one day ray sipe is going to release a video where he says something about undertale and its gonna get 50,000 notes before anyone notices it was filmed in the chernobyl exclusion zone

Thirty six hours (Teamiplier x FemReader) fluff drabble

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(A/n): I hate life and I want death but I’m stilllllll writing

Summary: The whole crew is up late, they have been editing for soo long as a group and the reader offers to make hot chocolate and Mark is childishly very hyped for it

Warning: swearing lmao


Long hours drained (Y/n)’s mind, hard. She would tell you that she’s a night owl, in which she is; staying up late was a hobby. But really if you make anyone stay up late and work at the same time, then that’s how things get rough.

A Date with Markiplier went very smoothly. Filming had gone down without a hitch; every part finished and shot on schedule.

Now came the editing portion.

For this video to go up on Valentines, then it would take the entire team to help out.

Kathryn and (Y/n), Amy and Mark and of course Ethan were all confined together in the upstairs loft. Slouched in various places, positions, that changed every half hour or so.

“Did you send me the final video cut for ending one?” Mark mumbled. He was laid back in his office chair; curled up and focused on his laptop.

“Yeah..” Ethan replied, just as idly.

Energy was not a present force among them currently.

Lounging on the opposing sofa, (Y/n) stared numbly at her monitor. Several seconds past with no activity from her before she began to wiggle her fingers, and scrunch her nose.

From next to her, Amy spoke “Break time?”

(Y/n) nodded briskly, rolling her neck. Lazily, she plopped down her laptop and stood up in a stiff haze.

The girl focused her energy in getting to and down the steps, grunting at Mark in acknowledgment.

“Tea?” Mark chuckled, gazing up.

“Tea.” (Y/n) agreed.

Down the steps the young girl went, groaning as her legs cracked peacefully.

Making way over to the cupboard, (Y/n) opened it’s wooded door and peered at the contents. She groaned some more when her eyes didn’t find any type of tea. Eventually though, they did land upon a large cylinder of hot chocolate mix.

With a small kitchen lamp lighting the room in the night, (Y/n) allowed it’s rays to help her to prepare a mug of hot chocolate. Using milk, instead of water.

Content, (Y/n) traveled her way back up the stairs; siping at her drink once she reached the top. Moaning in delight, she looked to Mark.

“I didn’t know we had hot chocolate mix.”

(Y/n)’s words were sweet, and somehow, lightly reenergized.

A small grin broke her features when the girl observed Mark’s face perk up, spinning it fully to look back at her.

“Wait, you made hot chocolate?” he asked quickly. The question hung heavy in the air for a few seconds before (Y/n) was able to reply.

“Indeed I did.” she said.

All at once, the male placed down his computer and harnessed a great grin.

“Can you make me some?” he said happily. Practically jumping with excitement, Mark turned to the other three in the room.

“You guys are getting hot chocolate.” he demanded, standing up “You have no choice in the matter.”

Amy and Kathryn looked at Mark in wonder for several seconds before Kathryn spoke up, causing Ethan to pay attention as well.

“It’s close to two in the morning, I don’t think I’d do well with a hot drink.” she warned.

Mark only squinted to her “No choice.”

(Y/n) laughed quickly at his words “Alright, alright. I’ll go make three more mugs, yeah?” and back down the stairs she went.

“I’d do fine with some hot chocolate right now.” Ethan commented.

“You don’t understand, my child.” Mark began “Her hot chocolate, is god’s creed. It is holy. Honest to lord, I am surprised to be the only one that’s had it.

Ethan only giggle to his declaration, along with the two other girl; he shook his head gently.

“It is. The bomb. Like she makes it with milk and adds cinnamon. Oh my good golly god. It is amazing. Oh, it’s so good.

“I think maybe we’ll have to see about that.” Amy offered, standing up as well and giving her back a hearty stretch.

Once (Y/n) had returned up the steps, she had with her four mugs; two in each hand.

“Alright,” she chuckled tiredly “bon appétit.”

As a group, they each grabbed a respective mug, calmly taking a drink.

Except Mark. Mark was eager.

