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Along with freedom, the third accompanying musing has been on introspective solidity. Someone once asked what I thought would happen to the soul of my mother- the answer of which I used for part of my reluctant speech. Funerals are western, so my instinct doesn’t pay much heed to the protocols; the priest advised I pick a verse and wing it, for appearances- so I did. What I solemnly noted to my elders in attendance was a stern reminder of the reality of things. Here is a peculiar woman who has been one of thee most puzzling cases to crack. Growing up in a third world country, achieving a grandiose elementary education; all that she was and knew was closely insulted by her own world- not the external world- but the world of her mind. She had an uncanny ability to filter out information- a perplexity that’s often left me powerless, frustrated and exhausted: as if two foreign languages were communicating; for instance towards the end of her life I sought to demonstrate the benefits of meditation, but she just humorously folded her foot on the ground and went back to her mantras. I explained that this was her birthright before other religions and races interfered- she sort of understood; I explained that this was intellectually better- she sort of understood. It was almost like every step of her life was destined, including her sensibilities, to know only of the divine nothing, nothing else; and only one route to get there. So I explained to deaf ears “when she was alive, she went to cultural functions; when she couldn’t, she religiously prayed at her sacred alter; when she couldn’t, she had mantras dancing on her tongue. What do you suppose happens when everything material crumbles? You find yourself in a hospital bed, only capable of thought, but no speech or movement? Well then you realize the truth of the game; the illusion. On her last few hours while she meekly squeezed my index, I whispered, reminding her to give up all attachment to this existence. No more son, home, husband or family; nothing material, nothing temporary and never-lasting.”

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Ahh WOW 😻 guys thank you so much for the likes and the follows. You’re awesome! I’ll announce giveaway very soon. Here another little merm drawing. Hope you enjoy it!
Done with Pentel brush pen and col-erase red prismacolor pencil on an ordinary copy paper.

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Acrylic vs watercolor. So what are you prefer?💙

А вот и сам эксперемент😊
И так, акварель vs акрил
Итог-я останусь при акварельке. Акрил слишком непластичен, сложнее контролировать линию. Однако, есть и плюс, а именно-яркость. У акварели, к сожалению, чем светлее, тем тускнее, чаще всего…
Вот такие вот дела, ребята🌼
Пс. Акрил не заброшу все таки, попробую найти ему применение💕 оно же навярняка есть :)

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Futuros alienígenas?
Probando colores.

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