SNL: Valentine’s Day Sketches

#1 Weekend Update: Stefon on Valentine’s Day

#2 Principal Frye: Valentine’s Day

#3 Jimmy Fallon’s Valentine’s Day Songs

#4 Bronx Beat

#5 Valentine’s Day Commercial


It’s the first of the month y’all! And a mixed bag of a month it’s been; I’ve made some pieces this month that’s I’m genuinely proud of and others… others I feel like I didn’t try very hard on. That’s okay, they’re not all gonna be winners. 

So this month saw some more practice with drawing hands. That has been a little hit and miss, I’ll admit. Mostly miss. And toward to end of the month I’ve been getting better at getting the draw out of the way earlier in the day, which I think has led to some much better quality drawings. IN my opinion, anyway. Not only that, but I made it up to 200 consecutive days of drawings! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have made it this far. 

There are still are a lot of things I want to work on. Mostly they’re the usual; I need more practice with hands, drawing different face shapes and body types, diversifying the work more. It’s a work in progress. I just hope it keeps moving forward. 

Thank you once again to my usual contributors: @tangentqueenofdragons (you were a prompt powerhouse this month) @princekaisuncannyhotness and @martin-du-creff, and a special thanks to @gaycactus and the two anons who filled out the hat very nicely. And thanks to anyone who has participated in the project up to now! If you want to get involved, you can send your prompts to my inbox. They can be anonymous or not, they can be specific or vague, they can be pretty much anything you want as a long as it’s safe for work. The hat is always hungry, and it needs you guys to feed it. 

Thanks again, to all participants, and anyone who has taken the time to put notes on my work, I appreciate you guys a whole hecking lot. And I’ll see you all next month! 

A continuation of the Attack pet concepts I sketched a few days ago.

I updated Engarde’s sketch to be a musketeer since people felt he looked too much like a Defence pet with knight’s armor in the first sketch. I also played with his color palette a bit, too.

Any thoughts for Engarde before I finalize his concept art? (I’ll still do a final concept for the snake pitch too, but he didn’t need nearly as big of an overhaul as Engarde did.)