One by one, their eyes went wide. Jaws loose; Ethan, Amy and Kathryn held their gaze on (Y/n).

“Holy shit…” Kathryn whispered, looking back at hot chocolate.

“It’s good!” Ethan cheered, taking a bigger swig.

Mark’s voice was muffled by a mug covering his lips; one hand holding its handle and the other pointed out the others. He spoke, all the while, furiously drinking.

“I told you so, turd blossoms.”


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Col. Bruce Hampton Dead at 70

Col. Bruce Hampton - the celebrated Granddaddy of the Jam Scene - collapsed on stage Monday at the end of his all-star, 70th-birthday concert celebration at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre.

Hampton, who turned 70 on April 30, died early Tuesday morning at a hospital, his family said.

“After collapsing on stage surrounded by his friends, family, fans and the people he loved, Col. Bruce Hampton has passed away,” said an online statement. “The family is asking for respect and privacy at this difficult time.”

Hampton was stricken near the end of a four-hour concert that brought more than 30 musicians - including former Allman Brothers Warren Haynes, Chuck Leavell and Derek Trucks; Widespread Panic’s Duane Trucks, John Bell, Dave Schools and Jimmy Herring, who played in Hampton’s Aquarium Rescue Unit along with Jeff Sipe, Karl Denson and Drew Emmitt, who were also on hand; Susan Tedeschi; Todd Snider; and Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon, among others - to Atlanta to celebrate his birthday and career.

Hampton appeared to pass out as the musicians performed “Turn on Your Lovelight.” According to reports, the concert came to an abrupt end and concertgoers were unclear if Hampton was actually ill.

“The low lighting, crowded stage and configuration of the musicians probably kept people from realizing immediately what had happened,” the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported.

Allman Brothers biographer Alan Paul described himself as “stunned and deeply saddened” by the news of Hampton’s death, while taking “some comfort that he died theatrically … Just as he would have written it.

“But what a sad day for so many of us.”

Hampton’s career spanned more than 45 years, beginning with the 1971 release of the Hampton Grease Band’s Music to Eat. He founded ARU and the Code Talkers, helped launch the H.O.R.D.E. music festival and recorded with Frank Zappa, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Widespread Panic and others.

In a 2017 story in the Atlanta Journal -Constitution, Drivin’ N’ Cryin’’s Kevn Kinney called Hampton a legendary presence in the music world.

“People don’t understand how far back he goes,” Kinney said. “He’s just the ultimate showman. He’s our P.T. Barnam. You never know when he’s going to pop out of the jack-in-the-box.”


Got7 in the Club

Jb: walks in, goes straight to the bar walking away from the other 5 not wanting to be seen with them and gets wasted “whERE ARE YOU NORA I MISS YOU DADDY IS SO SORRY” *passes out*

Mark: quietly stands a the the corner siping his water 

Jinyoung: "we go in there and none of you know me” he tells Jackson, bam bam and yugyeom. Meets up with Jin, both get drunk while complaining about everyone, everything and life in general 

Jackson: tries picking up girls but fails TERRIBLY so ends up getting drunk and goes to the dance floor does a hip thrust the whole time 

Bambam: surrounded by bunch of money sluts while showing off his model like legs 

Yugyeom: still can’t believe he is legal enough to drink, takes one shot and passes out


Youngjae: is at home cuddling coco 

The Barn

[Here][part2][part 3]

Sakura honestly hadn’t expected to find herself in the situation she was in, bundled up on the edge of Providence, Road Island with the attorney to her Great Aunt’s will. There were eighteen other family members, all closer in relation to the deceased, that the property should have gone to. The old woman had died little over a year ago and still the house was in a trust, unclaimed by anyone.

“Why I am here?” Sakura asked again, already knowing the answer Kakuzu would share with her.

“It’s your turn to try and see if you will be the one inheriting these lands. The will stipulates six months residency in the property to complete the transfer of ownership. So far, none of the other relations have managed to last longer than a month.”

“Why?” Sakura turned to face the impossibly tall and imposing figure who was supposedly as old as her great aunt.

