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Grab a chair, get comfy, and let’s talk about the figure skating fandom. Fear not, this will be short.

I have noticed my dashboard exploding with Yuzuru Hanyu, and I figured it’s about time people noticed figure skating. The sad thing, FS is a dying sport. Not a lot of people take it seriously. The fact that FS is gaining the attention of fans because it’s Olympic season makes me happy, but at the same time, it also frustrates me because most people just go ‘Oh Yuzu is cute, very anime, such kpop, blahblahblah’.

I am not blaming new fans. They’re just finding out about Yuzu’s adorableness. That’s okay, I understand.

What’s not okay is reposting gifs, and making insensitive/flat out rude remarks that seriously hurts the longtime fans. In fact, most Yuzuru fans plan to be on hiatus until this whole 'Tumblr is in love with Yuzuru’ craze goes down.

'But I’m really interested and I want to know more about FS!’

We’re gonna get along. Go to these two forums, Golden Skate and ISU Figure Skating Forum . It’s okay to lurk first. And once you sign up, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Some elitist fans will probably ignore you, but trust me when I say that there are enthusiasts who would be happy to teach you about axels, lutzes, ina bauers, etc. If you want to go somewhere a little less serious, try ONTD Skating. For a FS related blog with witty and infectious writing, I recommend you check out Morozombie.

'I’m just interested in Yuzuru, really.’

Got it. Go to this site: Yuzuru Hanyu Translations.  Visit his international forum.  Participate, discuss, cry over Pooh.

'I wanna stay on tumblr.’

No problemo. magicaleggplant, 9ri, yunamao-gifs, jardinaquatique, heltra91, nonchan1023,&  theicedancekingdom are good places to start. There are a lot more blogs dedicated to FS, but if you’re serious about immersing yourself in the slippery ice of FS world, you’d soon find them by yourself.

'Other stuff plz.’
Figure skater siblings Alex and Maia Shibutani have a youtube account (ShibSibs) where they upload their crazy adventures on and off-ice. There’s also a yearly ice show called ’The Ice’ which features my queen the most adorable and most determined girl in the world Mao Asada, as well as prominent and up-and-coming figure skaters.

'I only like FS every 4 years, teehee!’
I’ll fight you.


TL;DR: Take this time to know more about the wonderful world of figure skating, but never forget to give respect to the skaters and the fans.



fake text series: a day in the life

{includes: the jacks, sammy, nate, aaron, matt, shawn, taylor, nash, & cameron}


a comparison version of my earlier post on the latest Persona 5 trailer and figure skating techniques not in sync because reasons and also because i’m mcfucking losing it

Anyways I’m pretty sure the first protag gif is a lutz because the gif couldn’t capture it and the clip itself was pretty vague but i’m pretty sure he does a back entrance but either way he does FOUR ROTATIONS WHAT THE FUCK

in order, correct me if i’m wrong: the [quadruple lutz] [one-handed biellmann spin] [spiral] [ina bauer] [camel to sitting spin]

EDIT: thanks to nicayall for telling me the proper name for a figure skating arabesque!


Figure Skating Elements: Upright and Layback Spins

There are four main categories of spins in figure skating: upright spins, layback spins, camel spins, and sit spins. This post will cover upright and layback spins. Upright spins are defined as spins with at least one extended leg on the ice and the body in a more-or-less upright position. Laybacks are scored as a separate element from upright spins; they appear as LSp on protocols while general upright spins appear as USp.

There are many, many, many variations on spin positions in skating; in fact, coming up with interesting positions and combinations is one way to get higher levels on spins. (A common criticism of the judging system is that it encourages weird or ugly spin positions in the name of difficulty and gaining points.) It’s impossible to account for all of the variations out there, so I’ve only gifed some common positions and famous variations.

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3/21/14 Blackhawks Morning Skate Live: ‘The Kaner’ lives on in Kaner’s absence


Figure Skating Elements: Connecting Elements

Connecting elements, sometimes called moves in the field, are a variety of different moves performed between the main elements in a program (ie. spins, jumps, step sequences). These elements are not scored on their own. They are usually performed in choreographic sequences or marked in the “transitions” category of PCS (program component scores). Oftentimes, their purpose is to make the choreography of a program more interesting. When connecting moves are performed as the entries/exits to jumps, they can increase the Grade of Execution of the jump. This post does not cover all possible moves, only some common ones.

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