Six werewolves

1. Really you only have mild lycanthropy and it’s largely under control with medication, plus the light pollution in your area is so bad you can hardly see the moon anyway. So you’ve changed maybe twice since diagnosis. No big deal. You have an emergency kennel. Lacking the usual outlet, your lycanthropy mainly manifests as an intense emotional reaction to dogs being told that they are good dogs, which never fails to make you sob.

2. You know, you should really have thought it through beforehand. It was careless. But there was a part of you that longed to be the first werewolf on the moon. And it was such an honour to be accepted into the space program! You never actually meant to get into the rocket, in the end. It just sort of happened. Now you’re half-way there and pretty sure there’s going to be a problem. Oops.

3. So your wolf form is fairly petite and scrubs up well and long story short with a prosthetic or two you’re now in the final of the dog agility contest and you might be able to win half of a rather fetching sofa. It’d be better if it were on a full moon, but you’ve got a bunch of moon videos to watch and you’re pretty hopeful that might work.

4. You spend each full moon locked away in a comfortable basement. You’re not sure if you’ve ever turned into a wolf but you do like rare steak so best to be on the safe side. You have a lot of books. You’re kind of looking forward to it.

5. You grew up with dogs. It’s not your fault. I mean, that’s kind of how you got bitten in the first place. Anyway, the rampage was going so well until someone threw a stick. Now you think the villagers might be mocking you, but also you just need to catch this one, you can totally do it, oh yes! Who’s a good girl?

6. You don’t actually turn into a wolf. You’re just the sort of person who feels very deeply about things and also has a mysterious and regrettable past. The wolf thing is a metaphor. You’re wishing you hadn’t adopted it now, though. These things get out of hand. Last night you metaphorically tore out the throats of two innocent bystanders, before metaphorically unleashing a bloodcurdling howl as you metaphorically slunk into the forest. You think you might also have metaphorically peed on a fire hydrant.

do you ever think about what happened after matthias died? crooked kingdom might end on what is, essentially, a hopeful note, but i don’t think these kids recover that cleanly or that easily. kaz brekker and his court nurse their grudges. they don’t forgive and forget. matthias helvar haunts them for the rest of their lives. 

they don’t wage a war. they don’t hunt the young fjerdan drüskelle and cut out his heart. but nina, on her voyages in ravka, looks into the eyes of the fjerdan boys she wants to spare—the same as matthias’, but with none of the warmth—and remembers what his blood looked like on her hands. imagines that the blood of these boys would look the same against the snow. listens to the strange new power churning murkily at her fingertips and thinks, it would be so easy. in the darkest parts of the night she wraps herself in furs and imagines he breathes next to her. smiles through her tears and vows revenge not in the form of flesh and bone but in forgiveness —it’s painful, but she tries for him. there has been enough. 

wherever she is, she pretends the lights are for him.

inej remembers the boy who had been taught hate and remembers the kindness he learnt instead. the boy who treated her with respect from the beginning, who found she was a storm and admired her for it. inej thinks of his strength; his unwavering presence and calm in the face of peril. remembers him whenever the ocean breeze brings the scent of snow and ice to her, and when she nestles in the roots of the tree in the garden of the van eck mansion, wondering if he found his god. sees cherry blossoms and thinks of him. 

when the sun rises, and she is the only one on deck, she whispers a prayer. keep him safe. 

the sight of matthias’ corpse is burned into jesper’s memory, awkward and ungainly, lying too still in the barge. he holds wylan a little tighter at night. brushes hair away from inej’s face, tucks his arm against nina’s shoulders, teases kaz. tells his father he loves him with more seriousness than the situation probably deserves. is left feeling hollow and slightly off-balance. jesper thinks of the conversation that seems an age away. ‘my ghost won’t associate with your ghost,’ matthias whispers. first he laughs, but this time, he’s not surprised by the fierce, sudden ache of tears. jesper doesn’t sleep that night. finds solace in a gambling den.

later, he pushes away the cards and storms out. let’s the rain fall on his face. strangely, it tastes like salt. 

wylan finds his hands tremble at strange times. he sees a flash of blond hair and a long stride and whips around, blindly hoping that he defied everything just one more time—but every time it’s a member of the stadwatch, or the appleseller’s son. he knows how many times matthias saved his life, saved jesper’s. saved everyone. he holds it in to the point of breaking, before it rushes out in a flood—i wish i knew him better, he didn’t deserve to die, we were all supposed to make it jes, we were all supposed to make it— 

of everyone, wylan thinks matthias deserved to be happy a little longer. 

