Things I have learned tonight:
  1. Our kitchen extractor fan is worthless.
  2. Our ADT smoke alarm on the other hand works really well.
  3. If you don’t answer the phone right away when ADT calls you cause you’re busy trying to get the smoke out of your house from a burnt pot of caramel, ADT will dispatch the fire department to your house immediately.
  4. Our local fire department are really nice people…
Nesta and Elain are safe

I think we’re pretty sure as a fandom that Mor took Nesta and Elain to the cabin when they escaped from Hybern.

But can we talk about what they’d see when they got there? After the shock begins to wear off. After Elain’s sobs turn to sniffles and Nesta unwraps her arms from her sister’s shoulders?

When they both look up and gasp, staring in silence as FEYRE surrounds them? Her artwork everywhere. From the changing seasons around the doorframe to the Illyrian wings on the mantle. To the unfamiliar eyes painted above the doorway.

I like to think that this will bring them some measure of comfort, as well as light a fire to help get their sister back.