Places where reality is a bit altered:

• any target
• churches in texas
• abandoned 7/11’s
• your bedroom at 5 am
• hospitals at midnight
• warehouses that smell like dust
• lighthouses with lights that don’t work anymore
• empty parking lots
• ponds and lakes in suburban neighborhoods
• rooftops in the early morning
• inside a dark cabinet

• playgrounds at night
• rest stops on highways
• deep in the mountains

• early in the morning wherever it’s just snowed
• trails by the highway just out of earshot of traffic
• schools during breaks
• those little beaches right next to ferry docks
• bowling alleys

• unfamiliar McDonalds’s on long road trips
• your friends living room once everybody but you is asleep
• laundromats at midnight

• galeries in art museums that are empty except for you
• the lighting section of home depot
• stairwells
• hospital waiting rooms
• airports from midnight to 7am
• bathrooms in small concert venues

• cemeteries
• abandoned penitentiaries
• hilltops at night in full moonlight
• most of Japan
• empty barns
• marshes
• really anywhere quiet at midnight, the air vibrates
• old stones and henge
• the ocean when it’s still quiet with fog over it
• train tracks that go through the middle of the woods
• bridges
• ancient places
• stands of old growth forest
• the Eastern Sierras/high desert

• rabbit paths off hiking tails
• trails between the main ski hills
• winter twilight
• back allies between houses
• logging roads
• dirt roads on fall evenings with leaves falling off the trees
• libraries before closing
• anyplace where it’s snowing before sunrise
• the woods during a rainstorm

• roads covered with snow with trees on the sideways while snowflakes are falling out of the sky
• train stations after 10 PM
• outside, right before a massive storm
• the woods just after twilight
• the beach in winter
• the bottom of swimming pools
• empty beaches when its snowing

• back part of a library
• late night empty streets
• highways late at night
• windy roads
• windy roads at night when you can only see the immediate road
• abandoned parking lots (office buildings, homes)
• anywhere immediately after a really bad fight
• little towns late at night when no ones awake and the only lights on are the street posts

• empty buses before sunrise/after sunset
• being the only one outside in the early morning when its almost dark and you feel alone on earth
• mountains with a big forest close to it
• being alone in a spot in ikea
• the lakeside anytime between 2 and 6 am
• firework shows when you’re sitting on the grass
• staring up at very tall buildings
• the tram at a big airport
• abandoned house by a lake

• being the only one downstairs on christmas  
• stepping outside in the early morning when it has just snowed
• when its dark and you see snowflakes falling down in the light of a lamppost on the lonely road
• that one clear spot in the forest with trees surrounding it
• a parked car in a snow/thunderstorm
• corn fields with the wind blowing over them
• malls when they’re about to close for the night
• woods at twilight/dawn
• being on a train after midnight
• theme parks at night

• winding back roads with rolling fog
• seeing “open” signs when its really foggy and cloudy
• being in a train that was crowded when you got in and now its quiet, looking at the seats knowing that there were people sitting there moments ago and now they’re gone
• hiking trails that have nobody on them
• being alone in an elevator for a few minutes
• looking down at the forest when you’re standing somewhere high and seeing the top of the trees with fog lingering over them
• the ferry about to take off in the middle of the night
• tree houses
• empty seats on the late night train
• 4-6 am on a winter morning

• the clouds/damp coming out of your mouth when its really cold in the morning
• stepping out on an unfamiliar metro/train stop
• greenhouses that have been left to grow alone
• cemeteries in the middle of fields
• biking/walking on the main road when its dark without cars
• swamps with fog
• hotel corridors in the middle of the night
• anywhere where you can hear a train whistle in the distance but you can’t see it or know just how far away it is
• foggy mornings in a meadow
• that flickering streetlight
• working offices at midnight

• abandoned amusement parks
• mirrors in an airplane bathroom
• being alone in a church
• empty hotel lobbies
• hearing trains off in the distance especially at night
• snow falling down in general
• being in a place thats supposed to have a lot of people but it doesn’t
• long, dark hallways
• the middle of a park when its snowing
• playgrounds at night
• work/school when you’re snowed in
• caves
• a field of power lines
• being in a forest where there are train tracks not knowing if the train may even ever approach
• bonfires

