So, I listened to Peri And The Piscon Paradox a long, long time ago. And when I met Nicola Bryant at Sheffield Comicon a few years ago I told her that when I listened to Piscon I like legit started crying.

And she told me that another big finish employee, a former police officer, had told her he’d been driving home listening to it and he’d actually had to stop and pull over his car. Because he realised that in a few minutes he’d be crying hysterically and probably shouldn’t be driving a vehicle while his eyes were bleary.

Peri and the piscon paradox is amazing. And it punched me in the gut forty times before it made the “real” ending for Peri a lot better.


My entry for @classicwhosecretsanta. This is for you @3rddoctor! Thank you for requesting “cute domestc fluff” as a genre because, as it happens, that’s my absolute favourite thing to draw.

Bonus: Some Jo sketches because I needed to figure out how to draw her. The fact that I’d never drawn Jo before is frankly criminal because she’s great!


All of Time and Space. Anything that’s ever happened, anything that ever will.

Where do you want to start?

Every TV Doctor Who story 1963 - 2016

(An update of an old upload - now including the 2016 Christmas Special!)

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Six: Today has the makings of a lovely day!

River: Really?

Six: Mm, we could, you know, go for a walk along the beach later…

River: We could…

Six: And I spy a little store selling ices at the end of the pier!

River: Oh yes!

Six: We could, um, dream… a little…


I’m not okay with how adorable these two were in The Diary of River Song, not in the slightest. What did I do to deserve a scene where Six and River have tea together and he bashfully proposes a date inside her dreams? What did I do to deserve any of the Six/River scenes? (I know they had to save the world ‘n all… I kinda wish they had been able to dream together I’m so schmaltzy…)


Nicola: “We were doing our rehearsals…and we were doing this particular scene…Colin ends up cowering behind me, kneeling on the ground…and I’m standing there ready to be shot….there was a moment where we just finished that scene and I just felt these teeth sink into my buttock.  …And of course, it was Colin’s!”

Colin: “It was one of those moments when you do something and you think ‘Why didn’t I engage my brain before doing that?’”

Nicola: “It wasn’t in the sense of painful, but it was very present.”

Colin: “A very friendly nip, which was entirely inappropriate.  …the big mistake I made …I bet [Kevin] a fiver that he didn’t dare bite Nicola Bryant’s bottom.

Nicola: “Which [he] did when we were rehearsing the part where [he] gets stuck in the gastropod goo. And I’m running there going sort of like “How can I help?” and he said “Well, you know- ACK!” and at that point, ANOTHER set of teeth!

Colin: “And he got an uppercut for his troubles!”

Nicola: “He did!”