So, I took a #selfie with all the #Eeveelution weeks ago when I had finally finished them, but for so distracted with orders I forgot to share my ridiculous photo! Here it is! xD it was super hard taking a selfie with 9 #amigurumi piled on top, which is why I’m not only wearing a hat, but wearing it crooked like a dork to help me keep them steady :P enjoy~! Lol #pokemon #eevee #plushie #crochet #art #fanart #nintendo #igers #igetsnintendo #pokemongo #kawaii #cute #jolteon #flareon #vaporeon #umbreon #espeon #leafeon #glaceon #sylveon #kanto #johto #sinnoh #kalos #gamer #giflgamer

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“You want me to say something about my life, right? Well, I kind of have a big crush on another employee that works out in the field promoting the store. I won’t say any specific names, in case she somehow finds this interview, but I just really think she’s cute. I only see her a few times a week but when I do, wow, it’s like a ton of Torterras just stomped on me, you know? It kinda hits me hard how much I like her. I don’t think she’s ever really noticed me, really, though.”

reasons for a sinnoh remake

  • floaroma town
  • honey trees
  • new megas
  • distortion world in 3D
  • the already amazing music remastered
  • cynthia in 3D
  • bring back the resort, fight and survival areas
  • revamp the resort and make furniture more affordable
  • volkner
  • snowpoint city
  • amity square
  • contests
  • pokeball seals
  • cyrus and a mega weavile
  • cute new outfit designs for lucas, dawn and barry
  • the sinnoh trio……
  • canalave city
  • partners/companions are back
  • more of flint and volkner
  • night/day music
  • torterra reblog if u agree
  • awesome legendaries
  • poketch apps revamped?? revamped poketch??? dumb drawing game with color??
  • primal dialga, palkia and giratina????
  • mt coronet and spear pillar
  • cyrus’s lakeside ruminations in 3D
  • solar panel walkways
  • garchomp
  • volkner reblog if u agree