Six Pocket

Vancouver Gothic

*  You are walking down Granville street and an old man grabs your arm. “The Big One” he whispers.  Someone nearby has overheard.  They nod. The Big One. Everyone on the street begins to nod. Everyone knows. The city is borrowed.  You imagine you hear a rumbling from somewhere deep.  You nod as well.

*  After a month straight of rain you open the newspaper to the weather section. But there isn’t one. Instead there is a photo of the ocean with the words “…and so on…” Printed over it.  You turn on the radio to the weather channel. The forecaster is weeping gently over the air.

*  Bus 99 arrives at the stop.  You step up and reach into your right pants pocket for your transfer.  You pull out four transfers all from previous days. You check left pocket. Six transfers with dates the same as your family’s birthdays. The bus driver is impatient.  People behind you begin to grumble.  You give a nervous cough and feel something in your mouth.  It is a transfer.  It expired thirty seconds ago. You begin to sweat. A nearby transit officer eyes you suspiciously.

*  You go back inside to get your umbrella. It is raining. The clouds break and the sun beats down. You go back inside to get your umbrella. It begins to hail. There is a snowstorm. Still it rains. You go back inside to get your umbrella.

*  On Robson street a woman bumps into you. “I’m sorry.” you feel a lump in your throat and swallow. Something is wrong. “I’m sorry.” The woman is crying and waving her hand dismissively. “I’m sorry.” Neither of you can walk away. You are both smiling through tears, brushing off each other’s apologies with your own. Days pass.  You are so hungry. You can’t remember why you are here, only that you are sorry.  


I’ve been so caught up in real life that I haven’t had the time or the mental capacity to touch fanfic, but this idea hit me like a brick when I woke up this morning and I just had to get it out. Please forgive any errors.

With three pregnancy tests propped in the sink, each sporting double lines that glared back at her with judgment, Katniss took a deep breath, and told herself everything would be fine. She’d practically raised her baby sister on her own, paid her way through community college on her own, leased her apartment on her own. She could have a baby on her own, too.

“Are you going to tell him?”

This was Prim’s immediate response when Katniss showed up at her doorstep that evening. Not a This is huge, Katniss, or a How are you feeling? Just a loaded: Are you going to tell him?

The words clung to her flesh like tar.

“No,” she said immediately, the single syllable clipping her tongue before it was given any thought. But it was the right answer, she decided. To reassure herself, again: “No, I won’t.”

“He’d want to know, Katniss.”

“Well.” Shift weight, clutch elbows, regret coming here at all. “It doesn’t matter. He’s not a part of my life anymore.”

Prim motioned to Katniss’s still-flat belly in silent protest.

But it didn’t matter that it was his baby inside of her. They’d broken up a month ago, and the night he moved back into his parent’s bakery across the city was the last night they breathed the same air, the last night they would ever breathe the same air, which was how she wanted it. For all intents and purposes, the wad of chromosomes multiplying in her stomach didn’t have a father.

She decided, with Prim as a witness, that Peeta Mellark would never know about the baby.

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more crimes pleaseeeeeZ?

* 「 ━ △ ❛ brb, cracking my knuckles. for crimes, fuck me up with any of the following and i’ll give you the six pennies and pocket lint i found in my jeans this morning. i’d love to see a stalker, a murderer, someone wrongly convicted of a murder, a gang leader, gang members of said gang, a cult leader, cult members of said cult ( which i would definitely join ), a kidnapper who stole a child for a “great” reason, a kidnapper who stole a child for a not so great reason, a con artist who makes their money off insurance fraud schemes, someone who stole a pair of sunglasses from sunglass hut and now they’re on a lot of people’s radars, someone who steals the identities of others through telemarketing schemes, embezzlers, tax evaders, a con artist who makes their money off of recreating priceless pieces of art, a money launderer, someone who frequently vandalizes the town, or bring us more drug dealers / drug users who would do anything for a high !


I finally put Steven Universe 3DS cases up in my shop!

The case is sized to snugly fit whichever type of 3DS you have, so the one for the 3DS XL and New 3DS is slightly bigger. The regular sized 3DS case has six elastic pockets to carry games, and the XL / New 3DS size has eight! Both sizes also have a place to keep a stylus. The pouch closes via two strips of velcro on the top flap.


Right before Anime Boston, I was finally able to work on something I’ve been wanting to make for a really long time: DS carrying cases! I was frustrated with the lack of cute/ convenient DS cases that would carry more than three games, so I made some myself! 

They come in two sizes: 3DS and XL / New 3DS (the New 3DS does fit! I tested it!) The regular 3DS size has six elastic pockets for games, while the XL / New 3DS size has eight. Both sizes also have a place to keep a stylus (since I’m always losing mine) and close with two strips of velcro on the top flap. 

They are currently available in both sizes in each of these four patterns! (except I’m currently out of XL Sailor Moon ones. I’ll restock when I get more fabric!) 

You can get any of these in my shop!

