If you follow me, you’ve seen this little guy’s (maybe gal’s) story. I’ve gone through a lot with this tiel over the last couple days. He’s been at the Petco almost this entire year and it’s clearly taken a toll on him. I’ve been talking with mangers at the store and blogging about it and after much thought, I want to bring Skeeter home.

I ask that you help me in this task. I have just moved to a new job and I’m getting back on my feet. While I can afford to care for Skeeter after he’s purchased, the initial cost of buying him and toys (I already have a cage and other supplies) is a bit much right now. 

I am asking $175. Skeeter is $105, but the rest will help cover tax, any GoFundMe fees and buy him a few new toys. Check out my posts about him on my blog (this all just happened so it’s all the first posts) and if you can please donate to my GoFundMe and/or signal boost. Thank you.