and kaz sits alone in his old office at the slat when everyone else is asleep or face-first in their cups. pours himself some whiskey and lets it burn down his throat. drinks a silent toast. an apology. because it’s his fault, isn’t it? they had believed they had won. he had believed. more fool you, he thinks bitterly. watches the birds veer and turn in the sky. knocks ink bottles over another forgery and finds himself standing amidst the wreckage of a broken room. thinks he should have fought a little harder. thinks he shouldn’t have let go so fast.

 no one dares to comment he looks too tired for someone so young. 

far away, on the shores on fjerda, the snow begins to fall heavier and thicker. the wind picks up. 

the wolves howl.

I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... MASTERLIST

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit….

Chapters below…

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I Am An Alpha Ch 11: Breakfast

“Do they really have to go?” I actually whine with my hands latched around Jungkook’s.

“Don’t push our luck Soo-ya,” Yoongi says sternly before my mates have the chance to, he is also able to pry my hands away from the younger gently.

Jungkook is pouting but he nods, “He’s right, we are lucky we even get to see you.”

I’m about to snap back with some comment about how no one is in charge of me but snap my mouth closed when I catch the warning look Namjoon is sending me to keep my mouth closed. I nibble softly on my lip as I tuck my hands behind me and look around with wide innocent eyes as if I wasn’t about to go alpha on their asses.

“I’ll lead the way out, we will see you again tomorrow?” Namjoon glances to my mates to make sure it’s still possible.

“Tomorrow,” Kris confirms.

“Goodbye,” I wave to them as they go and like yesterday I feel strange watching them go out the back door.

Jin stops in the doorway and gives me a small smirk, “I’ll bring your things tomorrow, you must be missing your things.”

“I guess,” I cock my head in confusion, I’ve never been a materialistic person so there aren’t many things I feel attached to. It clicks in my mind a moment after making me grin in return, “I really am.”

He bows his head before closing the door behind him and leaving me with my mates. I turn around, giving them an awkward smile I don’t really know where to go from here. Luckily my stomach decides for me as it growls loud enough for everyone to hear.

Kris chuckles, “Hungry little wolf?”

I nod bashfully.

“Did you hear that Kyungsoo? Your mate is hungry, aren’t you going to cook for her?” Chen wraps his arm around the round eyed boy. Kyungsoo glares at the other, he gives me a brief glance before looking away.

“It’s alright,” I answer quickly, “I can find something myself, no need to bother him.”

Kris chuckles as he comes a puts his arm around my shoulders and kisses the top of my head, “We are not going to make you find something, we are going to have a big breakfast to welcome you to your new home.”

“While they are cooking though,” Yixing comes to stand on my other side, “I promised you a bath and some fresh clothes.”

“I thought we got to come too,” The younger boys whine, earning a glare from their hyung.

I smile, “Of course you can come along! The more the merrier!” Yixing is pouting but he doesn’t say anything else as he leads me upstairs with Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Chen trailing behind us. Like yesterday Yixing turns on the water for me before escorting himself and the others out of the room so I can climb in and they can transform. This time though there are lots of bubbles in the tub. I watch completely amazed as they grow with the water. When the water is high enough I climb in the tub and giggle as I’m swallowed up by the bubbles. “Hyungs!” I call once I’m situated. The door opens and six wolves trot in, Sehun and Jongin being the two late comers. Chanyeol rushes straight up to the tubs edge and licks my cheek making me smile.

“Hello to you too,” I greet happily as I reach out to stroke his head.

Baekhyun runs forward and jumps in the water with me causing it to spill out on the floor. Yixing is right there teeth bared, ready to tear the younger boy a part but stops when I start laughing uncontrollably. I can’t hold it in at the sight of the soaking wet pink wolf looking at me with big scared eyes.

“This is what I’m talking about!” I giggle gleefully. “It’s no fun taking a bath by yourself, right Baekhyun hyung?”

The wolf gives me a grin as he nods his head.

“Now if only the tub was a bit bigger than everyone could jump in,” I pout.

The size doesn’t stop Chanyeol from joining us in the water with a massive wolf grin. The other wolves scurry closer eager to join us making me laugh.

“I’m not going to clean this up.”


“Where are the others?” Kris questions when Yixing and I step into the delicious smelling kitchen. I try to hide my smile by looking in any other direction.