So many new mon and I love them all how can i handle only using six at a time like *gathers armfuls of lurantis* how am i supposed to *cutieflies cover my head* only have a team of *bounsweets spill from my pockets* six i love them all *the air is filled with flower petals thrown by my two dozen comfey*


I finally got around to making some new DS cases out of my new patterns! Ghost 3DS and 3DS XL/New 3DS cases are available in the shop now! 

The case is sized to snugly fit whichever type of 3DS you have, so the one for the 3DS XL and New 3DS is slightly bigger. The regular sized 3DS case has six elastic pockets to carry games, and the XL / New 3DS size has eight! Both sizes also have a place to keep a stylus. The pouch closes via two strips of velcro on the top flap.

There’s only 3 of each size available in my shop right now, and I probably won’t be able to restock more in this design until mid-August, so if you want one, you should probably snap it up quickly haha.


Jared needs new trainers. Not just any trainers, the supersonic, aerodynamic, air-and-gel-and-shark cartilage cushioned concept sports shoe endorsed by none other than Freddie ‘The Brick with Ears’ Carbone with 275 independent sensors on the sole not only designed to make you better, faster, stronger but also to improve your DNA , streamline your bodyshape, and increase your IQ by 18%! And he needs them yesterday. Never mind that they cost the equivalent of six years pocket money!
Anita has been crying for more than 24 hours, the well of sadness once again threatening to submerge her. Everyone thinks she is crying because she is traumatized by Jim’s health scare. Jim tells her to take Jared shopping after school and buy something for herself as well. Anita tries to pull herself together for Jared’s sake. She couldn’t bear to see Joël when he dropped Jared off last night. She just lay drowning on her bed listening to Tori Amos singing Winter and waiting for him to go away. He went away eventually but the feelings didn’t.
So here are she and Jared at yet another store trying to find Freddie’s goddamn shoe. They’ve been to three already and each time have been told the shoe is sold out. Anita is thinking that if they have no success here she might have to try and contact Freddie herself, or possibly Roy. Thinking of Roy makes her think of Joël and there’s a feeling in her chest like everything’s been hollowed out. They’re approached by a baby-faced young man with blinding teeth and very shiny hair. The store itself is one of those architecturally designed soaring glass and neon structures that doesn’t know if it’s a retail outlet, a disco or a modelling agency. Anita tries to straighten her shoulders.
Sales Assistant: May I help you?
Anita: Yes, we’re looking to buy some trainers. Specifically the new Freddie Carbone trainers. Do you have any in stock?
Sales Assistant: I believe we got a new shipment just a couple of hours ago. I’ll just go check. What size?
Anita: Jared’s a six. Actually you’d better bring a seven as well, just in case.
Jared jumps up and down and claps.
Jared: YAY!!!!
Sales Assistant: Ahh, how adorable! Is he your gr-
Anita feels the smile freeze halfway across her face.
Anita: He’s my son.
The Sales Assistant says quickly that he’ll be back in a minute and disappears through a door out the back.
Jared: Where are we going?
Anita: Home.
Anita: Not another word, Jared.
Jared doesn’t stop wailing all the way home. It’s a miracle Anita even gets them home safely, she can hardly see the road through her own tears.


submitted by Bernard Capulong

If there’s one thing to take the drudgery out of the wet and drab rainy season, it’s a sick rain jacket with enough pockets to stash your entire EDC and then some. The Cubed Travel Jacket from Clothing Arts has the features to stand up to harsh downpours and a low-profile, street-ready aesthetic to keep you and your gear dry in style. Clothing Arts’ design philosophy is something we EDCers can get behind: “it begins with pockets.” And on the Cubed, you get way more of them to work with compared to traditional outdoors rain shells.

It’s got two Napoleon chest pockets that you can access from the outside of the jacket. The key here is you won’t need to undo the main zipper to get to your gear, which can be especially risky if you want to keep your core warm and dry. The Cubed boasts six more interior pockets for your less frequently used gear as well as travel essentials like your Passport and documents. To secure it all, built-in clips connect to the zipper pulls and lock your gear in place.

While Clothing Arts believes it begins with pockets, it must end in the details. The Cubed features hallmark qualities of technical outerwear and EDC gear alike: functional materials, durable construction, and minimalist design. It’s made with a DWR-treated, breathable/waterproof eVent membrane for high-performance rain and wind protection. The zippers and even the taped seams on the jackets are waterproof too. A detachable, stowable hood, multiple adjustment cinches, and an articular fit for improved range of motion round out this feature-packed tech jacket. You won’t have to raid your rainy day fund too hard for one either, with discounted early bird pledges still available on the Cubed’s fully funded campaign below.

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Junk food DS cases are available in the shop!

The case is sized to snugly fit whichever type of 3DS you have, so the one for the 3DS XL and New 3DS is slightly bigger. The regular sized 3DS case has six elastic pockets to carry games, and the XL / New 3DS size has eight! Both sizes also have a place to keep a stylus. The pouch closes via two strips of velcro on the top flap.