Sirius black scenario

The Morning After.

Marauders Era

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: James Potter x Reader || Sirius Black x Reader || Remus Lupin x Reader ||  Lily Evans x Reader || Severus Snape x Reader .

Warning: Somewhat sexually themed altho not explicitly described.

A/N: I knew that these are more than 3 characters (as stated in the rules) , but I wrote these on my own according so … Ima break my own rules. That doesn’t mean you should, but just a a note, because I probably will do this again in the future. 

Also I tried to keep the reader gender neutral, I hope I justified that idea. 

Please let me know what you all think!

Anyways Enjoy!


- Admin Blue

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Marauders at Disney
  • James and Sirius, upon entering the park, make a beeline to secure fast passes for their favorite rides (the ones like Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, etc.)
  • At this point, Remus is really regretting not investing in a pair of those child-leashes that a good third of the parents at the theme park are sporting.
  • Peter tries running after Sirius and James, but gives up (not being fast enough) and hangs back alongside Remus, getting distracted by the array of gift/candy shops lining Main Street USA
  • Remus has to get a picture of Sleeping Beauty’s castle upon entering. He just has to. 
  • James and Sirius are really smug when they get to cut in front of everyone with their fast passes. Remus just gives apologetic looks, and Peter has to shovel down the pretzel he bought before they get on the ride. 
  • Ok, so considering the average temperature for Scotland during the summer time is around fifty seven degrees, and for southern California (L.A.) it’s around eighty one- they’re dying.
  • James and Sirius are wearing the bare minimum, and Remus has to rent a locker to stuff his sweater into
  • Sirius is rocking a man bun
  • James buys a Wizard Mickey hat and absolutely refuses to take it off
  • Peter may or may not be on his fifth churro by the time lunch rolls around
  • Remus really enjoys the small corners and alleys of the park where the crowd thins 
  • Peter gets a coonskin hat from frontierland
  • Lots of shameless flirting with princesses coming from Sirius that result in autographs with the occasional phone number attached. 
  • James seeing the Ariel and automatically missing Lily
  • Peter getting sick on the teacups ride after James decides to spin theirs as fast as he fucking can.
  • Lots of “JAMES NO!” 
  • Sirius and James, after hearing about the two hundred feral cats that prowl the park at night, decide to go on a hunt for them
  • They legit smuggle cat nip inside the park and search the bushes for cats
  • Remus is so done with everyone’s shit
  • He just wants to have a normal visit at Disneyland is that so hard to ask?
  • Peter really wants to watch the parades, but Remus sees this as an opportune time to beat the crowds (now gathered along the street) to the rides
  • Remus is honestly ride or die. He doesn’t fuck with these slow ass tourists who have no idea where they’re going. He knows where to go and everyone is getting in his way.
  • Sirius getting picked on by characters (i.e. Chip ‘n Dale tugging on his man bun and snickering at it) 
  • James in a flexing contest with Gaston
  • Remus only taking pictures the Mickey and Friends characters
  • And he’s all embarrassed to walk up to them at first 
  • James taking the mic from the tour guide on Jungle Cruise because he thinks his jokes are lame, so he starts dishing out puns like its nothing and does a mic drop
  • Peter screaming a little too shrilly when the Yeti pops out on the Matterhorn
  • Sirius and James trying to find the entrance to the secret basketball court on the matterhorn
  • Also using alohomora to get into restricted areas of the park
  • Sirius singing Small World on repeat
  • James trying to harmonize
  • Remus really likes walking through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (James and Sirius are hardly impressed)
  • But his favorite ride is the Disneyland Rail Road
  • Peter’s favorite ride is Star Tours and he convinces the others to ride it at least four times throughout the day.
  • James’ favorite ride is Indiana Jones. When he sees the snake statues in the ride, he mutters “Snivellus?”
  • Sirius prefers Pirates of the Caribbean 
  • Remus getting really insecure because he notices little kids looking at the scars on his face with mild confusion- some are even scared
  • But then Peter Pan comes over and he does his thing. He tells Remus (making a big show of it so that others can hear) that he must’ve put up a good fight against the “pirate” that did that, and comments on how brave he is
  • Remus is just smiling the entire time and plays along with Peter Pan, and the kids gathered around are awestruck
  • Sirius and James posing for the camera on Splash Mountain 
  • Having to restrain Sirius and James from jumping into the Rivers of America to get to the island
S.Black: Fill Me With Light (Part 2/3)


Sirius Black. Post Prisoner of Azkaban. Part 2/3.

Summary: In which you have have a very dirty time with a newly freed Sirius Black.

Pairings: Sirius Black (Old) x Reader (Younger)

Warnings: SMUT!!!!! Age gap.

Genre: Smut. Fluff at the end. Kinda angsty because of post-Azkaban Sirius.

Words: 2386

Sirius was fast asleep when his bedroom door slowly creaked open. He remained entirely unaware as a certain new Hogwarts graduate patted across the hardwood floors, cladded in only her underwear.

Y/N watched the older man’s tattooed chest rise and fall. She felt a sense of pity fall over her. She had already slept off the cloud the Dragon Barrel Brandy had put her mind under. When she had awoken in a strange room, her recent drunken mishaps came back in a rush.

She laid awake, a growing feeling of empathy restricting her from falling back to sleep. She thought about poor Sirius Black. His scarred body and mind. She imagined if she was in his situation, accused of a horrendous crime he didn’t commit, and what would she do. Surely she would not be as strong as Sirius. Y/N hated to admit her faults, but one was definitely her way to face defeat when pushed far enough. She’d give up.

The man below her was no quitter. She admired that.

She thought about how she had drunkenly taken her dress off in front of him and how he backed away like he had seen a dementor. She remembered earlier in the night catching his persistent gaze on her while she spoke with different people. She felt a sense of smugness from the way he looked at her. Then she was reminded of how long he was in prison. Thirteen long years in Azkaban. No one to talk to. No one to even look at. No one to touch.

That is what drove Y/N into Sirius Black’s bedroom. She wanted to appease his urges. Even if he hadn’t jumped her bones when she was revealed to him earlier, doesn’t mean that he wasn’t thinking about it.

Y/N reached around her, unclipping her black lace bra and throwing it to the side. Her underwear followed soon after. As quietly as possible, she perched herself on the old bed, straddling his waist.

“Oh Mr. Black,” She softly cooed, tracing his sharp features with her index finger.

Sirius’s face scrunched and his eyes shot open. He took in the sight above him. Oh, what a sight it was.

Sirius gulped involuntarily. “Y/N? What are you—?”