Kakuzu looked down at her over the edge of his scarf. His eyes were obscured by the shades but that didn’t help the shiver she felt in her bones. She knew his eyes were on her and she refused to flinch or back down. He intimidated too many people, Sakura would not be one of them.

“If you would like to know the details of each member’s choice to disqualify themselves then you may ask them directly. I am not at liberty to discuss such confidential matters so carelessly.”

“I don’t think you discuss much of anything carelessly, old man,” Sakura scoffed, glaring at the shoulders of the long tan coat he wore over his three piece suit.

Kakuzu didn’t turn back around to face her and didn’t make any indication he had heard her comment, but Sakura felt it in her bones again, the sensation of something unseen, and knew he was laughing at the idea of her.

She cursed at him again in her mind, just because she didn’t like him. She cursed at the cold too, just because she didn’t like the way her ears stung with each breeze. Today might have been the wrong day to tie up her hair in a messy bun.

“Are you coming?” He barked over his shoulder.

Sakura grunted and hiked her own shoulders before following him up the long driveway, bracing against the wind.The smell of salt was in every breeze, even if the river filtering into the sea was several miles away.

Kakuzu stopped at the door and Sakura paused a moment to watch him work on the realtor’s lock box for the key.

The housed was less house and more barn with a brick exterior and large green doors that might have once split open for cows and tractors, not houseguests. Off to the side there was a smaller green door used for main entry that Kakuzu finally opened and swept wide for her.

“It’s a one bedroom one bath studio, but the square feet is what makes it impressive,” Kakuzu begins.

Sakura ducks past him into the house and sees what he means about it being one room. From wall to wall there is the kitchen, living room, and bedroom all without walls or divisors. Towards the back there is a ladder that leads up into a loft area that had been used as storage. Sakura could see several seafaring trunks and crates stacked up and set aside.

Kakuzu led her on a short tour that seemed unnecessary considering the open lay out of the house. Sakura could see everything and guessed why some of the stuffier family members chose to pass the house over if the stipulation was that they had to live out of it for six months. It wasn’t the most luxurious of places, but for someone like Sakura, it was perfect and really suited her well.

“Total property value is about 320,000. Or at least that is what it was estimated at last fall. You might be able to attract the right sort of buyer with more targeted advertising. Regardless, this may be yours per meeting the requirements of the will. See it here.”

Kakuzu led her to a box on the wall next to the door that was small enough for a simple keypad. From his front pocket he produced a card with her name and a number on it.

“This is your code. Type it in every day for six months to validate the contract. Special circumstances such as vacations and overnight trips must be prior approved so that the code may be manually entered off site by the executioner of the will, which is myself.”

“It seems like a lot of bother, but okay,” Sakura hummed.

She reached for the card and Kakuzu relinquished it gladly. Turning it over she saw her name in gold ink as well as her birthdate month and day. The four digit number would be her code.

“Any last words of advice?” She asked, looking up.

Kakuzu was already packing up his briefcase after leaving some documents for her on the kitchen table. “My number is listed on all these documents for when you want to bow out. Good day to you then, Ms. Sakura Haruno.”

He left without a word further.

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I Won't Say I Love You - James Sirius Potter x Reader - Part 1

It was a nice, peaceful morning that day at house of Finnigans. The huge house was completely silent. Seamus was already up, enjoying his morning coffee. The sound of him casualy siping his warm drink disrupted the perfect silence. He decided that Sereena could also want one, but the said women entered the kitchen a few moments after. She greeted his with a kiss on the cheek and started preparing  breakfast. Her long black hair was in a messy mess of a ponytail. Sereena’s stormy grey eyes weren’t even completely focused on her task, seeing as she woke up only a couple of minutes ago. 

Seamus and Sereena met each other at Hogwarts, precisely in their first year. Although Sereena was hanging out more with Golden Trio than him, they had a nice relationship back then. They went together on the Yule Ball. She found his clumsiness rather amussing. The potion would explode in his face but he would grin, knowing that he succeded to put a smile on her face. Sereena wasn’t a really popular girl back then because of her family. Being a daughter of Sirius Black when he was in a prison wasn’t something to be proud of. But being the sassy girl she is, which based on Sirius’ stories she got from her mother, she was quite a mischievous one. Seamus didn’t admit it, but he liked that in his wife the most. 