“They made a massive mess so they have to clean it up,” Yixing huffs still furious about the mess of fur and water in his bathroom.

I chuckle and take the man’s hand in both of mine, “I’m sorry Hyung, I take responsibility. They got a bit too excited and jumped in the water with me.”

Yixing shakes his head, “They are grown wolves and should be able to control themselves.”

“You sometimes slip up on that too, you know.”


Minseok answers as he stands up from one of the stools at the island, “When anyone else comes near our little wolf you get a bit aggressive which is very out of character for you.” He comes closer, smirking when the younger visibly tenses, “You can’t keep her to yourself you know. I would like to get to know our mate as well. I’m sure the younger boys feel the same, not to mention that the head alpha hasn’t been able to mark her yet.”

“We aren’t talking about things like that yet,” Kris suddenly takes over the conversation, authority dripping in his voice, his eyes fixated on the oldest.

“My bad,” Minseok chuckles as he continues towards me, not even giving Yixing a glance.

“Any particular reason why?” Luhan wonders from the island.

Kris sighs, “I would like her to get used to being around us before we do something like that.”

Minseok hums in understanding before placing his hands on my shoulders and steering me around the island to be closer to not just Kris but also Kyungsoo who is focused on the food cooking in front of him. Kris watches confused, the other four watch with the same expression; Minseok stops places me only inches away from the other before commanding, “Be warmer.”

I bite my lip, in my chest heart wants to stop as embarrassment wraps around me. Am I that awkward? That cold? “I’m sorry,” I choke out hanging my head low.

“Not you love,” The man quickly corrects, sliding his arms around my shoulders to pull me into a back hug. “I’m talking to the head Alpha who seems to have a constant poker face on. You are doing great love,” He coos the last words before placing a soft kiss on my cheek.

“I wouldn’t look so poker faced if everyone stopped touching her and gave me a chance to get closer with her.” The head alpha snaps with such poison I find myself stepping back deeper into Minseok’s embrace. But the older won’t let me get any farther away, instead he pushes me closer.

“She’s closer, now stop with that sour look, you are going to scare her,” Minseok reaches his arms out and grabs Kris’s hands. He brings Kris’s large hands to my hips. Mine were curled up at my chest, unsure of where to put them. Everyone continues to watch as Minseok moves to my hands and places my little fists on Kris’s chest. The oldest stays with his front pressed against my back, chin resting on my shoulder, making sure I can’t back away. Kris is staring down at me, our height difference very much apparent in this position. “Is this close enough?”

“Are you okay with this?” Kris’s gaze softens as he looks at me.

I nod shyly.

“You can move away now Hyung,” Kris nudges the other’s hips away but he pulls himself right back.

“I think I’m making her more comfortable,” He chuckles, “Right sweet girl?”

I’m so thankful my blush isn’t showing right now but embarrassment still coils in my throat leaving nodding as my only option.

“See! She’s so happy she can’t even speak!” Minseok pushes me further into Kris’s embrace, tightly sandwiching me in between their tone chests in a warm hug. I hide my face in Kris’s chest, knowing my cheeks are red enough to be seen even with my tan skin. Minseok chuckles before tucking his face in the crook of my neck. “You smell delicious.”

The three of us are brought out of our moment by the sound of snapping wood a few feet away. Kyungsoo is watching us with nothing but rage and jealousy, the broken wooden spoon is now on the floor, whatever he is cooking is done cooking but he couldn’t care less. There is thick tension in the air, the three seem to be having a silent battle, but I’m confused. I thought that Kyungsoo didn’t like me.

Minseok chuckles, “Someone’s jealous.”

Kyungsoo lets out a growl from deep in his chest.

The growing intensity of the situation and, I’m guessing, my reaction of burrowing myself in his chest, force the head alpha to stop the on coming fight with a snarl of his own. “Kyungsoo.”

The large eyed boy looks to his head alpha, anger still in his eyes, “What?”

Kris rolls at the younger’s hostility, “If you are jealous just say so instead of acting like a child. Would you like to hold her?”

Minseok doesn’t wait for a response before lifting me out of Kris’s arms by the waist and carrying over to Kyungsoo. Like before the oldest stops a few inches from the other, his hands grab Kyungsoo by the arm, dragging him away form the stove and signaling Kris to take care of the food. I’m staring down at my feet while this whole thing is going on, horrified of the angry look Kyungsoo will be giving me. But suddenly Minseok is pushed away from me. Kyungsoo has me tight in his arms, one wraps securely around my waist, his other hand is tucked in the hair at the base of my head, forcing my face into the crook of his neck to breath him in. He doesn’t need to force me at all though to be honest, I’ve wanted to inhale his chocolate like scent since I first saw him.