• being in a different room than everyone else at a party
• the woods on a night with a full moon
• empty stables
• empty metro stations that are usually crowded
• gas stations on long mountain roads
• the old part of a city when you’re the only one in the street
• stadiums when a game or concert is over
• entering a building with a really high ceiling
• moonlight, anywhere

• empty tennis or baseball courts with limited lightning
• times when you are transitioning from one phase to another
• lodges in the snow
• frozen water in the winter
• a little lake in the middle of the forest
• campus during summer
• family gatherings
• construction site after works have gone home
• leaving a tent at midnight
• lonely swings
• overgrown fields
• from twilight to dusk
• farmland thats covered in the morning fog
• suburban neighborhoods filled with tension and wind before a large summer thunderstorm
• being at an abandoned place knowing that years ago at that exact same moment there were people
• the feeling of being chased by someone/something
• knowing you’re not alone in a certain place like a forest

this feeling is scary as FUCK it dawns upon you that something is so quiet or abandoned or empty and vacant that its like the universe forgot to make something happen in the one spotlike you found a glitch in real life like everything seems fake and unreal and real and not fake all at one and youre so confused

Maybe I’m not the girl in your dreams. Did you ever consider that? Perhaps the girl you dream about looks like me and talks like me, but has an entirely different persona which you’ve made up in your head - we share the same shell but are different people. Perhaps she’s daringly confident while I’m a hot mess. Perhaps she’s this intriguing mystery while I’m what you see is what you get. Like a banged-up old car – damaged but still going.
I know how you look at me, with that glow in your eyes. You put me on a pedestal, like I’m a God send – an angel, a gift. But I fear you praise an entirely different girl – a version of me that does not exist. One that says all the right things, one that radiates when she walks into a room, one that lights up your darkness. A flawless, unrealistic concept. 
I bet when you dream of me you don’t imagine dark skies and endless steep hills. Because that’s what I am, my love. I am a thunderstorm. My soul is heavy and hard to love – but that’s not what you want, is it? You want her – the desirable option. But she’s not real. Rainbows and sunshine? Complete bullshit.
—  I am a thunderstorm
The Glow of a New Sun: Part IV


The cool water was a balm from the midday sun of early summer. Cassian was tempted to take his clothes off and fully submerge himself. But decided that the day had too many scenes and at the moment did not want to add “public nudity” to the list.

“How’s your back? I know heat can make it-”

“It’s fine, Cassian.” Nesta mumbled, toying with the coarse twine bow and allowing her toes to graze the surface of the river. Her burns were the last thing she cared about.

He watched intently as she placed the gift in the small space between their legs. Closing her eyes, she dipped her feet in and gasped at the soothing temperature.

“That never ceases to amaze me, you know.” Cassian picked up the gift, but did not take his eyes from her. “I think sometimes you forget how strong you are. How much you’ve overcome.”

Her jaw flexed at his words. Without long hair to hide behind, he could see her every expression- could see the subtle shine of the burn just above her jawline. There was an exact twin of it on the other side of her face, though barely noticeable because time and friends were kind enough to heal her. If you knew where to look and what to look for, you could see them in certain lighting.

“Into the pond. Alone. Every day, twice a day. Until I no longer ran away screaming.” She splashed a foot down. “I don’t know how Helion could stand to have me as a guest.”

“I don’t know where to begin with that.” Cassian splashed his foot down. “Either, ‘Helion ought to be used to people running away screaming,’ or, ‘I’ve heard that Helion likes screamers.’”

Nesta grunted at the poor attempt of a joke, pointed her feet in his direction, and splashed so that his entire front became soaked. That was a sight she appreciated. A distraction she welcomed.

Cassian- her mate whose scent she carried and who carried her own- her mate who was the most beautiful man she would ever know- her mate who loved her in ways that melted her ice… Her mate who wore a white shirt that was now soaked.

Cassian- her mate who was shaking his head at her. “You’re everywhere, Nes. Don’t tell me it’s the hormones because I can feel the difference. I don’t have to be daemati to know what Rhys knew as well.” He held out his arms. “Come here. We’ll sit together. Close your eyes and focus.”

He was gorgeous and he was right. And she knew there was no fooling him. She wouldn’t risk bursting. Not with the risks that would pose… So she allowed Cassian to wrap himself around her despite the heat. His legs on either side of her’s. His hands overlapping her own that rested on the growing belly.