“Wake up you two sloths!” Serena yelled from the bottom off the stairs 

“You are going to be late!” yelling again, this time more loudly, hoping to wake the two up. Seamus shook his head looking at the clock nearby. It wasn’t even close to eleven, but through the years you learn to wake your children earlier. Their children were rather lazy anyway, that they would end up being late as usual. Groaning could be heard from two bedrooms that were next to each other on the next floor. The door from one bedroom opened, revealing a (blonde, brunette etc.) girl standing in the doorframe. Her (h/c) hair was a literal mess, covering her (s/c) face. She was rubbing her tired eyes, in intention to wake herself up more. She sleepily looked to her left side and noticed that the door of other bedroom were closed. Leaning on them and pressing her left ear to the wood, she heard not so quiet snoring from the other side. 

“Sirius! Wake up you lazy idiot!” (Y/N) started yelling throbbing at the door. Hearing a loud yelp of surprise and that her darling brother fell from his bed to the floor, she smirked in victory. Then followed some curses about mornings and ‘interrupting his precious beauty sleep’. The boy sharply opened his door glaring at his smirking sister. 

“Good morning to you too” (Y/N) greeted him. He said some more curses through a loud yawn and headed himself downstairs. Sirius is a copy of his grandfather Sirius Black, in memory of who he got his name. He had same black hair, same grey eyes and same pale face as his ancestor. Their looks have also many similarities. (Y/N) unlike him, has many similarities with her grandmother Anna. They both look more like Serena than Seamus. The two are twins, with (Y/N) being six minutes older. “Hey don’t blame me, mom said we’re going to be late.” The (blonde, brunette etc.) muttered to him walking down to the kitchen. 

“(Y/N), it’s fucking 9:47 in the morning, we’re leaving in an hour.” Sirius muttered back. He stretched his neck a few times and yawned again. (Y/N) picked up her (h/c) hair in a messy bun, so it won’t get in her face while she ate. Two siblings entered the kitchen, greeting their parents and sitting themselves at the long wooden table waiting for their breakfast. 

“Why are you so annoyed? I thought you two couldn’t wait to get back to Hogwarts!” Seamus asked them. He was reading a text in Daily Prophet about a new crazy prisoner that came into Azkaban. Later, Sereena will drop (Y/N) and Sirius to station, because he needs get earlier at work at Ministry today. After all, Hermione expected him to be on time. 

“I’m not annoyed dad, just sleepy.” Sirius mumbled. He ran a hand through his black hair and leaned on the table to get a better sleeping position. (Y/N) hit him upside the head, not letting him to sleep. He whisper-cursed at her. Seeing there was no more sleep today, he leant at the back of chair looking around the kitchen. 

“I’m not so annoyed you know. But a thought that I will see that Potter idiot every single day isn’t really a nice thought If ya ask me.” (Y/N) responded after a few moment. This earned a chuckle from Seamus and eye rolling from Sereena. Sirius just raised an eyebrow at her, poking her left cheek. 

“Ya know sis, I think you may actually like that Potter idiot.” He smirked as she pushed his hand away. 

“Oh please, he is your best friend. I do have some standards after all.”  

“What is wrong with me being his best friend?” 

“It means he has same IQ level like you bro.” 

“Then it means he’s a genius.” 

“No, it means you’re both imbeciles.”

“Honestly (Y/N), why can’t you get along with James? He is not a that bad kid.” Serena said. She finished making the pancakes and put four full plates on the table. She was chuckling at a little argument the two had. Twins momentary grabbed Nutella and started putting the sweet cream on the pancakes. Sirius swallowed his in a blink of an eye. (Y/N) grimaced at him and muttered ‘pig’ before taking a bite of her own.  

“Mom, James annoys me to the point where I would throw myself in the Black Lake.” 

