Norfasarie is a woman of style and many talents! Fashion, acting, brains, she has it all! She runs her own brand titled, ‘Style By Norfasarie’. She also operates her very own spa.

We captured this shot shortly after a meet and greet during one of my many visits to Singapore. I’m always given a warm welcome there by many people especially Norfasarie and her lovely husband Baihakki.

Singapore, Singapore
By: Langston Hues

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Tips on how to start your keyword research

What is the best way to start when doing a keyword research? Looking back, I was aimlessly typing the obvious keywords in Google and clicked on several links hopefully I could take away something from my initial random list, but dead-end. I stopped for awhile and looked on my subject’s website.

Then it came to me, “why concentrate so much on keywords?” when it is crucial to know what the business is all about! So I started to list all the possible 3-4 words that describe the nature of the business and added the location (country, city) of the business.

Core business

You just have to know the things they do and what they’re really good at, from there you can have a direction on how you approach your keywords. Ask your client’s brand purpose and you will have an idea what’s their main business.

List Competitors

After you familiarize yourself why the business exists, you have now a sense of who the competitors are or the big boys in that industry. Search locally and get the top five search results on each initial keywords you made. Use this tool and put your competitors URL: tool will help you give a summary of the meta keywords data. Very convenient.

Set a time-frame on how many competitors you want to get for the site analysis later, make a mental note of how fast you can squeeze out information to your competitor’s list considering that you have a schedule to follow. Usually it takes a day or two to get information if you have 100 competitors in your lists.  

Make your own commonly use search phrase (cusp) list

By this time you have a better view of the nature of the business. Here’s how I did with LGP’s website.

-       Stem 1: Photographer; qualifying phrase: fashion, commercial, Singapore, professional etc.

-       Step 2: photography; qualifying phrase: lifestyle, food, travel, Singapore landscape, etc.

Make a list of your qualifying phrase as fast as you can and do not think so much if it’s related or not. After you’re done with this, you will be surprised that you have made a decent number of keywords that you can start with.

 Here’s a bit of detail on how I did it on my spreadsheet:

The Importance of Blogs

If your business has already a website, create a blog and make it your main online marketing platform. Here’s why:

I was looking for websites to collaborate with for LGP.  Out of curiosity I decided to check where my Tumblr site ranks in Google SERP’s. First of all, my Tumblr site is just a repository of ideas, unedited and no target audience. I used “digital marketing philippines” as my only keyphrase after breezing through Google Adwords.

I searched in Google for “digital marketing philippines”, and to my surprise:

It’s in number 12th. I remembered what David Viney said that ranking in top 20 is better than to be in the 6th-10th spot because most of the people after browsing the 5th spot will use another keyword to search or go to the next page.

So here’s what I have observed:

- Major search engines such as Google is starting to put more weight and recognize the value of websites/platforms that are social in nature. 

- Tags and keyphrases should always be consistent.

- Be a content machine. Make a publishing schedule and focus on giving value to your audience.

- link to the brand that you mentioned. I suggest to have three links (if necessary) one: to an authority website (if mentioned), two: your keyword three: other website (if mentioned)

Now your turn, do you think that social media networking sites will have a strong influence on the SERPS?

Supermodel Naomi Campbell clad in Dolce & Gabbana takes the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore shoot by fashion photographer Gan. Styling and creative direction are courtesy of Kenneth Goh.