While following the sounds of a waterfall, this beautiful creature caught my eye. I was so surprised, all I could do was dance in place, trying not to squeal like a little girl! I started shooting away until I realized my settings were all set for a waterfall and not an owl sitting on a branch, looking annoyed with me! Fumbling around with my camera, while jumping up and down, I managed to get this half-way decent shot… and of course, the memories of this moment will always be crystal clear. ;)

Anyone know what kind of owl this is? This was taken in the Siuslaw National Forest, Oregon, USA.


#MondayMotivation: Hike Marys Peak ACEC from the forest floor to the snowy top of the Oregon Coast Range!

The Marys Peak Area of Critical Environmental Concern encompasses 310 square miles of forested, agricultural and urban lands along the east side of the Coast Range in western Oregon. The watershed reaches to the highest point in the Coast Range, Marys Peak, at about 4,200 feet elevation. The majority of the land surrounding these parcels is in the Siuslaw National Forest.

Photos and video by Greg Shine, BLM, March 2016.

External image

Michael was shooting the scenery as we hiked, looking for the spot with the best light. We saw the first section of Kentucky Falls, the water beating down on the rocks below it. We decided to push on and try the lower fork falls instead.