My hands wrap around to his back, I fist the back of his shirt, pulling him even closer. For a minute I forget that everyone is watching us, it’s just him and I right now. His sweet scent starts to consume my mind, awakening my omega, making my whole body begin to tingle, and I find myself wanting more.

“What the hell!” A younger wolf snarls. I try to jump away from Kyungsoo, my body now burning with humiliation. I just got too excited from his scent, I need to get away from him right now and hide.

“Sehun, you need to calm down right now,” Minseok seethes from only a few inches away now, once again sandwiching me in between him and Kyungsoo. His hands are on my shoulders despite Kyungsoo’s obvious distaste of the action. “This is nothing to be embarrassed about love, it’s completely okay.”

“He’s just jealous he wasn’t involved,” Kris chirps in as he pats my head.

“How about we all stop touching her for a minute?” Suho suggests, “Give her a minute to breath.”

The three around me sigh but slowly start to pull away, I let the two closest to me slip away but I capture Kris’s hand on my head, “This is enough space to breath, I don’t need any more.”

Staring down at my feet I just hear Kris chuckle and say softly, “Okay little wolf, would you like to sit next to me at the table?”

“Please?” I peek up at him.

“Of course!” He wraps his arms around my shoulders and leads me through the rest of the kitchen to the dining room with a group of wolves shuffling behind us only until Kris yells at them. “You guys help with the food!”

As head Alpha Kris sits at the head of the table, he sits me on his left, Minseok comes in a moment later with a plate of pickled radish in his hands and take the other spot next to me. “I hope you are hungry.”

I nod eagerly, “I really am, it’s a lot harder not eating with so much food around.”

“I’ve been wondering about that,” Luhan appears in the seat across from me, adding another plate to the table, followed by Suho. “Did you have to live off the land or did you go into town for things?”

“We survive mostly off small animals during the winter, we eat more fruits and vegetables during the warmer months when we can find them.”

“Have you ever gone into the city?”

I shake my head, “I’ve only ever been in a small town in the north that we stopped in a couple times a couple decades ago. We stayed at a hotel there that a friend of ours owns.”

“What about your education?” Suho questions, concern obvious on his face, “You seem completely fine when it comes to speech but how is your reading and writing?”

“I’m probably a little better than you would expect from someone who has never been in an actual school. Namjoon is really smart so he taught us a bit after we got out and added Jungkook since he was so young at the time we wanted him to have a better education than any of us had.” By now everyone is at the table that is completely filled with delicious looking food. The smells have my mouth watering, “This looks amazing!” I say excitedly scanning all the food, a few different kinds of meat, lots of vegetables, and a bowl of rice for each person. “Did Kyungsoo hyung make this?” I look to the large eyed man who just nods. “Thank you so much!”

“Show your gratitude by eating a lot,” He responds with a stern voice, “You are too thin.”

“I will!” I look to Kris for permission to eat, he nods with a smile, allowing me to be the first to dig in. As I thought the food is absolutely delicious, it has been far too long since I’ve had two home cooked meals in a row.

“After she eats a little more,” Kris says suddenly, glaring daggers down the table. I glance up and down the table confused with my mouth full of food. Kris chuckles as he brushes a grain of rice off my chin, “the want to ask you more questions but I said to wait until you’ve eaten more, you look like you were starving. I’m sorry, I’ve had you in my care for less than twenty four hours and you’ve already been in a fight, got hurt, ran outside into the freezing cold multiple times, and let you starve. You must think we are horrible mates.”

I wave his worry away as I quickly swallow my food, “You are wonderful mates! I’ve already eaten more in the time I’ve spent with you than I have this whole week. When it comes to the fighting that was all me, I got myself into it, that happens. I’m sorry I attacked your friend, it won’t happen again.”

“Don’t worry about any of that right now, you have no reason to apologize, Taemin was being an idiot,” Minseok places his hand on my back.

“What kind of questions do you guys want to ask me?” I wonder setting my chopsticks and spoon down.

“No,” Kyungsoo glares at me, “Eat first.”

I smile at him, “What questions do you have for me Hyung?”

“I have a question!” Chanyeol raises his hand eagerly. “Since you were raised as an alpha surrounded by strong alphas how did you handle your heat?”