“Mr. Black don’t ask questions.” She leaned down to whisper in his ear. “Just go with it.”

She crashed her lips down onto his. Sirius took a moment to kiss back like he was trying to remember how to do so. When he did, he instantly began gaining passion and control. He grabbed onto Y/N’s locks and her own fingers raked through his shaggy hair.

When they pulled back, Y/N purred, grinding herself onto him, “Mmm Mr. Black, don’t keep me waiting.”

Sirius had no plans to disappoint. He flipped her down onto the bed, changing positions. Y/N laid under him, completely naked and Sirius felt the need to follow suit. He started reaching for his pants when Y/N stopped him,

“No one has taken your pants off in a while, hmm? I want to do it.” She reached down and pushed his pajama pants to his knees with one shove.

Sirius had taken up the habit of wearing no underwear while in Azkaban, and it had become a part of life outside of it too.

Y/N took the opportunity to hold him in her hand, feeling the weight of his fully erect cock in her hand. “Did you use to fuck a lot of girls before it?” She felt that saying Azkaban while holding a dick in her hands would spoil the mood a bit.

Sirius bit his lip, feeling her thumb side over the slit on the head. It rested there, spinning circles while waiting for his reply.

“I suppose.” Sirius’s voice was raspy with sleep and need. If only she’d slink down and take him in her mouth.

“I suppose?” She mocked with a giggle. “Is that a yes? You were a huge player, weren’t you? I can tell. You’re too good looking to not have been.”

Sirius felt a bit confident at that, reaching up to mimic the circling motion on her right nipple. “You’re not wrong.”

“Well then, Mr. Black.” She leaned in to kiss his jaw, biting down to leave a nice marking behind. “Don’t let me down. I expect to leave this house thoroughly fucked.”

“And so you shall.” Sirius grinned, forcing her lips up to his, kissing her harshly.

Her hand had started to move, running up and down, only stopping to play with the head. “Mmm,” Y/N pulled away from the kiss, “Let me blow you first. I want you to have the full package for your first fuck back in civilized society.”

“Why thank you for being so considerate, my dove.” Sirius chuckled, allowing the girl to push him onto his back and climb on top of him.

Y/N sat back on Sirius’s thighs, watching the handsome older man under her. She imagined if he looked this good after escaping imprisonment, what he looked like prior. His rib cage was faintly showing under his heavily tattooed flesh, not as prominent as it was when he first made his escape. Through hearty meals, Sirius had gained a bit of his original body mass back, no longer looking like a skeleton. He had cut his hair as well, getting rid of the large mads that had appeared in his hair from neglect and opting for a well-groomed shaggy look that he used to wear in his later Hogwarts years.

Y/N ran her hands over his thighs, slowly making a trail of goosebumps. When they arrived near his pelvis she let the nail of her index finger make soft shapes all over. Sirius inhaled sharply when she ran her nail gently over his erection.

“Merlin… Get on with it, dove, please.” He begged, staring up at the ceiling to avoid busting before she even got a hold on him.

Y/N smirked, running her nails teasingly over his cock again to feel his thighs clench again and his eyes squeeze shut with concentration. She wondered if he’d even make it to the final course at the rate he was going.

“What do you want, Mr. Black? Tell me your wildest desires.” She asked, voice sultry, as she raked her nails over his left hip.

Sirius thought for a moment. What did he want right now? Well first, release. But how did he want to come? He was afraid if he let her take him in her mouth or hand he’d come prematurely, and that would make for a very disappointing night. He had a beautiful girl, sitting naked on his legs waiting patiently for instructions. He knew she was probably doing this out of pity. He knew every Order member was aware of his struggle to freedom, and Y/N was probably feeling charitable.

Still, he couldn’t stop the way his heart swelled looking at her. Earlier in the evening, fully dressed, he only saw the light that was shining within her. Now, with her naked above him, he saw an even more beautiful confident woman. She was so perfect and Sirius wanted to absorb some of her light in order to survive his struggles. That is all he wanted.

But he wasn’t about to confess his more than likely unrequited feeling in the middle of sex. He made that mistake in seventh year with Samantha Cook, and he was not about to go there again. To be fair, she had quite the talented mouth. Yet, that mouth had nothing to say when it ran out of the broom cupboard with a horrified expression.

“Ride me,” Sirius growled his unreturned love pooling out of him in a domineering manner.

Y/N flipped all her hair over her right shoulder, grinning wickedly. “Your wish is my command, Mr. Black.”

Sirius didn’t understand why she was still calling him Mr. Black, but it made his cock twitched unusually and he seemed to like it. It made him feel like an old man, but he had to remember he was an old man in comparison to Y/N.

He was pulled out of his thoughts by Y/N rubbing his head over her damp slit. He grunted as she let out a soft whimpered when she focused him on her clit. Sirius felt like he should off some foreplay, not wanting to go in dry, but she seemed to be working herself up on her own.

She was more than happy to use him as a masturbation tool, rubbing his head in circles over her clit as she shut her eyes and moaned. “Sirius…” She panted, her ‘Mr. Black’ façade falling with her pleasure. “I’m gonna put it in now. Okay?”

Sirius gripped her soft thighs, feeling them twitch as she felt waves of pleasure. “Go ahead, dove.”

Y/N gasped as she slowly slid onto him, feeling herself stretch and a warmth spread on the bottom of her stomach. Sirius slid his hands up to hold her hips and guided her up then down to help adjust.

“Ready?” Sirius asked, looking up at the twinkling eyes of his beautiful lover.

“So ready?” Y/N moaned as she began rocking on him, trying to build a rhythm. He was so thick and hard, and she was so transfixed by him. How could a felon be so damn attractive?

Y/N was alight with sparks, but Sirius seemed to get sick of the slow rocking.  He realized he wasn’t going to last too long and should pick up the pace for both their sakes. He abruptly gripped her hips hard enough to leave bruises and held her hovering with just his tip left inside.

“Hold on my dove, I’m taking control.”

And drove himself hard into her. She let out a loud yelp at the sudden speeding up and leaned down to grip his shoulders. She dug her nails into his skin, leaving little red crescents behind. He was going so fast his movement was almost frantic like if he didn’t get off right at this moment he would die of need.

“Merlin… Sirius!” She moaned into his ear, only spurring him on further.

He threw her down on the bed, pulling himself up to hover above her. Before she could think, he had already sunken back into her and was back at an erratic pace.

“Oh Y/N. Oh, Merlin…” Sirius grunted as he pulled her legs over his shoulders in an attempt to go even deeper.