“Tell me. Talk to me.” He pleaded softly. They had done this enough times through the years that no audience formed at the sight. “Close your eyes and tell me everything.”

“I’m so happy.” She stroked his thumbs with her own, attempting to reassure. “I feel crazy, though. Right now I feel like I’m in the skies. But I can feel you with me.”

Kissing the back of her curly head, he began the routine they hadn’t done in quite a while. He hoped it wouldn’t end the way it usually did. “You’re not crazy. You’re not in the skies. We’re on the ground. We’re with family. We’re together. You’re going to have a baby, Nesta. You’re going to have our baby.”

Nesta’s body quaked as she sobbed. “I can feel him! He’s here, too.”

“In the skies?”

“And over the hills. And far away.” Her hands moved and clenched his thighs as though she was physically anchoring herself.

“That was a long time ago, sweetheart. A long time.” He continued his kisses to trail down her neck and along her shoulders. Reminding her where she was and that she was loved. And that she needed to come back.

From a distance, Rhys and Feyre kept their eyes, both physical and mental, focused on Cassian and Nesta. They where there when it happened.

“I’m having a baby. I’m going to protect it.” Nesta laughed as she cried. Cassian knew that voice. The voice that meant she was talking to Him.

“You are having a baby. And it’s strong and it’s healthy and you love it so much already. You can’t wait to meet them.“ He cleared his throat and spoke clearly into her ear. “You’re on the ground. You’re by the river near your home. You’re with me- with Cassian. And you want to be here with me.”

“But I-” Her body convulsed.

“Come back to me. You want to come back to me now.” She always left her gates open too long for Him. As though she was going to rip him from memory take Him back with her.

No response. Rhys and Feyre moved in. Prepared for anything.

In a voice as low as a whisper but rang as loud as thunder, Cassian promised, “I’ll tell you the story if that’s what it takes to bring you back.“


Nesta’s eyes widened. The promise that he never had to cash in- and hoped he would never have to- always brought her from the past.

Swallowing sobs, she leaned her body into her mate’s and tried to match his steady breathing. He held her close and guided her hands with his own to feel her belly to remind her that they were in one of their, “next lives.” That she was safe, he was safe, and their future was safe.

After minutes of silence- other than the sound of Cassian’s lips tenderly making contact with her skin- she choked, “I think- I think I want to open the present now. It’s time.”

“If that’s what you want.” Cassian fought back his own tears. He would be strong for her. “We’ll do it together.”

“And then I want to talk about him.”

Cassian shivered at the thought, but repeated himself. “If that’s what you want. We’ll do it together.”

2016-17 Ski Jumping Season - Summary! (very long post)

World Cup

Winner: Stefan Kraft

Most first places: Stefan Kraft (8)

Most second places: Andreas Wellinger (8)

Most third places: Stefan Kraft (6)

All jumpers: 140

Jumpers with points: 73

The best jumper without a single podium: Vincent Descombes Sevoie (16 place)

The worst player with at least one podium: Andreas Kofler (23 place)

All leaders:

1. Domen Prevc (25.11.2016, Kuusamo - 26.11.2016, Kuusamo) - 1 competition

2. Severin Freund (26.11.2016, Kuusamo - 4.12.2016, Klingenthal) - 1

3. Domen Prevc (4.12.2016, Klingenthal - 4.01.2017, Innsbruck) - 7

4. Daniel Andre Tande (4.01.2017, Innsbruck - 6.01.2017, Bischofshofen) - 1

5. Domen Prevc (6.01.2017, Bischofshofen - 14.01.2017, Wisła) - 1

6. Kamil Stoch (14.01.2017, Wisła - 12.03.2017, Oslo) - 10

7. Stefan Kraft (12.03.2017, Oslo - World Cup winner) - 5

Podium classification (1st-2nd-3rd):

