i arrived at the tatinof 2pm show and there were SOO many people waiting outside. while looking around and I spotted a woman right next to me wearing big sunglasses and a sjawl over her hair. She was posing for a picture in front of the crowd and the d&p signs. i looked at her and i realised


nobody seemed to notice it was her though. 

inner thoughts:

holy shit, that’s phil’s mum, it’s really her, who cares that i didn’t manage to get vip tickets, this is the highlight of my week, no wait year, why is no one noticing her, wait no really, WHY IS NO ONE NOTICING HER, literally everyone is here to see dan and phil but they’re not noticing the woman who gave birth to one of them, i must tell her how awesome her son is, she looks just like in the video, omg, i’m freaking out, don’t trip, don’t embarass yourself, aaand go

I then went to go and talk to her. The convo went something like this:

me: Hi, i just wanted to say how awesome your son is *blushes and stammers furiously*

phil’s mum: you know who i am? *utterly confused*

me: euh yes,

 phil’s mum: I even tried to disguise myself!

me: i won’t tell anyone though ^^

phil’s mum: oh thank you so much!

me: i feel really old standing here (sorry but i couldn’t think of anything else to say, i’m 24 btw so it was very true tbh xD)

phil’s mum: oh you’re going to the show then

me: yes I am and I’m really excited and bla bla

..she then talked a bit about how exciting it was to see the people, the venue and their pictures there..

phil’s mum: ..and we’re going to see the show tonight actually

me: oh that’s nice, have fun then and have a lovely day you two!

phil’s mum: oh thank you so much, you too!