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Anyware by Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is a pseudonym of multi-instrumentalist, singer, and graphic designer, Joe Williams. He’s also gone by White Williams, which is more of an art-pop project with glam rock inspiration. Motion Graphics takes things in an IDM direction that reminds me of something akin to Oneohtrix Point Never and Eprom. “Anyware” is the second single off this self-titled debut album. It’s a marriage of digital and organic sounds that come together to create something layered and rhythmic at the same time. Horns and hard hitting percussion converge with sound effects that range from water flowing to warped clicks, robotic vocals, and melodies.  The track is like a rolling digital ball that picks up steam becoming more layered and detailed as it progresses. Motion Graphics’s “Anyware” rewards with multiple listens, but it’s melodic enough to be enjoyable on first listen.

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