AUTHOR: SassyShoulderAngel319

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine kid!Loki meeting his newborn baby sister for the first time.


NOTES/WARNINGS: This one was too cute not to write. No warnings.


Loki was six and Thor was almost eight. At least in terms of mental-age. Asgardian aging was vastly slower than Midgardians’. They were wrestling on the floor, growling at each other, pretending to be wild animals. Even from such a tender age it was easy to see who was stronger. Loki was very slender and slim while Thor was stockier and bulkier and he easily kept his little brother pinned to the floor. “Thor! Gerroff!” Loki grumbled, face pressed into the carpet.

The blond brother laughed and got up.

Loki pounced to his feet and jumped on Thor’s back with a, “Hi-yah!” and he yanked him to the ground, rolling to get Thor under him.

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1/8/2015 (Other twitter) Seohyun, Hyuna, Yoonggun visited Uncle JJ at the army (Private 1st class Kim Jaejoong) ^_^

.♥ ♥ ♥

(Trans) “All of us together. On this hot day! Working hard for the country. We had a date with uncle who is on army duty. Army uncles who are protecting Korea, cheer up! Strength! Have our smile instead of the heat!”

(trans: katheartsjj) Private 1st Class JJ, cheer up! fighting! ^o^


My beautiful big sister, and brand new brother in law on their wedding day. 7/19/2015

I’m posting this on Tumblr to remember this special event, and to share a little story. 
My sister met Kim on Halloween night in 2009. He was a Norwegian transfer student going to her University for only one semester. After spending that time together they realized that although thousands of miles separated them physically, that they were determined to not give up on what they had.
4 years of staying connected only by skype, letters, and seeing each other only a handful of times each year. 2013 came around and my annoyingly indecisive sister decided to move to Europe to be with him. I didn’t let it show, but I was devastated and scared. All my life she had literally been living no more than 20 minutes away from me. & Even though I’m her little sister, and growing up we were at each others necks, I am very overprotective of her. I didn’t want her to be somewhere that I couldn’t reach her even if I wanted to. I was afraid that she’d get her heart broken. Up to that point, I was never able to form a trusting bond with him because he did live so far away. So, when I felt like he was taking my sister away from me I basically gave him this look of “ I don’t care if you’re 6′6 and built like a NFL player, hurt her and I will mow your ass down, sucker”. But to my surprise; he is a gentle, nerdy, docile giant. One who I have grown to care for just as much as I do for my sister. I am so happy for them to start their future together, and that I got to be a part of their celebration. 

So, If you are in a long distance relationship or going into one with doubts, please know that with effort and commitment to one another, it is entirely possible to make it work. <3

and if you are as protective of your siblings as I am mine, please try to be accepting of their partners. Even if you don’t immediately click with them, know that there is something special that your sister/brother likes about them. Take a chance and get to know them. They might turn out to be a really kick ass new member of your family :)

So I was watching EXO’s live performances on my SmartTV and then “Love Me Right” came on and then my little sister asked me, “Hey, aren’t there 12 members?” I just stared at her and then she said, “They are supposed to perform with all of the members!” I said, “A few of them left.” She said, “…but I thought they were brothers. Brothers don’t leave each other like that…” THEN MY HEART BROKE AND I STARTED TO TEAR A BIT AND MY LITTLE SISTER HUGGED MY FACE AND SHE SAID, “One day, they’ll be back. I know it.” LIKE MY GOOD GOD. MY LITTLE SISTER IS BEING SUCH A MOM RIGHT NOW, LIKE WHYYY.

The Signs As Things My Sister Has Said

Aries: Is it shoplifting if you found it on the floor. Without a tag. In the dressing room.

Taurus: I. Am. Not. A sparrow. I’m a fucking ostrich. Bitch

Gemini: Oh she is SICK of his shit.

Cancer: No. Leave them. Be a wild lesbian. A lesbian in the wild.

Leo: I’m just gonna sit here satisfied like a bear after gay oral sex.

Virgo: Bitch got some perfect makeup… The fuck.

Libra: Some one pls wipe this mans face with a rag.

Scorpio: Cannibalism is always the answer.

Sagittarius: That’s not fucking funny. Don’t fucking joke about that.

Capricorn: Is you ok? Is yo- FUCK.

Aquarius: Are you smothering him?? You’re fucking smothering him!!

Pisces: I’m just waitin for that lesbian part.

I did it!

I came out to my sister! 

We went out for ramen, and we were talking about plans for the weekend. I told her that I had a friend coming over tonight. I then told her that we were more than friends. She immediately wanted to know who and more details. So  I her my boyfriend’s name, and told her that he’s my boyfriend. She pretty much reacted as though it would’ve a been a girlfriend. No surprised look, or anything. She wished that I would’ve told her sooner, consider that my boyfriend and I have been going out since May. 

I’m really happy with how things turned out :D

She confirmed my thoughts that my mom will be totally cool with it, but didn’t have any advice concerning my dad. 


to my bestfriend

: || saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do
especially when it comes to you
it’s been three months since the last time we talk
all i want is for me and u to walk

i miss those late night talks we had
but i dont know what to do so bad
you are my sister from another mother
even sometimes all i know to do is to bother

i know someday we’ll be together
coz i believe that our friendship is forever
no matter how far i am from you
i will always be here for you 👯

This is my beautiful big sister, on Thursday she turned 21(when this picture was taken) and after our meal her boyfriend took her to Palma for a birthday present, on Friday in front of the Palma cathedral he proposed to her. I could not be more happy and excited for her, after having my nephew a year ago she finally got engaged to the best guy I could wish for her. so fucking happy for the Mr and Mrs to be! 🎉💍💘