“Sirius… I’m gonna come…” Y/N whine, clawing at his back like an animal.

She came with a loud string of moans, squeezing around Sirius like a python with its prey. Sirius couldn’t resist anymore. He plunged as deep as possible before letting his warm seed explode into her. He collapsed onto her, panting while sticky with sweat, feeling completely spent. She looked nearly unconscious with a blissful smile on her soft lips.

“You did not disappoint Mr. Black.” She teased, kissing his shoulder in an affectionate manner.

“Neither did you, my dove.”  He joked back, making her blush as she remembered all the outlandish things she had said earlier. He noticed their sweaty torsos sticking together and said, “How about a bath?”

Y/N nodded, allowing him to lead her to an adjoined bathroom. Sirius ran the tub, which magical filled instantly with the rose scented bath water. He helped her into the bathtub as her legs were shaking like Bambi’s. He followed suit, comfortably sliding in behind her. The water was perfectly warm and relaxing, making Y/N’s eyelid feel heavy.

“Sirius?” she asked on the brink of sleep.

Sirius, who was staring absentmindedly at the tiled wall made a noise of acknowledgment. “Yes, dove.”

“What do you think of me?” Y/N tentatively asked, like she afraid he was going to call her some disgusting names and kick her out at any moment. “I mean, I hardly know you. But I snuck into your bedroom naked to sleep with you. I bet you think I’m crazy.”

Sirius shook his head, squeezing her waist with his arms. “I don’t actually.” Y/N looked at him strangely from the corner of her eye. Sirius just chuckled, “I think you’re the most confident, mesmerizing woman I’ve ever seen. If I had met you when I was young, I would have probably given up my rebel phase. I’ve never met someone who is so perfect—”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Sirius.” Y/N reminded him, thinking of all the times she’s been put down for her confidence and wit.

“Well, my eye says you’re perfect.” Sirius teased, kissing her cheek. Y/N giggled and the two remained quiet in their embrace until Sirius spoke again, “You probably don’t feel that way about me, though. I’m old and damaged. I understand if that was a pity fuck.”

Y/N looked back at him, looking confused. “Pity fuck? What am I a saint? I don’t fuck people because I feel bad for them, Sirius. I do it when I like them. Physically, mentally.”

“But how could you like me? You’re too good for me. You deserve far better.” Sirius sighed a heavy weight on his heart.

Y/N turned in the tub to face him, sitting comfortably between his legs. “Listen, Sirius.” She gripped the sides of his face to force his grey eyes to lock on her own. “You can put yourself down all you want. You can call yourself damaged like you’re some dropped piece of fruit with no worth, but I won’t sit here and let you dictate what I deserve. If I want a damaged old orange, then I will have a damaged old orange. You’re perfect to me. You’re courageous and brave and clever. You escaped Azkaban for Merlin’s sake! That has to count for something!”

Sirius chucked at her overdramatic flailing arms and metaphors. “You seem to have thought about this.”

“I don’t just think about how great your cock is in bed, I also thought about your character. Ya know, just to see if you’re worth a second go. Or maybe even a meal.” Y/N teased with a smirk, tracing his tattoos.

“And what is your verdict, Ms. Y/L/N?” Asked Sirius, eyes locked on her light-filled eyes.

Y/N pretended to ponder it before humming, “I guess you’re worth a date, Mr. Black.”



SOULMATE: Sirius Black - “The Connection” 🔥 

PART 3/3 

/With Ben Barnes as Sirius Black/

Masterlist 🌙

Chapter 1of PART 3/3:

Sirius was alone.

James was gone, chasing his mysterious girl; Remus was gone - went somewhere to read his book. He didn’t like being alone. It only made the void in him just so much bigger, so much stronger. Now more than ever he wanted to have someone here, with him.

But he was alone and his twisted mind laughed at him for that. It hurt him so much that he felt so empty on the inside. 

Sirius’ character was a conflicted, complicated one, but this conflict was born in him long time ago, when he was still a child. It was a memory Sirius both loved and hated, for it was the fondest memory he had of his mother, but it was also the day when he met his curse.

Ever since a little kid he was feeling an emptiness inside of him, like a part was missing. Little Sirius didn’t know with whom to speak about this feeling, or how to name it on the first place. He was always a curious child, one full of emotions, one so pure – it was easy for the world to spread it’s dark, blackened hand across his soul.

Sirius reached for the packet of cigarettes and dragged one out. He placed it between his lips and lit it up then inhaled deeply. Grey clouds of smoke fromed around him and he let himself get drown in the memory:

<<  “What are you doing there?” – Nine years old Sirius pulled his shirt over his head again and shook his head – “Nothing, mother.” He didn’t want to get in trouble again, even though he wasn’t sure if his questions would get him in trouble. His mother had her arms crossed over her chest; her long, grey dress made her silhouette look sterner to the young boy.

“Tell me the truth, Sirius. Are you hiding something?” – the youngster virgorously shook his head again and repeated “No, mother”. Even though he suspected it might get him in trouble if he asked, he felt a burning desire to know the answer: “But I wanted to ask something.”

Mrs. Black told him to go on; Sirius hesitated, but finally took a deep breath, turned around and took his shirt off. His mother knew what he meant, she knew what he wanted to know and for once in hear life she felt for her boy, for she knew she couldn’t give him the answer that he needed.

Right below the boy’s neck there were two keys - crossed, tattooed in his skin, but not by the hand of any man. Mrs. Black entwined the fingers on both of her hands and squeezed them tightly. She knew this day would come soon or later.

She looked at the boy’s reflection in the mirror “It’s a mark, son.” – Sirius turned his head to look at her – “Is it a bad one?” – his mother didn’t say anything at that, for she didn’t know who was the person standing on the other side of that bond. 

“This is something you will have to find for yourself, Sirius. What I can tell you is that it is a bond. A powerful magic that connects two souls.” – Madam Black’s words were laconic, her voice was monotonous, just as grey as her dress - she didn’t know much of that magic, but knew enough to know that Sirius was troblesome without knowing about it, she didn’t want his mind to daydream about magic so rare, it could be considered a legend.

But she saw the struggle and the confusement in her son’s eyes. “Don’t get delusional, it is nothing more than a myth. And you hold in your hands a future far more impressive than this.” – with that she touched the back of his neck. Sirius looked down, but felt the hand of his mother rest on his shoulder. 

