Hiddlesweek 2017 | Day Five

February 7th: Role I’d Like To See Him In

Tom Hiddleston as Cosmo Brown in Singin’ In the Rain

My favorite picture, well I did a few, was Singin’ in the Rain…Of course I had a wonderful hairdo in that picture. Some of you may not remember this but I had a bun. At the back of my head I had a big bun, an ugly bun. I’d warned my daughter Carrie who’d just gotten a part in a picture, Princess Leia in Star Wars and I said ‘Carrie be careful of any weird hairdos.’ So luckily, George gave her two buns. Thank you, George.
—  Debbie Reynolds 

This just felt appropriate. 

This is so weird and awesome, I’m shaking oh my god.

DO YOU SEE IT? WHAT’S HAPPENED????? Larry is love. Ok. His reaction is everything


“When we left the movie show the future wasn’t bright, but came the dawn, the show goes on, and I don’t wanna say goodnight.”