1. Stefan Kraft (8-3-6)
2. Kamil Stoch (7-3-2)
3. Domen Prevc (4-1-1)
4. Daniel Andre Tande (2-4-0)
5. Maciej Kot (2-1-0)
6. Andreas Wellinger (1-8-3)
7. Michael Hayböck (1-1-2)
8. Severin Freund (1-1-0)
9. Peter Prevc (1-0-1)
10. Noriaki Kasai (0-1-1)
11. Robert Johansson (0-1-0)
11. Andreas Stjernen (0-1-0)
13. Markus Eisenbichler (0-0-3)
14. Manuel Fettner (0-0-2)
15. Richard Freitag (0-0-1)
15. Evgeniy Klimov (0-0-1)
15. Andreas Kofler (0-0-1)
15. Jurij Tepes (0-0-1)
15. Piotr Żyła (0-0-1)

Best competitions for nations without any individual podiums:

Bulgaria: Wladimir Zografski - 47 place in Sapporo
Czech Republic: Roman Koudelka - 5 place in Sapporo
Estonia: Kaarel Nurmsalu - 30 place in Obertsdorf and PyeongChang
Finland: Jarko Määttä - 14 place in Innsbruck
France: Vincent Descombes Sevoie - 5 place in Kuusamo
Canada: MacKenzie Boyd-Clowes - 12 place in Klingenthal
Kazakhstan: Marat Zhaparov - 44 place in Wisla
South Korea: Kim Hyun-ki - 44 place in PyeongChang
United States: Kevin Bickner - 15 place in Vikersund
Switzerland: Simon Ammann - 11 place in Sapporo
Italy: Sebastian Colloredo - 9 place in Innsbruck

Nations Cup

1. Poland - 5833 points (3733 individual + 2100 in teams)

2. Austria - 5586 points (3736 individual + 1850 in teams)

3. Germany - 5513 points (3563 individual + 1950 in teams)

Team competitions podiums:

3.12.2016, Klingenthal:

1. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Kamil Stoch, 3. Dawid Kubacki, 4. Maciej Kot)

2. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Richard Freitag, 4. Severin Freund)

3. Austria (1. Michael Hayböck, 2. Stefan Kraft, 3. Andreas Kofler, 4. Manuel Fettner)

21.01.2017, Zakopane:

1. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, .2 Stephan Leyhe, 3. Andreas Wellinger, 4. Richard Freitag)

2. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Maciej Kot, 3. Dawid Kubacki, 4 Kamil Stoch)

3. Slovenia (1. Jurij Tepes, 2. Peter Prevc, 3. Jernej Damjan, 4. Domen Prevc)

28.01.2017, Willingen:

1. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Maciej Kot, 3. Dawid Kubacki, 4 Kamil Stoch)

2. Austria (1. Michael Hayböck, 2. Manuel Fettner, 3. Gregor Schlierenzauer, 4. Stefan Kraft)

3. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, .2 Stephan Leyhe, 3. Andreas Wellinger, 4. Richard Freitag)

11.03.2017, Oslo

1. Austria (1. Michael Hayböck, 2. Manuel Fettner, 3. Markus Schiffner, 4. Stefan Kraft)

2. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, .2 Stephan Leyhe, 3. Richard Freitag , 4. Andreas Wellinger )

3. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Kamil Stoch, 3. Dawid Kubacki, 4. Maciej Kot)

18.03.2017, Vikersund

1. Norway (1. Daniel Andre Tande, 2. Robert Johansson, 3. Johann Andre Forfang, 4. Andreas Stjernen)

2. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Dawid Kubacki, 3. Maciej Kot, 4. Kamil Stoch)

3. Austria (1. Michael Hayböck, 2. Manuel Fettner, 3. Gregor Schlierenzauer, 4. Stefan Kraft)

25.03.2017, Planica:

1. Norway (1. Robert Johansson, 2. Johann Andre Forfang, 3. Anders Fannemel, 4. Andreas Stjernen)

2. Germany (1. Markus Eisenbichler, 2. Richard Freitag, 3. Karl Geiger, 4. Andreas Wellinger)

3. Poland (1. Piotr Żyła, 2. Dawid Kubacki, 3. Maciej Kot, 4. Kamil Stoch)

65. Four Hills Tournament

30.12.2016, Oberstdorf: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Kamil Stoch 3. Michael Hayböck

1.01.2017, Garmisch-Partenkirchen: 1. Daniel Andre Tande, 2. Kamil Stoch, 3. Stefan Kraft

4.01.2017, Innsbruck: 1. Daniel Andre Tande, 2. Robert Johannson 3. Evgeniy Klimov

