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What are your top 10 favorite names that you have given/would like to give to your sims (any gender)? Once you answer, pass this on to 5 simblrs you love and want to get to know better, and share the fun! ♥

Hoo boy this is a hard one. (in no order)

  1. Siggi
  2. Freyja
  3. Eir
  4. Jude
  5. Poppy
  6. Anais
  7. Aleksandr
  8. Artem
  9. Adalhaid
  10. Skadi

T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Skaði

She’s the one who goes skiing every holiday, her teeth as white as the snow over which she glides. There is something cold and lonely to this girl of winter, the way she dismisses that which does not please her with a glacial stare. Her pale skin is swaddled in thick jumpers, always shivering as if chilly. Or scared. The mountains call her, their presence ominous and ever-looming on the horizon. They watch with unseen eyes, beckoning her frosty touch.


mythology meme  ─  [1/7] norse gods/goddesses

Skaði  (or Skadi) is a goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains. Skaði is attested in the Poetic Edda, the Prose Edda, Heimskringla, and in the works of skalds. In all sources, Skaði is the daughter of the deceased Þjazi, and Skaði married the god Njörðr as part of the compensation provided by the gods for killing her father. Skaði is said to as have split up with Njörðr and later had married the god Odin, and the two produced many children together. The etymology of the name Skaði is uncertain, but may be connected with the original form of Scandinavia. 


In Norse mythology, Skaði is the goddess of winter and of the hunt. Associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains, Skaði makes her home in the highest peaks where the snow never melts. 

She is the daughter of the giant Thiassi, and married the sea god Njörðr as part of the compensation provided by the gods for killing her father. However, their marriage was not a happy one; Njörðr could not stand the cold and dreariness of the mountains, and Skaði couldn’t stand the light and noise of Njörðr’s home by the seashore, so the two eventually parted ways. 


Skadi is a Jotun and goddess, associated with winter, hunting, skiing, and mountains. She married the god Njord as part of the compensation given by the gods for killing her father, Thiazi. However, their marriage was not a happy one. Skadi wanted to live in Thrymheim, her father’s stronghold in the mountains. Njord wanted to live in Noatun, his hall near the sea. Since both were ill-suited for the other’s home, the couple agreed to live separately.

Skadi (Skaði, Skade):

The Vanir god of frost, snow, winter, skiing and hunting. The Aesir gods killed her father, Þjazi, so she wanted something as revenge. She travelled from her home in Vanaheim, to Valhalla.
When she got there, she demanded to get Baldr (Baldir, Balder) as husband, but the gods wouldn’t allow her. Instead they made her choose between some of the Aesir gods, judging by the feet. Baldr is the god of beauty, so she picked the god by the prettiest feet, which in her dissapointment wasn’t Baldr. It was the sea god Njord (Njörðr). This is also believed to be as Njord has been associated with the seas, which could’ve been the reason of his clean feet.
She is also the mother to Freya and Frey.

In some stories and books, Skaði is described as a Jotun or demon, which in usual sense of Norse Mythology by oral matters, means she is ugly, disgusting and looking like what is known as a goblin or orc in Fantasy today. In the path of Norse Mythology being posted on this blog, she is a Vanir god, and as showed by the picture, was actually beautiful. And yet again, you would have to be pretty to get Freya as a child.

(Edited: Please note this information is not purely based on the Edda’s, this is also based on stories told in Oral form in Denmark. Read the Blog description before you go speak about incorrect information).

Skadi, in Norse Mythology, the giant wife of the sea god Njörd. In order to avenge the death of her father, the giant Thiazi, Skadi took up arms and went to attack the rival tribe of the gods (the Aesir) in Asgard, home of the gods. The Aesir, wanting to appease her anger, offered her the choice of one of their number for a husband, with the stipulation that she choose a god by his legs (or feet) alone. She chose Njord, thinking that he was the fair god Balder; their marriage failed because Njord preferred to live by the sea, and Skadi was happier in her father’s home in the mountains (Thrymheim).

“Hateful for me are the mountains,
I was not long there,
only nine nights.
The howling of the wolves
sounded ugly to me
after the song of the swans.”

Skadi responded:

“Sleep I could not
on the sea beds
for the screeching of the bird.
That gull wakes me
when from the wide sea
he comes each morning.”

In some sources, Skadi was known as the goddess of snowshoes. Another tradition relates that Skadi later married the god Odin and bore him sons. And yet another that she after that married Ull. The god of justice and dueling.

In chapter 8 of the Heimskringla book Ynglinga saga, Skadi appears in an euhumerized account. This account details that Skadi had once married Njord but that she would not have sex with him, and that later Skadi married Odin. Skadi and Odin had “many sons”. Only one of the names of these sons is provided:Sæmingr, a king of Norway. Two stanzas are presented by the skald Eyvindr skaldaspillir in reference. In the first stanza, Skadi is described as a jötunn and a “fair maiden”. A portion of the second stanza is missing. The second stanza reads:

Of sea-bones,
and sons many
the ski-goddess
gat with Óthin