Back to wolf era: what would exo’s fur/eye pattern/color be

Picture one: Baekhyun (white and blue eyes)
Picture two: Chanyeol (brown/red hair and hazel eyes)
Picture three: Tao (Grey/white and grey eyes)
Picture four: Kai (Brownish/Grey and hazel eyes)
Picture five: Luhan (White and blue eyes. I know it looks like a fox but it’s the Arctic wolves)
Picture six: Lay (brown/white/grey and green/hazel eyes/ Mexican wolf)

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I love Omega!Stiles, can you rec me some of your fav fics with this trope??

Sure can! :)

You Smell Like Mine by bleep0bleep [13k, E]

People talk about the alpha instinct, an alpha’s head being swayed by a nice-smelling omega, or the desire to drop everything and show off. Derek’s never felt any of that. He’s just not that kind of alpha.

Then he meets Stiles.

Fight Fires In Your Best Clothes by standinginanicedress [67k, E]

The key isn’t actually being confident, he repeats in his head in Lydia’s breathy voice. It’s faking the hell out of it and looking as sexy as possible while you do it. For omegas, it’s easy. There’s a natural charm to all of us that only takes seconds to engage, and barely takes practice.

Walk into the room, he chants in his head. Own it, and look people in the eyes. Find the best looking alpha, have them buy you a drink, and the rest is easy.

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I Am An Alpha Ch 9: The Rest Of The Pack

“So who were those other wolves out there?” I wonder as I peek out behind Kris. The four wolves that had peeked out of the forest have now collected the alpha I fought with and returned to the forest, not before giving me a dirty look. At the same time my other mates appeared their alpha pheromone dominates the air, making me feel like I’m suffocating. The six of us are still standing inside, we had decided to at least go into the living room to let the others catch more of my scent. My hyungs are close by, I can smell them but they must have noticed the new wolves and decided to hang back.

“They are our brother pack,” Kris tells me.

“They must not be too happy that I attacked their pack member are they?”

Yixing growls, “I don’t give a fuck about how they feel, they’re just lucky we didn’t tear him to shreds for touching you.”

I cling to the back of Kris’s shirt when I begin sensing Yixing’s anger, “Hyung.”

“Sorry,” He takes a few deep breaths in a sad attempt to calm himself down.

I glance around, “Where is Baekhyun hyung?”

“He went out to talk to your pack, we were planning on having them here before the others returned but I guess that isn’t going to be happening,” Tao sighs.

Kris groans, running his hands through his hair he decides, “We should do this now, they are going to get mad.”

“Suho and Minseok hyung are already fuming,” Kai clucks his tongue.

“Someone go grab them some clothes, we don’t need them flashing her the first time they meet. Yixing, keep an eye on Chanyeol, I’m expecting him to be the most eager to get closer to her. I’ll keep an eye on Minseok hyung since he might be pretty bad too.”

Kai sets off in search of clothing.

Sehun scoffs, “Are you really going to try and get in between Minseok, Luhan, and Suho hyung and our mate? They are going to fight you hard on that one.”

“How do you think they are going to react to my past and my pack?” I wonder, feeling uneasy about these new mates.

“I didn’t even think about telling them about your past,” Yixing sighs in obvious frustration.

“Let us take this one step at a time, starting with walking out there,” Kris officially decides. “Open the door back up.”

Tao sighs but obeys, he slowly unlatches the door and pushes the massive wall of windows to the side, opening the room to the cold. Kris forces himself to step aside but keeps his arm around my shoulders. My eyes go wide at the sight of six beautiful wolves sitting in the snow. I don’t feel scared as bad as I did yesterday, but it’s still there gripping my heart, ready to send me into panic mode.

“They are so pretty,” I mumble softly, unconsciously reaching out my hand to run it through their fur but I notice and pull my hand back. “Sorry, most alphas probably don’t want to hear that.”

Kris chuckles, “So bashful again aren’t we?”

“Do you want me to start fighting again?” I tease.

“Please no, someone is going to loose it.”

“Can I go touch them?” I look to him for permission, which he gives me with a gentle nudge forward. I take a deep breath and step out onto the cold stone patio. A few more steps and I’m back in the snow, I should have asked for shoes but I’m this far, no going back. Unconsciously I approach one specific wolf, his scent draws me in, coffee. “You are the one who distracted me during the fight,” I note mostly to myself but they hear. The caramel colored wolf looks away from me to glare at the head alpha. “Don’t be mad at him,” I quickly defend, “I was just causing trouble. I tend to do that.” I’m trying my best to be playful but he just continues to glare, actually making Kris gulp. I cock my head, “You must be Minseok hyung.”

