Another style test, this time I decided to draw Meg Turney from Rooster Teeth’s Free Play.  I mostly just wanted to try it on something really shiny like leather.  

Seeing one or two things that are leaping out at me as needing tweaked still, but this is getting to be something really cool.  

Plus, I can do this entirely in Sketchbook Pro.  There are somethings I’ll still need to pop over to Photoshop to do but more and more of my work will be down in SBP.  

PinkBuizel's Guide to Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Style artwork!

Okay, so I’ve been listening to a lot of music from the game, and I recently drew in the style to see if I could pull it off. It came out pretty well, but some people might have been wondering how I did it.

So I’m making this lovely tutorial to show you how! ^w^/

Okay, first:

All Mario and Luigi: Dream Team artwork is outlined in blue. Do not outline your lineart in blue when you start out. Use black. We will get to the blue outlines a little later.

So step 1: draw your lineart!

Step 2: Put the colors on different layers so that you can shade your picture properly. Use any type of splatter brush that looks good to you. In this case, I picked the one that is highlighted above.

Step 3: Use a wide variety of colors for the shading. They don’t necessarily have to be on the same color spectrum, so mess around with the colors a bit to see what looks best!

Step 4: Use a very light turquoise color to brush around the edges where the shading is darkest. A majority of the mario characters have this little bit of blue in dark areas of shading in their artwork.

Step 5: This is a bit tricky because it’s different with every program. In this program the tool is called “preserve transparency”, meaning that your coloring will not go outside the lines when you use it.

Preserve transparency OFF

Preserve Transparency ON

Step 6: Color your lineart blue using the preserve transparency tool. Then use the same brush to add splatters of light and dark blue around the lineart.

After you’re done, your finished product should look similar to what you see above.

I hope you all enjoyed this little tutorial, and I hope it helps! ^w^/

Just a little drawing I whipped up to make me feel a little better.
Made with SketchBook Pro for iPad, used the Jot Pro stylus by Adonit.