Hello, I’m opening up for sketches for kind of a while. I usually like to be the impersonal art robot that just posts draws, but I’ll just loosely say that things are a bit down for me at the moment and I’d like to offer what I do for anyone willing to support me and my art for a while.

I’ll post when I’m closing.   

I’ll be accepting sfw and nsfw sketch commissions. Examples of the sketches you can get can be seen here!

To get info about stuff I’ll draw you can email ciosdraws@gmail.com
If you’re some of the few that have me on Skype/Discord feel free to reach me there too.

Sketches are: 

20 USD for 1 character

30 USD for 2 characters

40 USD for 3 characters

 and rules are as follows:

Must provide character reference
Providing pose reference a bonus
Maximum of 3 sketches per person
Paypal email needs to be sent along with reference

I will likely stream a bunch of them during points in the week, you can find my stream channel here https://picarto.tv/LECDraws but i’ll also make another post whenever I’m streaming.