How I think everyone will react to Patsy and Delia

I have seen loads of posts about what we would like people to react but I think we have to be realistic..

Sister Julienne: unfortunately, I don’t think she will be accepting of the relationship. Christianity teaches that being gay is wrong… She is a devout Christian who follows the views of the church. I think the other nuns will be the same, other than sister Monica Joan of course who will probably say something poetic about about the changing world…now, Where’s that eclair?
I don’t presume sister Mary Cynthia will say very much at all.

Trixie: I’m sure Trixie will be supportive and probably their life line. I feel she will be first to find out and will help them to keep it secret, perhaps even cover for them I’m most excited to see her reaction- because I think she’ll be really happy for them, although I’m sure she will be incredibly shocked.

Barbara: will be VERY shocked and probably a little disgusted, at first. This was the (very early) Sixties guys, being gay was NOT accepted at all. It was illegal for men. Although I’m pretty sure she will come around to the idea and eventually become supportive. she is quite traditional.

Shelagh: sadly, I doubt her and the doctor will have much to do with the storyline, although I would like it if they did. Although shelagh would probably be VERY VERY shocked, I think she would try hard not to pass judgement. She knows how it feels to grow feelings for someone you probably shouldn’t, she knows feelings are not something you can control. She has a live and let live attitude.

Delia’s mum: will NOT be okay with it. She will be a bitch. She will make me very cross…

Call the Midwife Feels

Okay I loved the new episode it was so completely perfect! 

[Spoilers ahead]

Sister Mary Cynthia and Sister Monica Joan working together was so sweet, they are both precious. 

Nurse Crane is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters she is so respectful of everyone and knows how to handle everything so well.

Patsy Mount is still amazing and I’m still completely in love with her. Although I’m slightly bitter about her inviting Trixie on their date (isn’t 3 supposed to be a crowd?)

Delia Busby is perfection. Her little quip about Patsy being ginger was beautiful and I can’t wait to see more of her next week because she’s got a least one scene on her own so yes to that!

And the Patsy and Delia scenes made me squeal! They fangirled together over hot movie stars and the kitchen scene omg I stopped breathing!!! SHE PUSHED HER AGAINST THE TABLE AND THEY WERE TOUCHING AND I SWEAR I THOUGHT THEY WERE GOING TO KISS, I AM NOT OKAY!!

Sister Julienne’s storyline made me cry a lot. I need some time to process it but it was so beautifully handled and I do love her character a lot and god I needed tissues.

Okay Trixie and Barbra… Right I usually HATE love triangles a lot. Like a lot a lot. But this one was very good. I’ve always loved this show for not pitting women against each other and somehow they still managed to have this play out respectfully. And most importantly they put the friendship before the romance and that is so so amazing!