Audio of a live musical performance by Li Xianglan (also known as Yoshiko Yamaguchi or Shirley Yamaguchi)

View of actor and comedian Flip Wilson with singer and actor Sammy Davis, Jr. performing in an unidentified skit. Both men are costumed as musicians; Wilson holds a trumpet and Davis holds a music case. Handwritten on back: “Wilson, Flip, comedian.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

CARRIE CARRIED ON: Top female Country artist of 2016 Underwood rolled up her 25th straight top 10 on both Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay, “Dirty Laundry,” from her album Storyteller, during the year.

Underwood’s run of 25 top 10s on the charts encompasses all of her country singles promoted to the format (excluding holiday fare), beginning with “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” her first of 15 Country Airplay No. 1s and 14 Hot Country songs leaders, in 2006. She extended the longest streak of top 10 promoted singles from a career’s start on both charts.

In March, Underwood earned her first Country Airplay No. 1 since 2012 when “Heartbeat” hit the summit. “Church Bells” then rang out at No. 1 in July.


“The Blessing Song” (Cover)

Okay! It took me a few tries, but I FINALLY was able to do this song in one sitting without messing up.

Piper, my darling, happy birthday again sweet love! This is a belated birthday gift/blessing dedicated from me to you and Gregory. I know you guys have been through quite a lot, and you’ve overcome a lot together as well. I love you both dearly, and wish I could hug you guys in person. But until that day comes, I pray you both are blessed by this song as this year comes to a close, and that it helps bring healing to any scars left over from the past. You both are extremely precious, and I know that better things are yet to come for you and your family. The Lord loves you both and sees your pain, and while we don’t know what the future holds, we can take comfort knowing that He is there to hold and comfort us in our darkest moments. I’m always keeping you guys in my fervent prayers, never forget that darling.

This video is also meant for anyone else who is going through good or bad times. Whether we share the Christian faith or not, this blessing applies to all of you. I love you guys! May you all be blessed and have a positive end to 2016, and a joyous beginning to 2017. Mwah!

I’m only tagging those who I know or I think will be comfortable with this song. I do not wish to offend anyone. So if you don’t see yourself tagged, I promise I wasn’t trying to disclude you. I’m just wanting to be respectful of your beliefs and wasn’t sure if this would be okay or not ^_^ If you would like to be on or off this tag list, please let me know guys! <3

Bonus: I spent a few hours trying to nail this song down so that I could sing and play it in one sitting (it’s a fairly simple song to play too, so I was pretty annoyed with myself). I became so tired at times that my mind would blank while I was playing; so I’d play the wrong note, slow down the tempo, sing the wrong words, the note would come out flat, etc. I’d have to stop the camera during the recording process, delete it and start all over again. When I went back and watched some of the footage, these tidbits, where I’m trying my darnedest not to get too upset with my imperfect performance, had me laughing at myself and helped me calm down when I got upset during the time. Sometimes, you need to laugh at yourself. And no, none of these were planned; these are very real, very genuine, and are the type of reactions I have on a daily basis to life aside from my music hehe. Enjoy!

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