She didn’t fancy the idea of him getting too interested in magic such as this (that she considered to be useless) but after all in his eyes he was still just a young boy. “There’s a book in your father’s office. You might find it rather interesting if you want to know more about this mark. I never read the whole thing myself, it is hideously huge.” – with that she moved up her cold fingers from his shoulder and walked out of her son’s room. 

“Here. Take it.” – she handled him the old, dusty book, which was very big indeed, Sirius had to hold it with both hands.

“Thank you, mother.” – his words made her stop, but just for a moment. She said nothing more and closed the door as she left. >>

Chapter 2 of PART 3/3:

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Little Things Gryffindors do
  • Celebrate a little too much- it’s not necessarily a bad thing but when holidays or birthdays come around Gryffindors will go all out for decorating or partying. You don’t have to be an extrovert to be a lil over excited for holidays (I’m an introvert and I just crazy pumped for Christmas). Gryffindors will be the first to talk about the upcoming holidays
  • Catch people’s attention- again not a bad thing. Gryffindors (Extrov. and Introv.) have this aura about them that makes people pay attention to them. Honestly it’s pretty cool to see as a spectator because Gryffindors will then use this attention to include others into the conversation
  • Tend to be really harsh on themselves- underneath the somewhat proud and competitive exterior, Gryffindors tend to have high expectation for themselves and really beat themselves up over not reaching those expectations
  • Fidgeters- it’s kinda like Slytherins but really specifically Gryffindors can never stay still. It may be because they are naturally impatient people and always want to move to the next thing, but they are always tapping, shaking their leg, or playing with their clothes. Teachers get so annoyed by it 
  • Stubborn headed- if they make a plan to do something, it doesn’t matter how dumb it is, Gryffindors will go through with it. Sometimes they even know that they are in the wrong or how stupid they’re being but like hell they’re gonna admit that!
  • Be very emotion-driven- I’m not saying there are not “Thinking” (in form of the MBTI personality types) types in Gryffindor but they tend to be very emotional people. If they see a problem, it doesn’t matter whether or not they’re involved they will join and fight for the victim. This tends to backfire from time to time as they blurt out things they don’t mean or do things they don’t think through
  • They get very frustrated when they feel unaccomplished- as an entire house who is known for seeking gory, Gryffindors get really anxious and irritated when they don’t think they’re getting anything done with their life. They desperately want a purpose and a goal to reach
  • Are actually sensitive- Despite the proud almost show-offish image that people have given Gryffindors they are actually pretty sensitive. It ties in with the emotion driven but they take what others say to heart really easily. They try to act tough and seem unaffected but Gryffindors actually mull over that one comment a person made a month ago when they got told they have a weird laugh (or something like that)
First Kiss - Sirius Black

Originally posted by huffpost

Marauders Era

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

A/N:.. Cannot believe I still dare to show my work around here. It has been such a long time. Anyway I have decided to just post an imagine as soon as I had it ready, since i’ve been working on multiple requests lately. I hope you all don’t mind .-..

Anyways Enjoy!,


- Admin Blue

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maruaders as memes? lol






S.Black: Fill Me With Light (Part 1/3)


Sirius Black. Post Prisoner of Azkaban. Part 1/3.

Summary: In which Sirius is drawn to a girl that is full of the light that was stolen from him during his thirteen years imprisonment.

Pairing: Sirius Black (Old) x Reader (Younger)

Warnings: Very light sexual themes (Part 2 will 100% have smut so be warned)

Genre: Angst. Kind of fluffy. Future smut.

Words: 1662

Sirius did know he wasn’t ready for freedom until he got it. Well, kind of. He had escaped Azkaban, meaning he wasn’t truly free. He was a wanted convict, stashed away into hiding to avoid the cold dementor’s kiss.

The House of Black was empty and full of terrible memories for Sirius. All the trauma-filled memories seemed to rush back to him the second he walked through the door. He hated this place. He hadn’t stepped into it since he was sixteen and swore he never would again. But it was the only place he had left to go.

“I’ll stop by tomorrow,” Remus promised as Sirius showed him out. They had had dinner together and talked about different subjects.

Sirius, desperate for any form of company gave a hum of agreement. “I’ll have Kreacher make some pastries and tea.”

“I might bring along some people,” Remus added, making Sirius raise an eyebrow. “Later this week. Just some Order members you might get along well with. That is if you want them over.”

“Of course, Moony. Maybe I’ll get back to my old partying ways.” Sirius joked, but his grin wasn’t wholeheartedly like it once was.

Remus smiled back, giving a small chuckle. “Maybe. I’ll see you later, Padfoot.” And left.

Sirius, alone his dusty childhood home, gave a heaving sigh. Merlin, he hated being alone. He felt like at any second a dementor would float through the window and steal all the remaining happiness left inside of him. That couldn’t happen. He needed to be here for Harry. When all this was over and his innocence was proven, they’d be a family. Harry would have someone who loved him and Sirius would clasp onto the last lingering bits of James he had. He had to survive. He had to stay hidden.

But this staying hidden thing meant spending a sad amount of time alone with nothing to do. At first, he tried to clean. That house was disgustingly grimy as no one had lived there for years. He abandoned that idea when he accidentally knocked the sheet covering his mother’s portrait off, causing her to start wailing insult into the empty house.

“Blood traitor! Disappointment! Get out of my house! GO!” It echoed so loudly Sirius was sure the shrill voice would ring in his mind forever. He hadn’t heard his mother’s voice in so long, but he would never forget the sting of her words.

He covered her up hastily as Kreacher came running out to comfort his poor mistress. The ugly house elf gave Sirius a glare as Sirius hurried out of the room.

That is the first night Sirius had gotten blackout drunk to cope with his overwhelming loneliness. Remus came by as planned and arrived to see a passed out Sirius surrounded by firewhisky bottles. He gave a sad sigh, cleaning up the mess and instructing Kreacher to take care of Sirius.

Remus brought it up the next day, but Sirius just shrugged it off. He defended himself by saying, “Didn’t have good alcohol in Azkaban, mate.”

Remus had no good rebuttal to that.

Friday night, Remus brought along a handful of Order members. Some Sirius knew from the good old days when everything was still good. Moody was as crazy as ever, making Sirius feel comfortable. He remembered laughing with James after meetings about Moody’s outbursts. Unfortunately, reminiscing made Sirius instantly solemn. He stayed back in a loveseat in the corner while everyone laughed, talked and drank.

Many people Sirius had to be introduced to. Nymphadora Tonks, his distant cousin, was a feisty Auror and Sirius felt a deep sense of pride speaking to her. Another member of the House of Black who abandoned the pureblood ideologies.

