Sketchbook Pro

Decided to color up that Wonder Woman sketch from a while back 😁  Haven’t seen @batmanvsuperman yet, but I hear Gal Gadot is amazing!




Arcane Advisor to Empress Celene, surely! She joins the Inquisition believing mutual cooperation with the Herald would help further her goal in seeing a Tevinter reborn from the ground up…which would surely put her at loggerheads with a particular Altus. Their arguments would definitely pique the less than professional interest of a certain Commander…but which has caught his eye? Or maybe both, who knows I don’t make the rules k

I was watching some Achievement Hunter stuff this morning while trying to work do some warm up sketches and break a bit of a block.  And then this happened.  :-P  So shout out to the Fake AH Crew, Geoff, Jack, Michel, Gavin, Ray, Ryan, Lindsey and Kerry.

In case you’re wondering, Kerry is supposed to be cringing but it looks like he’s having some difficult poops. Sorry Kerry.