For more than 10 ten years, from predebut until now that you are all adults, you’ve been taking care of the members and became the best leader you can be. Through the rough times the group has been, you stayed strong and never gave up. Without you, Super Junior wouldn’t be the same. We will always be grateful for your kindness, hardwork and beautiful heart. We love you, Park Jungsoo! #HappyLeeteukDay 


“To those who I love most, whom I feel insecure about and long to see.. The best of my (possessions), “E.L.F.”…Thank you for helping me endure, to live, to not give up.. Let’s be together for a long long time.. Not just as a moment but as a forever.. I will pray so that we will always be together, with the feelings of ‘We are one’! I really love you.” Leeteuk

Masterpost: Type Spotting

Typing other people accurately can be quite difficult. Behaviors are only loosely correlated with cognitive function, and sometimes two types can display the same behavior but for different reasons. Making conversation and listening to people talk about their own thoughts/experiences at length can reveal more about what they value and how they approach situations or problems.

I don’t like being called “coloured” by well-intended people who think that’s less offensive than properly acknowledging my race.

I don’t like being told that I’ve faced a lifetime of sexism and will continue to do so in today’s society by activists who claim to speak for me.

I don’t like being told that as a girl I’m a perpetual victim, yet I’m also superior to boys.

It’s just weird how social justice today relies on creating rifts between people, and reinforcing the “us vs. them” mentality instead of breaking these barriers down. We can’t move forward if we’re too busy sorting out who has privilege and who doesn’t, and then pushing these groups of people apart. 

girls are cute

boys are cute

people are cute

especially when they arent being racist, homophobic, transphobic, and/or misogynistic assholes

ok i’m not gonna reblog that post on people being deaf until they meet their soulmates because i don’t wanna fucking support that bullshit ableism, but like can we stop making those posts in general about people not being “complete” until their life is “fulfilled” through romantic love??? like yeah, we get it, you hate aromantics because we’re not “interesting” enough for you, but it’d be really nice if you didn’t constantly shove it in our faces, topped with audism to boot :)))

the signs as anti-sj blog descriptions
  • aries:Welcome to the Realm of Kek; My preferred pronouns are Fuck, Fucks, & Fuckyourself. Pro-logic, Pro-equality, Pro-factsAnti-SJW, Anti-third-wave feminism, Anti-cultural isolation, Anti-special snowflake tumblrina bullshit
  • taurus:Just your ordinary cishet scumbag spreading hate by supporting equality rather than oppression glorification. The current feminist movement is bullshit. As are the tumblr SJW's and Otherkin. |cis|het| obviously
  • gemini:Lord High Regent of the Patriarchy; I am a pentagendered aromantic quadcore demisexual trans-bigendered 4 wheel drive fat positive demi-ethnic tumblrsexual. Proud Otaku. My pronouns are Obese/Obeses/ and Obeseself.My hobbies include being thin, white, male, cis, and manspreading
  • cancer:I'm Everything Tumblr Hates; I'm a straight, white, anti-feminist/ anti-SJW, male and everyone on this shitty website thinks I'm satan.
  • leo:I am a human being living in the 21st century, looking for answers and struggling with issues like everyone else. Atheist. Egalitarian. Pervert. Bisexual. Fat Ass. Sexy Ass. God. Slave. Douchebag. Boring piece of shit. Loudmouth. You know what? This is all unnecessary. I’m TJ. How are you?
  • virgo:Pony Politics: Christian, Conservative, Republican, Capitalist, Bisexual. I'm against the LGBT-Community, against Feminism, against Abortion.
  • libra:To all SJWs: you need to relax. A place for those of us sick of social justice warriors to come together and wait for them to enter the real world where they will be laughed out of existence.
  • scorpio:I am a saiyan, and I will crush all gods in my path. 20 years old. Things this blog will be against: SJWs Radical feminists and other forms of stupidity. This blog contains no trigger warnings. If I’m cursing at you, you may think I’m mad, but I’m actually laughing my ass off at you. Anon hate recieved so far: 3
  • sagittarius:I spend most of my time on here debating mush-mouth feminists, 'progressives', and dimbulb social justice warriors; I don't trigger warn, so you've been warned.
  • capricorn:Cis White Male. Basically I am the fucking BANE of Tumblr’s existence but I don’t give have a shit. Anti-Feminist and Pro-Equality. Be warned, this blogger does not tolerate any SJW BS.
  • aquarius:Common Sense Crusader, Saint of Sanity. Follow me and ye shall be amused. Mostly Anti-feminist and anti-sjw posts. Engage at risk to your feels; I’m not very nice and I’m usually right. I am the answer to the question who will watch the watchers
  • pisces:All Aboard the S.S. Trigger; White Cis Het Female. Skinny and attractive privileged shit lord of the highest kind :'). Panda/panda self pronouns only please. 
Vegan. Pro choice. Pro logic. Anti bullshit.

I think it’s important to remember that the gems are all women in the eyes of many viewers, even though they aren’t canonically. They’re coded as female, and human characters refer to them as female – not just with she/her pronouns, but as “sisters,” as “moms”; Opal as a “giant woman.”

Steven Universe can be a show with great non-binary representation – if you happen to know that the gems are non-binary. The majority of young audience members likely don’t know this, and instead, they see women. Diverse women, warrior women, protagonists and antagonists both; women whom the male protagonist looks up to, who are written as complex people and not love objects. And that’s important.