His head snaps back to me.

“So is that a yes?”

A nod.

“They actually haven’t told me much about any of you, or the fact that any of you existed but they mentioned a few names. Who is Luhan hyung?” I’m trying so hard to be warm, and I’m actually really impressed with how little my hands are shaking and that my heart hasn’t pounded out of my chest. Hesitantly a pretty auburn wolf comes forward, I give him a small smile and a bow. “And than I think it was Chanyeol hyung?” A silver wolf steps forward, this one with much more excitement, he makes me think of Baekhyun but Baekhyun has a much pinker tint compared to this new wolf. “Who was the scary one you mentioned? Soo hyung?” I nervously scan the three other wolves, none of them look particularly scary in fact one stands out to me. His big eyes lock with mine making my heart melts. “So cute!”

Jongin sees me take a few steps toward the wolf, “That is Kyungsoo hyung, or Soo hyung. He doesn’t like being petted.”

“Oh, thank you for letting me know,” I bring my hands to my chest to keep myself from touching them recklessly. But out of the corner of my eye I swear I see Kyungsoo giving Kai a death glare. “After that I think they mentioned Suho,” I watch the last two and see a tan wolf nod his head at me. I bow back before looking at the last one. With an encouraging nod of Kris I approach the last wolf who is a beautiful dark shade of brown, “I’m sorry they didn’t mention your name, you must be the well behaved one, from what I’ve heard in these brief ten minutes is that all the others are trouble.” The wolf laughs making me smile.

“I have clothes for them,” Kai mentions with a giant stack of clothing in his hands.

“Could I go talk to my pack so you can have a good talk with yours?” I ask Kris with a big smile. A chorus of growls erupt from the wolves sending me back on to the patio and into Yixing’s arms.

“They probably don’t like the idea of you leaving at the moment,” Yixing informs me.

“I think they are coming our way again anyway,” Kris sighs, “They must have felt your fear spike suddenly.”

“There they are,” Tao nods toward the forest where a black wolf appears. “Or at least one of them.”

Without a thought I book it pass my mates and right into the snow without a single thing on my mind other than for, “My pup!” I basically scream when Kookie and I get closer. I didn’t realize how much I missed him, I know it has only been a day but that is a long time for us. He tackles me to the ground and licks my face all over, making me a giggling mess beneath him. “Kookie!” I scold through my laughing.

“Hyung!” Jimin and Taehyung yell as they also bust out of the forest, behind them is the rest of my pack and Baekhyun who is just glaring at our touchy interactions.

He pushes through my pack to get to Jungkook and I, “Unless you want your throat ripped out, I suggest you remove yourself from her. We may know what is going on but our other pack members don’t and they are not in the best mood right now.”

Kookie growls.

Baekhyun’s sweet playful demeanor from yesterday seems completely different as he grabs Jungkook by the back of the neck and pulls him off me. “Come with me little wolf before the backyard becomes a battle field. You will be able to talk with your pack after we explain things,” He offers me a hand.

“Please go with him Insoo,” Namjoon quickly encourages me. “I would prefer not to fight with the black dragons.”

“I’m with Namjoon on this, please,” Yoongi almost begs, looking to the house with worried eyes. I follow his gaze back to the house to see eleven of my mates staring us down with angry blood red eyes. Jungkook whimpers with his head bowed to the obviously more powerful group, in fact looking to my pack I see that they are all backing down with their eyes to the ground. I gulp nervously but accept Baekhyun’s hand, he surprises me by just scooping me up.

“It’s freezing cold and you are out here dressed like this, what kind of mates let their mate out like this,” He mumbles mostly to himself as he carries me back across the field. “We should take this inside before she catches a cold.” He doesn’t even bother to wait for his brothers he just carries me inside like I’m a fragile little egg that is going to break. He sets me down on the cold couch before wrapping me up in the blanket that one of the others brought. Kris is kneeling in front of me peeling off the socks he had just put on me that are now soaking wet.

“No more going outside until we have proper clothes for you,” Kris declares. The wolves come in, two of them rush passed with their clothing in their teeth, Minseok and Suho, while the others stop by me. Chanyeol is the first to come right up to me, he sniffs my clothes, his nose wrinkles.