Another person he had to be introduced to was Y/N Y/L/N. She was fresh out of Hogwarts and as fiery as his cousin. He watched them talk adamantly about Auror training, something Y/N hoped to do. He’d look back down into his amber liquor whenever she would look over at him. He’d usually stop watching someone after being caught once, but he was too infatuated to stop.

It was probably because of her age, Sirius decided. Not in a creepy old man preying on a teenager way, but in a recollecting way. He remembered just graduating Hogwarts, his best friends with him. They joined the Order faster than you could blink, Lily in tow. Somehow between then and the Halloween night his world came crashing down, everything got so muddled up. He remembered being like her. Eighteen years old, wanting to help the greater good. Not caring if your life was at risk because you felt immortal.

Sirius learned the hard way that he, nor anyone around him was immortal. Yet, he missed that free feeling. He wanted to take back that free spirit personality that you radiated.

“Talk to her,” Remus spoke to him, leaning against the wall.

“What?” Sirius furrowed his brow, feeling like a creepy deer caught in headlights.

“You’ve been watching Y/N all night. Talk to her. Ask her whatever question I can see you’re formulating in your head.” Remus kicked off the wall and went to snag another brownie from the coffee table.

Sirius rubbed his temple, pondering on if he should bother. She was so young and fresh. Not like him at all. He was beaten down and always disheartened. He didn’t want to rub any of that negativity onto you. So, he stayed in his loveseat, stealing plenty of glance at Y/N and avoiding Remus’s insistent gaze.

At the end of the night, there was a handful of sober enough wizards disapparating from his home. One or two were walking and another was hailing a cab, trying to explain the convenience of cars to the confused others.

Sirius locked the front door after the last of the drunken crew left. He leaned against it, feeling the earth move around him in his drunken haze. He hadn’t drunk too much, not wanting to lose himself in front of strangers, but it was enough for him to feel light and airy.

A thump upstairs stole his attention from his buoyant feeling. Everyone was gone, as far as Sirius knew. He was about to dismiss it as nothing when he heard it again.

Sirius drew his wand, making his way stealthily up the stairs. No one was in the dimly lit hall as far as he could tell. He slowly walked through the long corridor, listening for any noise. What if it was a dementor? Sirius thought with a chill. What if it’s an Auror who wasn’t apart of the Order? Or a Death Eater?

All these thoughts stopped as a door swung open on Sirius left. He quickly swung to face the person, wand pointed at their face.

“Whoa, man. Watch where you point that thing.” Y/N laughed, pushing past him. She was holding her heels from earlier in her hand but was still stumbling. “You are very hostile, sir.”

Sirius spluttered, “Hostile? It’s my house. I thought someone had broken in.”

Y/N put her hand on her hip and leaned on the wall for support. “I didn’t break in. I’m guest, remember.” She drunkenly grinned.

Sirius chuckled, feeling the free spirit of her rubbing off on him. She was contagious. “Yes, I remember.”

Y/N leaned towards him, using him for a bit of support. Luckily, the adrenaline from earlier had completely sobered Sirius up and made him stable enough for her weight.

“Mr. Black,” She said softly in his ear, making goosebumps appear on Sirius’s neck. “Show me to bed.”

Sirius choked on his tongue. “I—Y/N.”

She yawned dramatically, stretching her arms. “I’m a tired drunk. I want to sleep.”

Sirius cursed himself for having such a dirty mind. Of course, that’s what she meant. “Right.” He guided her by the arm to the nearest bedroom.

It was his old bedroom, covered in Gryffindor banners and muggle posters. Sirius hadn’t been in here much, choosing to sleep in a spare bedroom instead. This wasn’t his bedroom anymore, he had grown too much to stay in such a naïve space anymore.

Y/N toppled back onto the bed with a huff. She threw her shoes to the side and sat up, looking around. “Gryffindor?” She observed.

“Yes.” Sirius nodded, fiddling with the ring on his middle finger. “I was one back in my Hogwarts years.”

“Nice,” Y/N yawned as she spoke, scrunching her nose. “So was I.”

Sirius pretended to be surprised, but he wasn’t. The girl in front of him was too gutsy to be a Hufflepuff, too reckless to be a Ravenclaw and too good to be a Slytherin. He knew she had to be a Gryffindor. Just another reason to be attracted to her, he supposed.

Y/N stood up, turning to face away from him. “Help.” She pointed to the zip in the back of the red dress she wore. She had looked amazing tonight, Sirius noted this the second he saw her.

Sirius carefully unzipped the dress. He expected her to wait until he had left before stripping off the garment, but he was dead wrong. Sirius’s heart sped up boyishly when she revealed the lacy underwear to him. She seemed unfazed by his gaping mouth, as she went back to lay back down on her stomach.

“Well,” Sirius backed away towards the door, “I’ll leave you to sleep.”

“G’night.” Y/N said, face already shoved into her pillow. Sirius forced himself to keep his eyes on the dark wooden floor and off the perky ass on full display in his teenage bed. If only sixteen-year-old Sirius could see his room now.

Sirius shut the door behind him in a hurry. When did he become so prudish? When did his mind and body clam up at the sight of a scantily clothed woman? Probably from thirteen years of not seeing a single woman. Sirius wiped his sweaty palms on his pants as he disappeared into the spare room he had been sleeping in, cursing himself once again.



1. Do I look like I give a fuck?
5. A: Whar are you doing?
    B: Avoiding.
    A: Avoiding what?
    B: Everything.

Here you go! Hope you’ll like it :)

Masterlist 🌙

Sitting in Slytherin’s Common room, in one of the couches, a book in your hand, you were not interested in all the gossiping that was happening around you. You just wanted to read the final chapter of this masterpiece and go to bed, feeling absolutely fed up with Pansy’s crap about the Ball.

“Don’t you get tired of repeating the same thing over and over again? We got it, you want to go the ball and get drunk, probably get laid, all of it is great! Now after you repeated it a little under one hundred times, how about you shut  up?”

You didn’t even have to raise your voice in order for her to get the point - you were deninitely not in the mood at the moment and it would be for the best is she shuts up or you’ll get this think of another useful application of your book.

Breathing in and out heavily, you didn’t exactly expect the silence that followed to be that uncomfortable. So when you glanced up from the book, running a hand though your hair, you felt yourself getting slightly relieved at the sight of your closest friend entering the Common Room.

The irony was that the he was both your relief and the reason you were in that mood in the fist place. Because crushing on your best friend sucks, even in the world of Magic.

