rfa headcanons || character mc

hiii~ look who’s back from the dead! with more head canons! ssshhh! i know i have to get the ones in my inbox done but! when inspiration strikes Dx please don’t kill me OTL anyway!! i wrote this immediately as the thought struck me: what if mc was the character in a game the rfa played and got attached to?? it would! not! leave! me! basically rfa feat. game character mc


  • honestly interacted with mc only to distract herself from the anger and disappointment she felt at work almost on a daily basis now
  • so what if mc wasn’t real? so what if they were just a computer saying programmed things because of the app she downloaded
  • she could always talk to mc and rant to them about her problems
  • and even though she knew mc was not real, their words of comfort and encouragement soothed her greatly
  • didn’t realize when she grew so dependent on mc  but she always looked forward to getting to open the app so she could talk to her virtual s/o
  • is so depressed that mc isn’t real because she has become smitten!! and it kind of stings because she always thought she was very rational and mature
  • so how did she end up falling in love with a computer?
  • darling girl can not for the life of her bring herself to delete the app


  • ya boy downloaded the app after a buddy on LOLOL recommended it as a thank you for helping him win at that boss level
  • wasn’t sure at first, but decided to give it a shot when his friend said it would be preparation for when he would get a girlfriend
  • unfortunately he quickly became addicted to chatting with character mc too much too quickly that even his LOLOL began to suffer some
  • at least his grades improved some because mc would scold him from time to time to study hard and would give words of praise and encouragement when he did
  • he talked about rika and the effect of her loss a lot to mc at first 
  • but slowly he realized it didn’t hurt as much and he didn’t need to talk about her to mc anymore
  • gets mocked in the messenger by seven endlessly for ‘dating’ a computer
  • doesn’t have an immediate come back so he rushes out of the messenger. how dare seven?!
  • when he tells mc, they tell him it couldn’t be helped since seven was right fourth wall kinda freaks poor yoosung lmao but that seven shouldn’t be mocking him. after all, from what he has told mc seven seems most likely to create and date a computer himself
  • so in love with mc for that comeback!


  • finds the app on his phone one day and immediately thinks of seven in some very choice words because only he would pull a prank like that
  • decides to return the favor by not reacting to the prank, not even mentioning it once or being angry at the redhead
  • s m i r k s when seven finally breaks and timidly asks if something weird happened to his phone
  • decides to check the app out when he’s bored during a needlessly long car drive home screw bad traffic!
  • is so weirded out by the whole thing first and keeps selecting random responses
  • is so intrigued by that mc character after a few days of playing though and can’t start his day without checking if they are on or have left any messages
  • wishes so dearly mc could come to him but all his money and all his guards can not bring a computer to life
  • s a d ! why elizabeth? why must mc not be real?
  • finds comfort in all the words mc says and all the positive energy they bring into his life despite not actually existing
  • took t i m e to warm up to mc and the game but has fallen in love with both! 


  • this boy!! actually created a game one night when he was feeling too sentimental
  • put in all the perfect features  and just enough attitude so the character wouldn’t be mistaken for an angel or seem obviously fake
  • in an even poorer show of judgement, he actually plays the game one day when he’s feeling depressed and sentimental again
  • b i g   m i s t a k e on his part! even if he is not one to be attracted to games easily like yoosung or get captured by them, this ! game! was made by him! which meant it basically had most of his interests
  • it didn’t help that he knew mc was just a program he had written, for that fact made him feel worse every time he felt comforted things mc would say to cheer him up or help him get through a tough spot
  • vanderwood doesn’t know who, or what, is responsible for this change, but he is not gonna complain in case he jinxes himself because ! seven’s place has become less messy and more livable and he focuses on his tasks more even though his jokes and pranks have! not! ceased!
  • near constant angst in privacy! although mc does make him really happy
  • “i wish i could take you out of the world of binary numbers and bring you to me”
  • plz stop, i c r i 


  • can’t believe he is desperate enough to download a game yoosung got addicted to
  • is even more shook when he finds himself addicted just as much as, if not more, than yoosung himself!
  • happily to brag 24/7 to mc 
  • is mc really a computer?? because??? they give such good advice ??
  • able to focus on acting more enthusiastically now that he isn’t angsting over being single
  • because mc is his bae right???
  • wisHES seven does not find out about him playing the game too! it would be embarrassing!!!
  • can’t believe he has feelings for a computer QAQ
  • but mc is so nice though! just his type!