Aretha Franklin is retiring, but may her shade live on forever

Aretha Franklin made a major announcement yesterday. She told local Detroit news outlet WDIV that she will be retiring this year after the release of her upcoming album. The singer, who has had a legendary 56-year career in the music industry, reminds us to pay homage to some of her shadiest moments. Luckily someone was gracious enough to put this compilation together on YouTube. 

Gifs: Killer Queen



This boy right here deserves the best in his life. He deserves so much happiness and love. He is so talented and he has a wonderful voice, he doesn’t “always growl” he has a very soothing and relaxing voice that has to be appreciated every day in life. He is also very talented in acting and he’s officially becoming an actor tomorrow with the first episode of his debut drama; Hwarang. He is also very gentle and caring. He loves all of the fans and members so much. His family is everything to him. He is so precious and always smiles for us. He is an angel.

joji is truly a legend like he made the harlem shake meme famous he has two different musical personas he keeps up pretty well with (he currently has 10+ joji songs ready to drop and is already recording new pink guy music after dropping an album 10 days ago) hes a producer/musician/singer/rapper/beatboxer has recorded w so many people filmed party monster by the weeknd is on the spotify 50 viral 13 times at once with 13 different songs is number 76 on the billboard 200 like honestly when will any of your faves ever tbh