Draco found his way to you, sitting down and resting his legs on the lable in front of him .
He sat there for a while, not uttering a word, just looking at you silently. “What are you doing?”- he finally asked. “Avoiding.”- you said blankly and he furrowed his brows. “Avoiding what?”- “Everything.” -you cut your answers short, for you didn’t have the power, nor the will to talk with anyone. 

“What’s up with them”- his voice sounded softer than usual, somewhat quiet even. Very out of character for him. However you just shrugged your shoulders, not really wanting to start an argument about the Ball.

“She’s mad at the world because she’s probably the only girl in the whole school, who doesn’t want to go to the Ball”- so Pansy didn’t manage to keep her mouth shut and for that earned herself a dead stare “You better run faster than you speak your crap, Parkinson.”

The frustration in your voice was more than obvious, so her moving out of the room was probably her smartest move yet.

Moving your eyes back to Draco, you knew you were in for a long discussion.

“I’m not even going to talk about it.”- he said, standing up from his place on the sofa - “You’re going and that’s it. I alredy promised Pansy…so you’ll go with Blaze and I don’t want to hear about it, alright. You will go. End of story.”

You tiled your head back and scoffed, your arms tightly crossed against your chest. It wasn’t that Blaze was a bad guy or anything, but he wasn’t the one you wanted to spend the night with. He wasn’t him. So what was even the point?

You felt your eyes tearing up just at the thought of him being with someone else in the one night you had wanted for you two.

Draco was looking at you from a safe distance, trying to figure out if your eyes were just glossy because you hadn’t blinked in almost a whole minute, or because something was truly bothering you. You were probably the only person outside his family, for whom he cared so deeply and it pained him to see you like this. 

It was worse that his heart was tearing up from the thought of him being ‘just a friend’ to you, when all he truly wanted was to be with you. Thinking about it, for him it sounded unreal, like a dream. He had never wanted someone as much as you, and it scared him, but it pained him the most.

And on the night of the Ball, when you descened from the stairs in your emerald green dress, your hair loosely put up, his heart broke in two and the whole night it was bleeding for you.

The music, the food, the people, nothing mattered. He was dancing, but he didn’t care, he didn’t even notice. You were dancing and you tried. You tried to brush everything off, but it was as impossible as it could ever get, with the boy you had loved and cherished for so long, entrapped in the arms of another.

His eyes were constantly on you, glued to your dancing form, dried, for he had no more tears to shed, his soul felt empty.

He couldn’t take this anymore and at the second your eyes met from across the Hall, he excused himself half-heartedly and ran to you. Your heart was in your throat! What was he doing? Why was he running? 

So many questions formed in your head and the answer to them you found in the most passionate kiss in your life.

With his hands cupping your face and your hands on his, he kissed you and you kissed him back with equal lust and power. You broke the kiss for air, but your eyes kept looking at his blue ones, your hands gripping his “Everyone’s watching”- you whispered, but his gaze was still holding yours firmly in place. “Do I look like I give a fuck?

Maybe there was a glimpse of hope at the end of the tunnel after all.


Sirius x Reader / Remus x Reader

Word Count: 1156

Request: “So, the reader was with Sirius before he was arrested and when they are reunited (5th book) they’re back together. But, during one of the order meetings Sirius finds out that the reader slept with Remus once when he was away because they were both so lonely and he gets hella mad? This is so weird but it would be so cool.”

A/N: I was really excited about writing this one, so fingers crossed that it came out good! The ending seems a bit abrupt to me, but it always seemed like a good place to cut it off. Feedback is always welcomed! If you have a request, don’t be afraid to ask. And, of course, enjoy the read!

“Let’s take a short break, everyone.” Dumbledore announced as he stood from his chair at the head of the table.

After years of being disbanded, the Order has been reinstated at the news of Lord Voldemort’s return. Today’s meeting was called to discuss not only his return, but to ensure the safety of Harry Potter and the prophecy concerning the two of them.

A dozen or so members crammed into the kitchen of the Order’s established headquarters, the family home of Sirius Black’s family. Y/N was quite familiar with the house that sat at Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place, having been there countless times over the years to visit Sirius.

Y/N stood from her seat, letting out an obnoxiously loud groan as she stretched her stiff limbs. Without warning, she felt a calloused hand take a hold of her arm, hauling her out of the meeting room.

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Remus: There’s a 26% chance of failure.

James: Padfoot! How much further?

Sirius: I-I don’t know! I’m not sure! We’re close! We’re close, I know that!


Remus: Well now there’s a 35% chance of failure.

peter-parker-steve-bucky  asked:

Remus Lupin and grey

Remus lupin doesn’t really like bright colours nor does he like loud or crowded places. He likes simple things, and laying with you with a good book in hand cuddled in the middle of you common room maybe one of his favourite pass times yet.

A soft sigh escaped his lips as his eyes scanned the inked pages. His eyes traveled to your laying form, and small smile creeped its way on his lips as he saw you biting your lip trying to stifle a laugh at something written on the book you were reading.

He placed a kiss on your head as he played with the end of your hair, and continued to read his book, when something caught his eye.

He pulled you up form the couch, which caught you in surprise and made you loose your page. “Rem what are yo-“ he interrupted your sentence as he narrowed his eyes and look at your sweater.

It was just plain old grey sweater, so it confused you why was Remus was so invested in it.

But you had to see through his eyes to know how why liked at sweater so much.

“What? Is something wrong?” You asked.

He smiled softly, “no… everything is perfect” he pecked your lips “ I think I just found my favourite colour” he said as the both of went back to your original places and continued to enjoy each other company.

A/n: this is fun~ hope you enjoyed!

S.Black: Fill Me With Light (Part 3/3)


Sirius Black. Post Prisoner of Azkaban. Requested. Part 3/3.

Summary: In which Sirius is enjoying the light that Y/N fill his home and heart with.

Pairing: Sirius Black (Old) x Reader (Younger)

Warnings: Kinda not really sexual.

Genre: Very fluffy.

Words: 1433

Sirius considered himself the luckiest man on earth. He had spent a whole year as a free man, living under the radar to avoid incarceration. He had to stay secluded in his terrible childhood home, but he wasn’t alone anymore.

He would wake up every morning to see a lump under the sheets next to him. Regardless of the number of times that he had seen this, it still brought a giddy smile to his face. Sometimes, she would be facing him, peacefully sleeping. He’d stare at her for a few minutes, taking in all her features illuminated by the golden sun pouring in through the ajar curtains.

How did he become lucky enough to get her? He didn’t deserve to be the one who woke up next to her, or the one to sit across from her while they ate dinner, or the one to watch her read a book while in bed with her hair dripping wet from her shower. She deserved to have someone her age, with a bright unblemished future ahead of them. Yet, she chooses to stay with him.

