I did these at Animangaki as my cover commission (buy sketch an etch and I’ll draw on the cover depending on how much you buy it for (RM5 empty cover, RM10 black and white cover and RM20 colour cover))

Stupidly, again, I forgot to take pictures of the first two commission I did today (I forgot entirely yesterday) which was of Basara from Samurai Shodown and Eren from Attack on Titan.

Oh well, at least I remembered these three.

Also, yes, I only sold 5 of my Sketch an Etch today, ha ha ha ha.


Artist sketches out amazing portraits in 2 minutes on an Etch A Sketch

sketch-n-etch asked:

Hi! Um, may I ask if you please stop the drama with Egg and (not sure how you know them but I know them as Mel) Mel? You of course have every right to say no and block me, but, I'm right in the middle of this vicious triangle. (Also I really like your blog theme it's calming.) I'd really like to know if you could explain why /you/ think Mexi/Egg is an abuser, though. Just curious. Once more, feel free to block me if you feel uncomfy w me. Please answer privately! Thank you.

hi! firstly i’d like to thank you for the compliment, i adore my theme.

but let’s get down to business. the reason i think that eggs (mexican-kurloz) is an abuser is b/c

basically eggs is an abusive jerk and i won’t tolerate them attacking kabu. kabu is a very good friend of mine and has done nothing to deserve this, no matter what eggs says. the moment eggs can provide me with receipts like these, i’ll believe kabu was/is in the wrong.

but eggs can’t. so i won’t.

(also, i’m posting this publicly for the sake of archiving all of these receipts in one place. if you’d really like me to delete this ask, i absolutely will though, just shoot me another and i’ll delete it straightaway! if you don’t mind, though, it’ll stay up for receipt purposes.)

Every month I get to take part in #DrinkandDrawNYC and it’s helped me become a better person and a better artist. The people I’ve met there have grown to be a part of my life and their influence has helped me grow as an artist.

This collection is the work I was able to create while #drawing a #model last month for 2 hours. Our usual setup is split into 5 2minute poses, 2 5’s, 2 10’s, and 1 20 in the first hour and then 4 5’s, 2 10’s, and 1 20 for the second hour. I had a great time drawing this model since she had a great sense of her space and the angles she could create with her body. They make for great silhouettes.

#drinkanddraw #DnD #practice #lifedrawing #foundation #drawingfromlife #drawingamodel #femalemodel #sexy #burlesque #burlesquemodel #art #drawing #sketch #doodle #etching #lineart #pencildrawing #pencils #pencilart #nycart