Tonight's Community was so perfect and wonderful, and...any other nice adjective you want to add here. I just...I love this show. I don't know what I'm gonna do during "hiatus hell"... Awesome shows like this don't deserve long hiatuses!! I don't get you, NBC! I don't get you at all!!!

To NBC: 

To the Community cast & crew: 

To my fellow Communies and the Community fandom: 


For what it’s worth, I say we declare December 8 “Changmas” and celebrate it every year.


Uploaded by thetruediscodave on Dec 2, 2011

In 2006 FOX ended a cult comedy sitcom’s run in its third season. In 2011 NBC “benched” a very creative and smart cult comedy sitcom. Let’s hope history does not repeat itself.

After being inspired by other credit mashups like jamesmontalbano’s Parks and Recreation credit sequence I decided to mix my two favorite comedies into one video. Like other users, I do not plan on using this video for financial gain. I merely created a parody to support one of the greatest shows on television. Let’s save Community and get them six seasons and a movie!

I think I know what I'm gonna do to fill my tv-watching void on Thursday nights at 7:00pm - I'm gonna rewatch "Community" from the beginning, every Thursday night, when the show would normally be on. I'll just pop in my dvds in and go in episode order. That should take me until this "hiatus from Hell" is OVER, right?

Community Drinking Game!

I missed the three new episodes that aired last night for Community, so I’ll be watching them all in a row today, and just for fun, I’ll be playing a drinking game along with it that I had also missed out on last night, one that was created by the group Community 101. The rules are as follows:

Take a drink every time:

-Abed says “cool, cool, cool”
-Annie gasps or screams
-Britta goes into “Psych-Major” mode
-Jeff gives an epic speech
-Pierce says something offensive (race, religion, gender, homophobic)
-Shirley says “that’s nice”
-Troy cries
-Dean or Chang uses their name as a pun.

So drink up all you delayed watchers!

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Edit: Well I’m sloshed. And I edited Jeff’s thing for future drinkers. Woooh!