“Do I smell like my pack again?” I sniff my sleeves and only find Yixing’s sweet scent now mixing with another sweet smell, like fresh cakes.

“You reek of Yixing hyung since you slept in his room and his clothes,” Baekhyun explains as he fetches me a mug of tea. “Even thought he is also your mate, we don’t like any other alpha smell near our mate.”

“Sorry Hyung,” I reach other without a thought and stroke the silver blue wolf’s fur. He cocks his head in confusion, “Ah, the hyung thing, we will explain that when everyone is here.”

“So you need to go upstairs and get dressed,” Kris commands. I’m surprised when the big wolf just comes closer and nuzzles his snout into my stomach. “Chanyeol,” The head alpha tries again, making the younger whine.

“Don’t you want to be able to talk to me?” I tempt the wolf with a smile. He groans but quickly heads off towards the stairs, leaving the other three behind. They stare at me, Chen and Luhan are closer, within touching distance while Kyungsoo is far out of my reach. “Are you all going to transform? I actually kind of want to see you react to my past, I didn’t get to see yesterday because I passed out.”

All eyes go to Kris who already has his hands up, “It was an accident.”

“We were gone for a week and all hell breaks loose,” An unfamiliar voice snaps from the hall. Two men come in, they are about the same height but one looks much younger than the other. The last three wolves are off to transform so they can join the conversation as well. One with cat like eyes glares at Kris for a moment before looking down at me huddled on the couch and his face softens. “Hello little wolf.”

I sniff the air, “Coffee,” I hum. “You must be Minseok hyung.”

He smiles cutely, “I am, I’m very happy to meet you my lovely little wolf.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,” I try to stand to greet him properly but the second I try Kris’s hands are on my shoulders pushing me back into the couch.

“Your feet are freezing, how can you not notice?” The older scolds as his large hands gently massage my shoulders.

I look down at my feet, “I haven’t really noticed, I think they are numb.” I try to curl my toes with little to basically no response at my brain’s command, “Yep, they are completely numb.”

“Can you feel this?” Minseok is suddenly a lot closer, his hands are on my ankles, his touch sends a shot of electricity up my leg making me jump away. He holds his hands up, showing me that he means no harm but it’s not that I’m scared, my heart is just racing.

“I can feel that,” I whimper.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you,” He stands up and takes a few steps back.

“You didn’t frighten me, you shocked me,” I look down at my hands nervously.

“Do you want another bath?” Yixing offers, he joins me on the couch, sitting as close to me as possible. I see the way Minseok watches our physical interactions with irritated jealousy.

I pout, “Another one? I guess, just to warm me up, but only if you sit with me again.”

“Why him again?” Sehun pouts.

Tao joins in on the whining, “Why not one of us?”

“Because from what I’ve heard you guys can’t control yourselves around me, but lets say I give you the benefit of the doubt, do you think you can handle being locked in the same room as me while I’m completely naked and basically defenseless?” I cock a brow at them, “Kai saw me in just a towel and went complete alpha on me, do you think you can handle it?”

The two boys share an angry look but say nothing more. Baekhyun steps forward, “I can do it.”

“Okay, lets go Hyung,” I try to stand up but Yixing has his arm around my shoulders in and instance.

“She asked for me,” The older of the two snaps.

“Can both of you just come along? The more the merrier,” I suggest, hoping to defuse the situation.

“Where are we going? Can I come too?” A tall man bounces into the room, silver hair a ruffled mess, a massive smile on his handsome face. The scent of cake tickles my nose.

“Chanyeol hyung?” The other three come into the room, one with big round eyes catches my eye, “Soo hyung?” The man stops, his eyes seem to get bigger when he sees me. I can’t help but smile at him, something about this man makes me feel more warm at just the sight of him.

“Hello,” He bows his head, “I am Kyungsoo.” He makes me think of hot chocolate. From his dark brown hair to his chocolate colored eyes, heart shaped lips make me think he is a soft person but I remember Jongin’s words and curl back into myself.

“Of course, I’m sorry for speaking so informally,” I bow my head apologetically.

“Ignore him Love,” Yixing guides my gaze back to him with a soft caress of my cheek. “You look cold, lets get that water going.”

I’m about to agree when movement on the edge of the forest catches my eye, “What about my pack? Aren’t we going to explain everything?”

“What do you need to explain?” One steps forward, “Did something happen?”

