Digital vs traditional art

Tbh with you @andreasdraws I’m wayyyyyyyy waaayyyyy better at drawing traditionally than digitally, like infinity more times better XD Probs cuz I’m better used to it-totally not because I’m still a newbie at using a tablet- like i doodle a whole bunch more on paper(reasons being vents,boredom, IM ADDICTED TO DRAWING NON STOP SKELETONS XD)–mod is such undertrash and forever will be– And cuz I doodle the updates of my comic blog @broken-tale-comic on paper(I’ve drawn 3 pages for the comic already,all I need to do is just make it digital XP) —also I should do that with this blog cuz it really helps when i do knowing what to draw already,man I need to set up a schedule for my blogs like having a doodle day,clean sketch day and color day so updates for both blogs get updated evenly— also reminds me I need to do a bunch stuff for these 2 blogs…oh man I got off track with what I was saying…eheheh sorry about that but yeah, traditional art is what I’m stronger in.