January 18, 2016

Our photographer has been coming out for practices & scrimmages lately, to get some non-bout pix for the league, and they’re pretty great.  My favourite is the top one, where it looks like I’m rearing back to give my leaguemate a mighty spanking…in reality, she had just given me a killer booty block and I was on my toestops doing ballerina arms trying to stay in-bounds.

[Dominion Derby Girls photos provided by Chris Ramsay Photography.]

37 years old and nollie flipping out of the 16 stair kinked hubba he nollie crooked 15 years ago? Flo Marfaing’s second @vans video part this week is testament to just how good the dude is and has been for days. Head over to Free Skate Mag’s site to watch two-minutes of Marfaing madness.