I look to my six mates who already know, “Should I just say it?”

Kris sighs, “Might as well, Tao, can you go get her pack in here? Take them in the front go and down into the basement to hang out while we talk about this.”

“Why do I have to take them?” Tao pouts, earning himself a dirty look from me.

I narrow my eyes at him, “Do you have a problem with my pack?”

“Of course not!” He replies quickly followed by soft words that melt my heart, “I would just rather be up here with you.”

“How about if you are nice to my pack I’ll let you come in when I take a bath too?”

His eyes light up like fireworks, “Really?”

“Yes, but only if my pack gives you a good review so be nice.”

He nods eagerly before rushing outside. I chuckle as I watch him go to my waiting pack.

“Now what is the world is going on?” Minseok asks as he sits on my other side.

I look at Kris, “Any suggestions on where I should start off?”

“How about your name?”

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All the cookies in the world for Mail-order bride Stiles!

COOKIES! Yes please! - Anastasia

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This tumblr fic.

Mail-Order Werewolf Bride by tolieawake

(3/? I 6,276 I Teen I Sterek)

(the correct term was a ‘Potential Lifemate’, Scott insisted, after Stiles had sworn him to secrecy).

When he was a kid, Stiles signed himself up as a ‘Mail-Order Bride’ for a werewolf. Now, he’s 21, and it’s time to meet his 'potential lifemate’. Oh, and somehow, he’s got to tell his father what he’s done.

The One With The Mail-Order Brides and A/B/O Dynamics by Stoney

(1/1 I 16,149 I Explicit I Sterek)

Wolves aren’t meant to be alone. Laura tells Derek this repeatedly. Which… is why Derek knows he’s losing his mind, as Laura has been dead for more than six years. Wolves aren’t meant to be alone.

And so he sends away for a companion. JUST for a companion, not for a mate. The universe, however, has a different plan in store for him.

Mail Order Stiles by Green

(1/1 I 17,489 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles laughs. “The day I become a mail-order bride is the day I eat my hat.”

“You don’t even wear a hat.“

“I’ll buy a hat for the occasion,” Stiles says. “A white one with a veil.”

(Stiles doesn’t eat a hat, but that’s just because he’s too busy with his new husband, his five children, his new husband’s ex, and a deadly feud with the neighboring ranch)

These Four Walls by pandabomb

(4/4 I 38,890 I Mature I Sterek)

“Is your place a mess? Do you wish you had someone to take care of you and cater to your needs? Then reach us online at Your human companion awaits!”

In a world controlled by werewolves, lone alpha Derek Hale buys a mail-order human.

Without You: Bloodstone (Part 15)

Genre: AU, bts!werewolf, fantasy, angst 

Warnings: language, violence, suggestive content

Word Count: 2.3k

Summary: Werewolves, contrary to popular belief, are usually gentle creatures. Except for a very specific set of circumstances, they would never hurt a human (on purpose). The few unfortunate times when mistakes were made put a permanent dark mark on the beasts and people began labeling them as monsters. What the human population failed to recognize was the fact that they were protecting us from something much more sinister. Luckily, a few survived and the gene was passed down hereditarily until one day finding its way to me… in the form of my best friend.

Link to: Storyboard (reference pictures) | General lore post
Prologue | Previous | Masterlist | Next

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Loyalty is often as blind as justice should be, as unstable as a lightning storm ought to be, and as misplaced as an opinion in the truth.

Chapter 15:

The drumming of my heartbeat. A solid, rhythmic bu-dum bu-dum.

I can’t open my eyes- no, I don’t want to.

Bu-dum bu-dum.

Everything hurts.

It feels as if I’ve been body slammed by a concrete wall or mauled by another werewolf. It’s not so much an aching pain though, but like thousands of needles are driving into my skin. My chest feels heavy, breathing labored.

What happened?

Bu-dum bu-dum.

Demons. No, a demon. Singular. A little girl with crimson eyes. No, not a little girl. Halsahm. That was its name. It had been inside my mind. It had said something about Munhee. But what? My head throbs. The hallway. The pit in the middle of her workshop. Everything starts to seep back into place.

Bu-dum bu-dum.

My body convulses. Choking. My eyes snap open.

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Timeline of the 41st Millennium: 739.M41

* Wolf Lord Finn Goresson boards the gargantuan Ork warship Starkrusha, with a small force of Space Wolves. Six months later, he emerges from the ship with Warboss Godstompa’s head hanging from his belt.