Appreciation Post

Are you sitting comfortably? Because I’m about to tell you a story…

Once upon a time there were two sisters (a brother as well, but he doesn’t count). The elder sister ( @misspatsyjanereads ) had a love of books, very much so, she surrounded her home and work life with them. The younger sister (me), although almost 10 years younger, had a similar love of books. 

The elder sister, because of her age and financial superiority would judge books and determine if they were suitable for her impressionable younger sister. One day, the Amazonians offered a book for a mere 99 pennies. The book told the tale of a young female assassin who is given the chance for freedom in exchange for participating in a competition. The book, its plot, its characters, left such a mark on the elder sisters heart, that she immediately recommended it to her younger sister. 

The younger sister, being 16 years old, was in no hurry to read this book. It took almost two years, and the release of a fourth book, before she would start. Fast forward a further two years(ish), the younger sister is now obsessed and (relatively) established in the fandom and this can all be attributed to the elder sisters incessant badgering of the younger sister. Without this, the younger sister would not be where she is now. 

This is an appreciation post! 

(Basically guys my sister is super cool and she got me into Throne of Glass and I needed to thank her…)