip poker
101) Striptease to “Pour Some Sugar on Me”
102) Photoshoot on his car
103) Record a video of…you know (;
104) Fuck while wearing Halloween costumes
105) Family game night
106) Holidays with each other’s families
107) Spend a day in the sun, do anything
108) Go swimming
109) Go to the beach, but only to read and sunbathe
110) Go to a party and get together in one of the bedrooms
111) Be beer pong partners
112) Day drink in the sun
113) Give each other full body massages
114) Sex from dawn to dusk
115) Drink hot cocoa, curl up on a couch watching movies
116) Dance around the kitchen while cooking
117) Spend the 4th of July together (the day we met)

Flying Dutchman

Written for @timepetalsprompts, this is the nine x rose “at sea” prompt.  Since we’re just getting into October, I tried writing a spooky Halloween story. 

Nine x Rose

Word Count:  2500

Flying Dutchman

The rotor slowed gradually, and the groaning wheezing sound came to a halt.  Rose picked herself up off the grating and brushed off her shirt, looking up at the Doctor.  

“Okay?” he asked, straightening his jacket.

She grinned.  “Bit of a rocky ride!  ‘M fine.  Is the TARDIS okay?”

The Doctor patted the console.  “I expect she’s just fine.  Some rides are a little bumpier than others.”  

“So…where are we, then?”

He scratched his head. “Earth…somewhere.”

Rose made a face. “That doesn’t exactly narrow it down…what year is it?”


“Are you askin’ me or tellin’ me?” Rose asked, adjusting the laces on her trainers.

Shaking his head. “Dunno.  We’re not supposed to be on Earth at all.  Seems like the TARDIS had other plans for us.”  

She looked down at her jeans and tee shirt.  “Do I need to change, then?”  

“Go on, then.  I’ll wait.”  

Flashing a brilliant smile, she spun on her heel and headed for the wardrobe room.  On the way past her room, she noticed the door was open. Stepping inside, she saw the ship had already laid a new set of clothes out on the bed.  Patting the coral strut happily, Rose got to work changing into what seemed like a very modest outfit for the 1940’s.  “Seems like a lot of clothes,” she said softly.  

The ship hummed in reply.

“But I trust you,” she smiled.  

Walking quickly, she joined the Doctor back in the dim light of the console room.   He had a puzzled expression on his face, his forehead wrinkled.

“Somethin’ wrong?” she asked.

He turned around.  “I don’t know.  She doesn’t like somethin’, but she won’t tell me what.  The readings are all normal, but…”

“Should we leave, then, if she doesn’t like it here?”

“Rose, she landed us here. There might be something that needs doing.”  He shrugged and patted the coral strut.  “Best go and investigate.”  

“Ooh!” she grinned.  “Sounds mysterious!”

“It’s probably nothin’, Rose.  After all, the readings are all normal.  Could be the TARDIS mixed it up a bit.”  He gave her a wink.  “Only one way to find out.” 

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Just to show y'all what’s going on in different parts of Houston. To give you a frame reference to how bad this flooding is, annual rainfall here is 50" and we have gotten half that amount in just 24 hours. I have friends who have had to be rescued by HPD or friends with boats/jet skis because the water has gotten so high in their houses. This is life-threatening to many people here. My sister @lindsaaayyy and I are thankfully still okay, I just have some water damage in my bedroom ceiling from the first night of the storm. We still have power, food, water, and our animals are safe. Our cars are also still dry inside. No idea how long we will be stuck here, Harvey is projected to go back into the gulf and hit us head on as a tropical storm on Wednesday. Neither of us know when we will be going back to work or when sister will be allowed to go back home.

Keep us in your thoughts! Let’s hope there are no more casualties after the water has receded.

Also, I am so proud of the people here willing to help strangers and HPD and surrounding precincts are doing an amazing job!!