“I would gladly push you in the lake myself.” Sirius said with his mouth full smirking at her. The (blonde, brunette etc.) rolled her eyes at her brother. 

 -    After about 45 minutes     - 

 “So, you need to leave your mobile phones and IPods here.” Sereena said. She was in (Y/N)’s room checking if she had brought everything. 

“Robes? Check. Cauldrons? Check. Books? Check. Broom? Cheek. You have Azur with you? You remember Sirius forgot to bring Otis last time.” 

“Mom IPods are allowed and I am bringing mine.” (Y/N) quickly got her player before Sereena could protest. 

“And do I look like I’m Sirius? I never forgot about Azur.” The girl then started petting her owl through the cage. Azur is obviously (Y/N)’s owl. Her feathers are lightly blue at the end and she has golden eyes. Her name Azur is from Italian word ‘azure’ which means blue. Sereena offered that name since she lived practically her whole life with her aunt and grandparents who are originally Italians. Her mother, Anna, was killed a few nights before James and Lily and Sirius went to Azkaban shortly after. Back to owls. Otis is Sirius’s grey owl that is a little clumsy to say at least. Last year he never succeed to fly properly through a window. After closing her chest, (Y/N) raised her wand. 

“Wingardium Leviosa” She said and went downstairs with the chest trailing closely behind her. Sirius was in the hallway, sitting on his own brown chest. He was throwing car keys up and down from boredom. Once he noticed his sister, he jumped from it right up. Sereena went down after (Y/N). She started putting on her jacket and shoes. Grabbing her bag, she caught the keys Sirius threw at her and helped twins to get chests in the trunk. Sereena sat herself on the driver’s seat and turned on the car. (Y/N) sat in the passenger’s seat. The (blonde, brunette etc.) was putting on her lip gloss, checking her (h/c) in the meantime. Sirius popped his head in-between two front seats.

 “Getting ready for a snog with James sis?” Sirius asked with a small smirk before (Y/N) showed his head away.

“Stop saying stupid things.” (Y/N) replied to him 

“Anyways, no Weasley kids starting Hogwarts this year?” The girl asked. Their mother was driving them through busy streets of London. They still had 30 minutes before the train goes off. Just enough time if you ask them. 

“Nope. Lils and Hugo are starting next year, along with Lorcan and Lysander.” Sirius replied back. He leaned himself on his backseat and enjoyed the rest of the ride. Sereena easily pulled the car on the parking of the station. She exited it with the two and put their belonging on the trolley. She gave them their tickets and they headed to the platform 9 ¾. Sirius was the first one to go through the wall. Rolling her eyes at him, (Y/N) followed shortly after with her mother. The famous scarlet train stood there proudly. Sirius as (Y/N) expected of course, found Potters momentary. Sereena motioned for her to go and greet them. The (blonde, brunette etc.) mentally groaned.

 “Ginny!” Serena happily exclaimed as she hugged the redhead. (Y/N) in meantime was hugging with Lily. The two girls got along pretty well considering their age difference. Harry was standing there with his arms open, a smile playing on his lips. 

“And a hug for me?” The man asked teasingly. Sereena laughed at him and the two hugged like they haven’t seen each other for years. Harry, Serena and Ginny started chatting, which left (Y/N) to converse with Lily. Albus went off with Scorpius and Rose, as Lily told her. Little girl was just about to tease the (h/c) haired girl about James. But the infamous guy made his appearence. 

“(N/N)!” James yelled an annoying nickname he picked out for her. (Y/N) turned to her right and glared daggers at him.

 “No need for an act love. Sirius just told me you missed me dearly.” The boy grinned from ear to ear and went to hug the girl. She however, pushed him away, much to his dislike. As the one final sound from the train was heard, the (h/c) girl said goodbye to her mom, Harry, Ginny and Lily. She left James with Sirius and left to find Roxanne or Dominique. She was lucky. The (blonde, brunette etc.) found them in one compartment with Molly a few seconds later. Knocking on the glass door, she popped her head in.