6.01.2017, Bischofshofen: 1. Kamil Stoch, Michael Hayböck, 3. Piotr Żyła

Final classification: 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Piotr Żyła 3. Daniel Andre Tande

Jumpers with 4/4 competitions: 34

Ski Flying World Cup

4.02.2017, Oberstdorf: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger 3. Kamil Stoch

5.02.2017, Oberstdorf: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Jurij Tepes

19.03.2017, Vikersund: 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Noriaki Kasai, 3. Michael Hayböck

24.03.2017, Planica: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Markus Eisenbichler

26.03.2017, Planica: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Noriaki Kasai

Final classification: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Kamil Stoch

Jumpers with 5/5 competitions: 21

Lahti 2017

25.02.2017, individual normal hill: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Markus Eisenbichler

2.03.2017, individual large hill: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Piotr Żyła

4.03.2017, team large hill: 1. Poland, 2. Norway, 3. Austria

Raw Air

10.03.2017, Oslo, prolog - 1. Andreas Wellinger, 2. Peter Prevc 3. Richard Freitag

11.03.2017, Oslo, team competition - 1. Austria, 2. Germany 3. Poland

12.03.2017, Oslo, competition - 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Markus Eisenbichler

13.03.2017, Lillehammer, prolog - 1 Markus Eisenbichler, 2. Richard Freitag, 3. Stefan Kraft

14.03.2017, Lillehammer, competition - cancelled

15.03.2017, Trondheim, prolog - 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Andreas Stjernen, 3. Andreas Wellinger

16.03.2017, Trondheim, competition - 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Andreas Stjernen, 3. Andreas Wellinger

17.03.2017, Vikersund, competition (An additional competition in place of Lillehammer) - cancelled

17.03.2017, Vikersund, prolog - 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Andreas Wellinger, 3. Domen Prevc

18.03.2017, Vikersund, team competition - 1. Norway, 2. Poland 3. Austria

19.03.2017, Vikersund, competition - 1. Kamil Stoch, 2. Noriaki Kasai 3. Michael Hayböck

Final classification: 1. Stefan Kraft, 2. Kamil Stoch, 3. Andreas Wellinger

Jumpers with full number on jumps: 11

Interesting/Fun facts:

  • Daniel Andre Tande was never 4th when Maciej Kot was 5th and vice versa.
  • Andreas Wellinger gained more second places (8) than Daniel Andre Tande fourths (7) and Maciej Kot fifths (5).
  • Poland is the only team, which had used only four players in all six team competitions.
  • Slovenia had used a total of 10 players in team competitions.
  • Poland is the only team, which had stood on the podium in all team competitions (2 wins, 2 second places, 2 third places).
  • Austria had the most used jumpers (17) and the most pointers (11)
  • Fatih Arda Ipcioglu didn’t qualified for the Lillehammer’s contest in Raw Air tournament, but that competition was cancelled later. That means Turk formally didn’t made debut in World Cup, but he was on 81 place in the RA tournament.
  • The organizers disqualified jumpers 28 times.
  • Four players gained points in every World Cup competition - Manuel Fettner, Kamil Stoch, Maciej Kot and Piotr Żyła.
  • Vincent Descombes Sevoie gained more points than Switzerland (including team competition).
  • Robert Johansson beat ski flying hill record twice (in Vikersund and Planica), but Stefan Kraft jumped further same days.
  • A total of 15 players were in the TOP10 of World Cup’s classification. Without final TOP10, were there: Severin Freund, Vincent Descombes Sevoie, Karl Geiger, Andreas Kofler, Piotr Żyła.

2016-17 in screens

(last picture was made by me :3)

2016-17 Awards (imo only)

Jumper of the season: Stefan Kraft

Revelation of the season: Robert Johansson

Disappointment of the season: Simon Ammann

Surprise of the season: Vincent Descombes Sevoie

Team of the season: Poland

Coach of the season: Stefan Horngacher (Poland)

Jump of the season: Stefan Kraft (253,5 metres in Vikersund)

Competition of the season: 18,03,2017, Vikersund, team competition

Fail of the season: Andreas Wellinger (19.03.2017, Vikersund, final RA competition)

Character of the season: Domen Prevc

SEE YOU IN 2017-18!!!