Feel free to add on pictures of damage near you if it is safe to do so!
Beach time with him
  • Eren: Expect to see him lug around a set of buckets, because he'd want to build a huuuge sand castle with you! He'll be constantly going back and forth your spot and the ocean just to get the sand's "consistency" perfect. He may also have the tendency to boss you around once he's tired, and he'll stop when you give him the look. He'd be so proud of your finished product, only to fall down on it while you're taking pictures... which means you'll have to help him build another big sand castle. Surprisingly, you two wouldn't mind!
  • Armin: He seems to be fascinated with the ocean, so he'll make sure that everything runs smoothly. Before you go, he'll make sure that everything you'll ever need is complete, then when you get there, he'll make reservations for all the fun beach activities you can think of! Parasailing, boating, jet-skiing, and (almost) everything on the list. When your adrenaline appetite is finally sated, you'll have a quiet time on the shore, just building sand castles or watching the sunset/sunrise.
  • Reiner: The idea of going to the beach is to just cool down on a particular hot day.. not for Reiner, though. He'd beg and whine for you to play beach sports with him, like frisbee or volleyball. When he's had his fill (probablybecauseyougotpissedandstormedoff), he'll take you for a nice bonfire in the evening, with lots of barbecue and smores. He'd make up for the afternoon swim you missed by throwing you into the ocean for a night swim.... or skinny dip.
  • Bertholdt: I don't think he'd be into all that swimming craze (hesalwaysswimminginsweat), so he'd drive you to the beach, bring a big blanket, and cuddle with you on the hood/trunk of the car. When he feels that you're bored, he'll help you down from the car and scribble on the wet sand. He'll also walk around to find a pretty shell to gift you with.
  • Jean: Like Reiner, he'd randomly pick you up and throw you in the water and come up with some stupid one-liner when you rise up from the surface ("See? I can get you wet"). It would make you laugh, but you wouldn't wanna lose to him so you'd yank him by the foot to engage in a water splash fight. After all that swimming, splashing, and running around in the sand, he take you to a nice seafood place for dinner, then go back to the shore for a little snuggle under the moonlight.
  • Marco: A day with him at the beach would be like the ones you see in the movie; he'd take you for a ride on his bicycle, stroll around with lemonade in hand, and set up a very nice picnic! Before you guys go into the water, he'd inflate a tube floater for you to sit on so that he pushes you around in the water so that you wouldn't have to lift a pinky. He'll also surprise you with a dinner in a restaurant that has an amazing view of the beach to conclude your day.
  • Connie: I can see him as someone who would want to try new while you're with him... most likely surfboarding. You'd have a blast playing around, having mini-competitions with him, or laughing your heart out whenever he'd fall. He would also pull you towards the mini-game stalls that the beach has, and he wouldn't leave until he wins you the big plushie that you've been eyeing.
  • Levi: After pleading and begging for weeks, this non-beach person would begrudgingly give in. He'd make sure that you guys are sitting on 3-4 beach towels so that the "filthy sand" won't get on your bottoms. He'd be pretty hesitant about taking a dip in the ocean with you, which would probably end up with him not taking a dip at all. It may upset or bore you, and he'll feel bad about it, so he'll make up for it with a quiet stroll in the evening (withhishoeson) while he just basks in your presence.... all while you're sitting on your pile of beach towels on the shore.
  • Erwin: Your mom won't be tagging along, but it would feel like it. He'd constantly smear sunblock on you, remind you about tying your swimsuit tightly, and all else that he could nag about. He would be very protective (because he cares) when you'd go swimming, and he'll insist that you ride on his back or hold onto him while you're in the water. It would be fun to pull away from him because he'd panic and flail in the water, while he asks you to swim back before you drown.

Off to the Cottage by Peter McKercher

Lunch is packed, skis are in the boat. Off to launch the boat at the river.

1/24 scale Die cast.

The rules strictly state you “must ride the stool sitting down, drinking position, butt on top of the stool.” Drinking is encouraged (obviously). 

There’s also an “anything goes” open division, where anything mounted atop the skis is eligible. Boats, rocking horses, picnic tables, milk cans, and stripper poles have all descended Sugar Hill at some point.

Most of them have zero steering capability.

You get street cred if you don’t spill your beer when you spliff it (I’m guessing).

It’s fun for all ages..

… and all levels of drunkenness.

Feel free to caption that last photo ;) … (you’d better send it to me if you do!)


Photos: Sol Neelman/Wired , The Daily Intake