They had their first date the morning after their affectionate night together. Due to them staying up until morning light, Sirius woke up at nearly noon. He looked around the bedroom, feeling for Y/N, only to find the spot and room empty. He felt his heart drop into his stomach, realizing she was more than likely gone. She probably woke up and realized how insane he was and bolted. With his head now forming a brutal migraine, Sirius forced himself out of bed and down the stairs.

His breath hitched when he entered the dining room to see an array of breakfast foods lining it. He was so used to Kreacher’s reluctantly made scrambled eggs, that he approached the food with narrowed eyes.

“Why are you creeping towards the waffles? Afraid you’ll scare them away?” The honey-dripped voice he had fallen in love with within a span of an evening spoke behind him.

Sirius spun around to see Y/N standing in the archway between the kitchen and the dining room. She was wearing a Gryffindor quidditch jersey that Sirius recognized as his own back in his younger years. Her legs were bare, running on for what seemed like miles. She had a glass of orange juice in her hand, looking at Sirius with amusement.

“You know, Sirius,” she started with a teasing tone as she walked past him to sit in a chair. “Waffles have no legs. They can’t escape.” She smirked as she took a sip of her drink, and Sirius found him watching her every movement.

Sirius cleared his throat, trying to seem more alert; nonetheless, he was still taking note of how her toes curled and her fingers played with the discolored tablecloth. “I’m aware of the anatomy of food, my dove.”

Y/N laughed at that before offering Sirius a waffle, which Sirius gladly accepted. Y/N told him how his mean old house elf said some rude things to her after she found some clothes to wear. Kreacher refused to make her food, calling her a mudblood under his breath before disappearing into some musty hidden place. In turn, Y/N decided to make them both breakfast. She continued on telling Sirius about her mother and how she taught her plenty of cooking spells. She mentioned how much she loved helping her mother cook and bake as a child, and Sirius listened closely. He held onto every word she said, imagining going to the childhood home she described. Meeting her mother and father and truly becoming a part of her life.

This was in no way Y/N and Sirius’s last date. Y/N would come for dinner every night after she got off work at a muggle café. He learned how much she loved muggles, her father being one and being raised in both worlds. He would click the object called a pen that was in her apron pocket until she got annoyed and snatch it away. The annoyance didn’t live for long though, as Y/N would kiss his cheek and call him, “The annoying Mr. Black.”

By November, most of Y/N wardrobe had somehow materialized in the House of Black. When Sirius would tease her about her use of his closet space, Y/N would blush and rolled her eyes.

“Would you rather I have to go home after dinner every night in order to get dressed the next day? Leaving you all alone?” Sirius shook his head. “Exactly.”

When Harry had sent Sirius a letter telling him he’d been mysteriously chosen as a fourth champion, Y/N was there to remind Sirius that Harry would be okay. Sirius knew the death toll of the Triwizard Tournament and was riddled with anxiety that Harry would somehow join that statistic. Y/N told him that Harry was noble and strong, telling him stories of Harry’s bravery in his first three years.

Sirius listened to all the tales, resting his head in Y/N’s lap while she stroked his hair. He was torn between being a Marauder and a responsible godfather with his reactions. In the end, he settled on allowing whatever reaction that bubbled up express. He didn’t feel the need to put on a show for her as she knew what he was thinking anyway.

Christmas came, and sadly Harry was staying at Hogwarts for the Yule Ball. After reading this, Sirius fell back onto the couch, letting out a huff.

“What’s wrong? Is Harry okay?” Y/N asked from over her book. She was curled up on a loveseat opposite of him with a blanket covering her chilly frame.

“Yes. He’s great, really. Spending the break at school for a ball.” Sirius stated, pouting like a little kid, making Y/N smirk and get out of her seat, abandoning her book and blanket.

She sat on the end near Sirius’s head. “Oh, Mr. Black. You’re so cute when you’re pouty.” She poked his cheek teasingly, leaning closer to his face.

“I’m not pouting…” He grumbled, looking away from her eyes because he knew she could read his every thought. And frankly, Sirius Black was lying through his teeth.

“Of course you’re not.” Y/N giggled, fiddling with his hair. She lightly pecked his pouty lips, making Sirius lift his head a bit as they pulled away. “Pouty and needy. This must really be bothering you.”

Sirius let himself relax into her hand playing with his hair, admitting, “I wanted to introduce you two. We’d have Christmas together. You’d get along well, I bet. We’d be like a family. Opening presents, sitting by the fire, eating a Christmas dinner.”

Y/N paused her twiddling, making Sirius feel tense. He’d admitted numerous times about wanting to be like a family to Harry, but he’d never included Y/N in the mix. What if she wasn’t ready for that? She was only eighteen, maybe the idea scared her.

“You want to be a family? With me included?” Y/N asked, her voice soft and wary.

Sirius gulped, pulling himself up to look her in the eye. He took her hands in his own. “I want you there for everything and anything. If you need time to think about that, I understand. You don’t have to be a part of it if you don’t want to, or if the idea is too much for you. I’ll understand, but please tell me if you do.”

Y/N took a couple of seconds to ponder the idea. She knew, deep down, that Sirius and Harry were a package deal.  This made her imagine waking up every morning in a house with Sirius. She’d make her infamous waffle and Sirius would come downstairs, a bed haired Harry following in tow. She imagined taking Harry to Diagon Alley for supplies at the end of the summer, her and Sirius sitting outside of Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour. She knew it was a hypothetical situation, but she was in awe of it.

“I would love to be a part of your family, Sirius.” Y/N smiled, making Sirius serious face melt into a goofy grin.

“You have no idea how happy that makes me, Y/N.” He grinned, grabbing her face and kissing her passionately.

Between heated kisses, Y/N spoke, “How about you show me by taking me upstairs?” She rather not do the deed out here, as you never know when that creepy little house elf will pop out of a shadow.

Sirius hoisted her over his shoulder making her let out a surprised shriek. “Come on, my dove.”

He really was a very lucky man.



155. A to B: Breaking news: being an asshole all the time doesn’t make you complicated and mysterious, it just makes you an asshole
158. I’m not a hint taker, you need to speak up.
160. I’m an angry person and I want to let it all out and be an asshole, but I’m also a nice person and I don’t want to actually hurt anyone’s feelings, do you feel me?

