Having Second Thoughts: Part 1

(( OOC: Lily played by: @potterdeer )) 

Lily: James and I can’t raise a kid in this mess! Merlin… we’re still trying to raise ourselves! And with Death Eaters everywhere…*takes a deep breath, trying to calm herself* I’m scared Sirius. I’m really scared.

Sirius: I’ll give you that. 

Lily: *sighs* Can you be serious for like… two seconds?

Sirius: *grins*

Lily: *eyes widen*… So help me Sirius Black… if you say one word I will unleash eight months-and-twenty-seven days worth of rage on your arse. 

Sirius: *raises hands in defeat* Alright alright, anyway, all I’m saying is I agree… times are hard right now… 

Sirius: If you’d based your decision on whether or not something shitty was happening in the world, you’d never have a kid.

Lily: James is just… distracting… and well… shit- 

Lily: I don’t know how to do this! I don’t know how to be a mom… Jesus, I barely know how to toast bread without burning it! 

Lily: I know it. He’s a royal cock up. That idiot messes everything up! *begins to hyperventilate*

Sirius: *laughs* Lily! 

Sirius: You’re just psyching yourself out. 

Sirius: You’re going to be an amazing parent. 

Lily: *continues rambling* I’m 20 years old. I’m a kid… with a kid inside of me!

Lily: It was always “Evans this” and “Evans that,” well now look at where we are, James Potter! Look at what you did to me!

Sirius: *snorts*

Lily: Now I’m gonna have him throwing our baby on a broom before he can hold his head up. And you! You’ll be taking him for rides on that…*mumbles* admittedly cool, but extremely dangerous motorbike… and then Peter’s going to drop him… and Remus is going to be my midwife!

Lily: *glares* Sirius. 

Sirius: But I’m telling you Lily… everything is going to be fine. It will be wild and crazy and dysfunctional, but I don’t think there will be a kid in the world who is more loved than your son.

Sirius: … This war isn’t going to last forever.  

To Be Continued

marauder’s era: remus lupin

“Did you like question ten, Moony?“ asked Sirius as they emerged into the entrance hall.
"Loved it,” said Lupin briskly. “Give five signs that identify the werewolf. Excellent question.”
“D'you think you managed to get all the signs?” said James in tones of mock concern.
“Think I did,” said Lupin seriously, as they joined the crowd thronging around the front doors eager to get out into the sunlit grounds. “One: He’s sitting on my chair. Two: He’s wearing my clothes. Three: His name’s Remus Lupin…”


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“Cause I’m sick of losing soulmates, so where do we begin?
I can finally see, you’re as fucked up as me
So how do we win?”

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Imagine #3 (Sirius Black)

A/n: All drabbles I write are entirely my ideas since none of the requesters gave me any prompt lines. This one is my idea too. Btw you CAN give me prompt lines.)

Summary: Sirius goes to the party in the Room Of Requirement, ends up getting drunk.

Requester: Anonymous

Type requested: Long

ship/ cannon: Young Sirius Black x Gryffindor.


“There’s a party in the Room Of Requirement, Y/N, you have to come!” Lily shrieked, bouncing on top of your bed. 

“You know I don’t like parties, Lils,” You muttered, brushing your H/C hair out of your eyes.

“Y/N, don’t be such a spoilsport!” Lily said, brandishing the Daily Prophet at you. 

“Sorry, Lily, I think I’ll pass,” You said apologetically, returning to your Potions book, “Have fun with Marlene and Alice.”

Lily finally gave up. It was eight thirty in the night as you headed down for dinner alone, as most of the Gryffindors had gone to party. You slipped onto the bench, dumping a piece of steak on your plate. Finally, after eating in silence, you turned to leave. 

Running in McGonagall delayed your return. You saw her carrying a stack of books and parchment, and you guessed they were the fifth years’ O.W.L papers. You remembered giving those nasty papers two years back.

“May I help you, professor?” You asked timidly, approaching her.

“Why, Miss L/N, thank you very much!” She smiled, dumping the stack of books on your arms and carrying the parchment on her own. You nearly collapsed under the weight, as you were incredibly skinny. 

“That’s very kind of you, Y/N.” McGonagall said, throwing open the door to her office. You stacked books in the cupboard, which nearly took you an hour. Finally, at ten, you marched off to your Common Room. You sat there, completing your essay. You wondered if Lily was having fun. Perhaps she was dancing with James, and Sirius…the name brought a flutter in your chest. Ignoring your crazy thoughts, you bent over the parchment once again when you heard a thud outside. 

