gay otp starter pack: 

  • one’s blond and the other has dark hair.
  • daddy issues.
  • one’s a “tough guy” who becomes a love sick puppy when’s the other is around. 
  • one or both attempted/committed murder.
  • precious cinnamon rolls that needs love.

The following images are Chinese leaks of the final evolutions of the Alola region starters; Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. These images are NOT confirmed, however, they’re being rapidly removed from Google search engine. With that said, along with the “confidential” stamp, these images could be the real deal.

These final evolutions are based on an Archer, Wrestler, and a Siren.

What are your thoughts on these leaks?

This is what happens when geek and mermaid interests have a love child… I had wanted to get this done for May 4th, but alas…at least I finished it lol.

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Gee, its almost like she’s doing that on porpoise…

This mer-Christine + Sailor Raoul was suggested by the loverly Harriet B. for this month’s sketch raffle on Patreon

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