@tayrae515 (hey again! <3) Here you go, lovely!
(you’re so kind omg  ♡)

Masterlist 🌙

Being a girl in Slytherin didn’t mean you were an insensitive bitch with little to no empathy for others. You were proud to be a Slythern, but some particular exemplars were really living up to the stupid stereotypes and prejudices which you hated so much.

“You can’t find anything better to do so you just bully the kids, huh, very nice! Let him go!” - you had your arms crossed against your chest, and looked at Goyle with very umimpressed expression on your face as he tried to grab you by the shoulder, but Draco stopped him, sending them away.

“Why the hell didn’t you do anything! You saw he had that boy cornered!” - “What the hell was I supposed to do?”

Was he playing dumb, or was he just that oblivious to anything not affecting him and his ego. “I don’t know, maybe go there and tell him to bugger the hell off!” Draco scoffed at your answer, turning his head away. 

“Listen Malfoy, I don’t know what game you’re playing, but being an asshole all the time doesn’t make you complicated and mysterious, it just makes you an asshole–” your words brought his attention back “– I don’t know what your problem is, but you better do something about it”.

He wasn’t used to hearing anyone talk to him in this tone of voice and if it was someone else, he would have flipped by now, casting a spell at them, but he found your bluntness rather attractive, which was very unexpected for him.


A few days passed since your little chat with Draco. Today after Potions he caught up to you, your girl friends giving you strange and a big smug looks before leaving you two alone.

You know, I’m an angry person and I want to let it all out and be an asshole, but I’m also a nice person and I don’t want to actually hurt anyone’s feelings, do you feel me?” 

You literally had no idea what was going on, why was he saying something like this to you from all people and friends he had. “Draco, I have no idea what on Merlin’s beard you’re talking about and I’m really not a hint taker, like you need to spill it out.

He looked at you blankly for a second, you were trying to figure out what on Earth was going on with this boy and why was he acting so strange.

The truth was, that for the past few days he has been thinking over your words and mainly about the way you told him all of this. Just the straightforwardness you possessed, or the tone of your voice… he didn’t knew! 

It was strange and he was shook by the fact that he has been replaying your conversation over and over again. It was uncomfortable, because he felt awkward and he was never feeling awkward !
“Hello? Earth to Draco. You still there?”

You waved your hand in front of his face, his eyes snapped quickly and darted back at you, and said the first thing that came to his mind, without even thinking about it:

“Do you want to go out with me?”

Betrayal | Part 2 [Final]

Remus x Reader / Sirius x Reader

Word Count: 2077

Part One

Original Request: “So, the reader was with Sirius before he was arrested and when they are reunited (5th book) they’re back together. But, during one of the order meetings Sirius finds out that the reader slept with Remus once when he was away because they were both so lonely and he gets hella mad? This is so weird but it would be so cool.” 

A/N: Since not only did I feel like there needed to be a follow up to Part 1, but also because it was requested, here is Part 2 of Betrayal (with a happy ending this time around! xD) Also, i apologize for it taking me so long to post this! Hopefully it was worth the wait.. >.>

Y/N and Remus remained petrified even in the moments after Sirius retreated upstairs to the second floor of the house. They listened as the stomping of his heavy footsteps faded off into the distance as he turned the corner at the top of the stairs.

The overwhelming stillness that filled the air around them was interrupted by Molly Weasley who had hesitantly peered into the hall. “Is everything alright out here, dearies?”

At the sound of Molly’s kind-hearted concern, Y/N could no longer hold back the waterworks. She dropped to the floor, her knees giving out from under her as she sobbed uncontrollably into her trembling hands.

Molly Weasley rushed to the younger woman’s side, rubbing her back soothingly. “It’s alright, love. Remus, what happened here?” Molly addressed the man crouched in the shadows. When he stood, exposing himself in the sunlight, her eyes widened. “Merlin’s beard! What in the world happened to you, Remus?”

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I was just thinking about Harry Potter (as one does) and I realized just how codependent James and Sirius were.

They were in the same house in the same year, so they had classes together, spent free time in the common room, and slept in the same dormitory. Since they’re friends, you’d imagine that they ate meals together. And of course, most of the time when they got in trouble it would be something they both did and they’d get detention together which I imagine made detention way more bearable when your best friend is there with you.

I imagine McGonagall eventually realized that giving them detention together was not a punishment so she decided to give them separate detentions. And they were DEVASTATED. Suddenly, they were being forced to spend hours apart. Oh the horror!

Their behavior got better. Suddenly, they were written up much less often. Hardly ever losing their House points. Stopped goofing off in class so much.

McGonagall of course noticed this change in behavior. I imagine she’d sit in her office, sipping her tea and snacking on some biscuits applauding herself for a job well done. She finally figured out how to stop Potter and Black!

It couldn’t last forever. The two of them eventually did something stupid like Wingardium Leviosa-ing someone’s pants to give them a wedgie when in Flitwick’s class. Flitwick, not knowing about McGonagall’s plan, gave them detention together. James and Sirius are Thrilled! McGonogall finds out and shows up 15 minutes into them writing lines and tells Flitwick that she needs Black for something and that he can finish his lines in her office.

Once again, James and Sirius are beside themselves. They can’t believe they’re being separated again.

Now, James and Sirius are self aware enough to know that it’s impossible for them to ever be model students and that they’re going to do stuff that will get them in trouble. They also know that McGonagall has forbidden any teacher to give them detention together. So what do they do? Magic mirrors so that they can FaceTime each other when in separate Detentions. Because they are incapable of not being near each other.

Game Over ~ Black Army

Scenario Prompt: “This time - she admitted it, finally - she did not want to be found.” And no, Y/N is not female, I made them neutral, hi <3


You attempt to calm your shaky breath as you duck into the dark cave. A tree branch almost whips against your back, and you barely dodge it. Rapidly looking around, you wait for your eyes to adjust to the darkness before finding cover. Two large rocks appear in your newly-adjusted vision, and you sprint towards them. A spot appears amid the rocks, about big enough for you to slide into. Without looking back, you suck in a breath and force your body into the slightly cramped slot. Your mind races as you hope that your spot isn’t visible to anyone who may enter. This time you do not want to be found.

You lean your head back against the cool rock, listening to the steady drip of water of a stream on the edge of the cave. It was the only sound to be heard in the cave, and you just stand and listen for what feels like hours. Then you hear footsteps.

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The Marauders as Tim Burton Characters

James: Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice 1988)

Sirius: Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993) 

Remus: Victor Van Dort (Corpse Bride 2005)

Peter: Edgar “E” Gore (Frankenweenie 2012)

Lily: Emily (Corpse Bride 2005)