You hurried out of the portrait hole to find Sirius leaning against the pillar, grinning at her.

“Sirius!” You said in an astonished voice, hurrying to him and grabbing his arm. You led him inside, up the stairs to his dorm. You made him sit on his bed. At least you thought it was his bed. You stood up to leave, but he grabbed your hand. 

“Wait,” He murmured, “Y/N,”

“Yes?” You said, crossing your arms over your chest and raising your eyebrows, ignoring his wild grin. 

“You know what?” 

“No, Sirius?”

“You’re beautiful.”

You gaped at him. Surely he was drunk? But his eyes weren’t clouded. 

“Sirius, you need slee-”

“No,” He slurred, “I need you, Y/N. You are all I need.”

“No, Sirius, you’re just drunk.” You said firmly.

“Sit down, please?” He said, his voice blurred by sleep. 

“Okay.” You finally said, sitting nervously at the edge of the bed. He leaned closer, his breath fanning your face, smelling mildly of butterbeer, nothing else.

“I’m sober, Y/N, you don’t believe me?” He whined, placing his hand on yours, which lay on your thigh. He leaned even closer. “You’re amazing.”

“You don’t mean it, Sirius, I have to-”

“Don’t go.” He murmured, his other hand snaking your waist and pulling you closer. “Stay.”

The tips of your noses were almost touching. This had to be some cruel joke played by the universe. You loved him, now he was breaking your heart by saying he loved you when he didn’t mean it. 

“Why do you think I haven’t dated any girl for the past year?” Sirius murmured. 

“You got tired of them?” You said, unable to move away.

He smiled. “You’re so damn oblivious to what’s glaringly obvious to everyone.” He said, smashing his lips on yours. You finally caved in, allowing your body to flow with it was Sirius leaned over you, his hands on your waist. You placed your hands on his chest, pushing him away finally, 

“Sirius Black!” You gasped, standing up. “You’re crazy!”

“Say you love me,” He moaned, collapsing on his bed. He pulled you forward and you fell on top of him. 

“Black,” You groaned, trying to get up, but he wouldn’t let go.

“Stay,” He said, cuddling you and falling asleep.


Sirius woke up with a terrible headache and he felt as if the world had started spinning. His vision had turned yellow and his throat was dry. He turned over, groaning. There was a distinct smell of perfume in the room which he was sure belonged to a girl. But who, he couldn’t place his finger on. 

He continued his day like normal. When James asked him where he went, he couldn’t remember. He felt a surge of confusion. Who had brought him to bed? Who did the perfume belong to? And most importantly,why was Y/N avoiding him?

A week passed, but no luck. He tried to initiate a conversation with her, but no luck. Finally, he caught her in the common room alone. 

“Y/N,” Sirius growled, stepping forward. She nearly let go of her book as she jumped in surprise. 

“Yes, Sirius?” She asked, her eyes narrowing.

“Why are you avoiding me? The last I talked to you was the night before I went to the party.” He said, glaring at her. She winced at the mention of the party. 

“What happened?” Sirius asked, his features softening as he noticed that she had winced. “Did I do something that day?”

“I’m not telling you.” She said.

“Tell me, I might be able to make things better-” He pleaded.

“Right,” She said coldly. “Make things better.”

“What did I do?” He repeated. 

“Fine.” She snapped. “I’ll tell you. You’ll probably find it funny but I didn’t because- because…” She trailed off. “Never mind.”

“You turned up at midnight outside the fat lady’s portrait, drunk. I took you inside. You said-” She took a deep, shaky breath, as if she was pulling herself together, “you told me I was beautiful, and- and that you hadn’t dated anyone- and- and that I was oblivious to something very obvious- and then you- you- you kissed me and I pushed you off and you asked me to stay in bed but I left when you fell asleep, oh god, Sirius, you don’t know-”

She looked on the verge of tearing up, so Sirius raised his hands to placate her. 

“Y/N,” He said gently, “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, I really didn’t mean to.” He said, walking over and sliding on the armchair next to her. She nodded. 

“I’ve been wanting to tell you, but you think that I’m a fool, so you’ll never…love me back. But I love you, Y/N. Honestly, I’m sorry if it offends you but I think you’re beautiful and amazing and I love you and I will no matter what.” He said, putting an arm around her. She stared at him with eyes wide with shock.

“Really? I mean, you’re the school heartthrob-”

“Yours too?” He teased hopefully. 