 “May I come in ladies?” (Y/N) asked in a tone that imitated her brother’s. Dominique instantly went to hug her with Roxanne behind. Molly was the last one to greet her, seeing that two other girls were too happy to see (Y/N). Surprisingly, the train ride went without Fred, James and Sirius interrupting them. Roxanne was just telling them some new gossips that she picked up during the summer. (Y/N) always listened to her, as she wasn’t so informed about a lot of people too much. Roxanne has a few frienda that were considered to be Hogrwats’ gossip girls. They always knew everything that happened, no matter the time or place. Most in common (Y/N) had with Dominique, but she got along pretty well with Molly too. 

“I also heard from one Hufflepuff that Alice Longbottom is crushing on James!” 

“On him, really? Does she have eyes?” (Y/N) asked. She raised an eyebrow when Dominique chuckled at her. 

“What’s funny?” 

“Just get James already before someone other does! I-No! We all know you have a crush on him!”  

“Oh my Merlin, not you too Dom! How many times do I have to repeat? James is a complete idiot and I don’t find him attractive at all!” The (blonde, brunette etc.) sighed rubbing her forehead. 

“Then if you don’t fancy James, who do you find attractive?” Molly asked her. The glasses wearing girl wasn’t listening to the most of conversation. She was reading her newly brought book, that had somewhat about 1000 pages. She was elegantly flipping through the pages, listening to Roxanne’s gossips then and there. 

“Cameron Thornston for example.” (Y/N) coolly said back. She put a lock of hair behind her ear and waited for reaction. 

“Louis’s friend?! No way!” Roxanne yelled. Molly shot her a look. 

“Sorry” Roxanne muttered and sat down again. 

“Nah, I guess he is okay.” Dominique said and leaned with her back resting on the window. 

“But I like Daniel Wood more.” She winked and closed her eyes for a little rest. 

“Wood? Haven’t you noticed that Sirius has been drooling over you for months?”

 “Let’s face it (N/N). Sirius is worse playboy than Louis, and he even doesn’t have veela genetics! How is that even possible?” (Y/N)’s mind then started wondering towards her grandparents. Sirius Black back then was a major player. If it hadn’t been for Anna Stuart, he wouldn’t stop with it. 

“Let’s just say it’s a family thing” The (blonde, brunette etc.) replies as she sweatdropped. Dominique nodded at her response. 

“I guess I want to mess with him a little, before he comes to his senses and stops with playing around.” 

 “Then you have my permission.” “Hate to interrupt, but we should change to our robes.” Molly said. She loudly closed her book, putting it into her bag. She then reached above her for her Ravenclaw robes. Lazily standing up, (Y/N) did the same, reaching for her Gryffindor ones. They left in toilet to change. In the corner of the toilet was Alice Longbottom. She was chatting with her friend Morgan, that was in Hufflepuff too. They were whispering and Alice had an obvious blush on her face. She was rather a pretty one, with her fawn hair and that honey eyes of hers.

“Hey Alice! Heard you are crushing on my cousin!” Dominique smirked at her. Alice blushed madly and looked away. She muttered a few things, not clearly enough for them to hear. (Y/N) raised an eyebrow at her. Looking at (Y/N)’s face, Morgan stepped in her friend’s defence. 

“What if she does? That’s none of your business!” Morgan yelled at her. Seeing that only the six of them were in the toilet, no one heard it. 

“Rude much?” (Y/N) stepped next to Dominique, facing the Hufflepuff girl. 

“Sticking your nose in other’s business much?” 

“Give me one more reason why not to break your nose.” The short silence followed after, as the two glared at each other. A cough interrupted it. 

“Come on (Y/N), your Black is showing. We changed, we should get back.” Molly put a hand on the (blonde, brunette etc.)’s shoulder. Nodding at her they exited and headed back. Morgan was a really rude one for a Hufflepuff, they admit that. She even let out a gossip about Molly one time, thought the ginger ignored it quite well. Being on Molly’s side, (Y/N) didn’t get along with the blonde ever since.  In waiting for the train to arrive at Hogwarts, they chatted some more. (Y/N)‘s thoughts were about James. If he and Alice got together what would she do? She couldn’t care less or that’s what she thought.

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