“and you like me?” She continued, her cheeks flushed, confirming Sirius’s thoughts. She really did like him. “A bookworm who doesn’t party?”

“Well,” Sirius said, facing her and placing his arms on her either sides on the arm of the armchair, so she was trapped. “You could just say you love me.”

“Sirius,” She whispered as he leaned closer, their lips centimeters away from each other. His eyes drifted to her lips, asking for permission. She closed her eyes as his lips brushed gently against each other. Her hands went to his hair, his hands cupping the small of her back, teasing the hem of her shirt. Their mouths worked against each other as her hands ran through his hair. They finally pulled away, gasping. 

“Sirius,” She repeated again. He leaned in for another kiss, but she pushed him off.

“WHAT IS THIS?!” The voice of McGonagall bellowed. Sirius groaned as Y/N facepalmed. 

The Prank- part one

Severus: So I hear you’re going to have a rough night, Remus? I wonder why that could be.

Severus: *in a sarcastic tone* You know, you should talk to someone about what is going on, they could help.

Severus: *walks off* Don’t worry. I will.

-Five Minutes Later-

James: Just …stay here and don’t make it worse!

To Be Continued…..

Stay With Me (Wolfstar)

Type: Fluffy fluff

Warnings: None

Summary/Prompt: Wolfstar share a bed for the first time

Word count: 482

Anon asked: Wolfstar sharing bed? Pretty please 😙 So… If you have time… ^^ P.S Love your writing 💘

Hey there my lovely anon! Hope this is what you wanted, I got so excited to write it. Enjoy!

Request here!

A familiar muffled crying was coming from the bed directly to the right of Sirius’, Moony’s bed. It’d been this way for months now, as if the night terrors were never ending, and it was wearing Sirius down, no matter how resilient he might be.

He sighed softly, sliding out of bed before padding over to Remus’, and pulling the curtain back slightly.

“Hey Moons.” he whispered, leaning forward to push some hair out of the boy’s face. “Nightmares again?”

Remus only nodded, his lip quivering, before he burst into a fresh wave of tears and buried his face back into his pillow, for fear of waking any of the other sleeping boys.

Sirius perched on the side of the bed, rubbing Remus’ back gently, smoothing a hand over his hair. The boy continued to cry, though his sobs became more infrequent, and eventually died down into the occasional hiccup.

Sirius brushed the tears from his face, biting his lip at the vision of the boy he loved, looking so vulnerable, with stained cheeks and red, swollen eyes.

“I’m so sorry Pads.” Remus whispered. “I hate to wake you up every night, I just can’t help it.”

“Hush.” said Sirius, pressing a finger to Moony’s lips. “You’re my best friend, you idiot. Do you think I’m just going to leave you here to cry?”

Remus smiled slightly and shook his head, nuzzling into the hand that very gently stroked his cheek.

“Are you okay now?” asked Sirius.

“I’m fine thanks Pads.”

Sirius leaned forward to smooth the wrinkles out of Remus’ duvet, before pulling it up to his chin and smiling gently.

“Sleep well, Moony.” he murmured, before stepping back and closing the curtains.

He hadn’t managed to take a step before he heard Remus’ panicked whisper.


“Yeah?” he asked, poking his head back round the curtain.

‘Will you… Will you stay with me? I’m just so scared and I can’t be here alone and I-“

He was cut off by Sirius pulling the covers back and climbing in with him, wrapping an arm protectively around his waist.

“Now get some sleep Moony, it’s late. Quidditch tomorrow.” Sirius muttered sleepily, burying his face in the crook of Remus neck.

There was a moment of silence, before Remus whisper cut through the tranquility.



“I love you.”

There was a pause, and then,

“I know.”

He felt Remus’ body stiffen under him.

“You… You know?” he asked.

“Of course I do.” Sirius shrugged. “Prongs told me.”

“That bastard.” growled Remus. “Remind me to punch him in his stupid face tomorrow.”

Sirius giggled, his breath hot against the other boy’s neck.

“Guess what?” breathed Sirius.


“I love you too.”

Sirius reached up to place a soft kiss on Moony’s lips, before resting his head on the other boy’s chest.

“Now sleep, Remus. You’re safe, I’m here. And I’m not going anywhere.”

marauder’s era: sirius black

He was very good-looking, his dark hair fell into his eyes with a sort of casual elegance neither James’s nor Harry’s could ever have achieved, and a girl sitting behind him was eyeing him hopefully, though he didn’t seem to have noticed.