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Yahoo! Inc.’s Messenger has for almost 18 years been the default communication tool for the men and women who each day move billions of dollars’ worth of crude oil and petroleum products around the planet. From Singapore to Rotterdam, daily deals are pitched, contracts negotiated and global price benchmarks assessed on the chat service, with its deep-purple color scheme punctuated by Yahoo’s trademark exclamation point and dead-eyed yellow smiley emoticon.
Thing that could be Pokemon in in Pokemon S&M

We know this game is going to be in a tropical setting and with that can lower it down to a few regions. Brazil, Hawaii, and Singapore namely are the most likely places for this game to be based off of, It could also be a mix since gamefreak may think that a lot of South American countries and non japan Islands aren’t worth dedicating a whole game to.  It’s worth noting we already have a Pokemon based on the Northern Cardinal or at least that is what it appears to be.

Binturong: Also known as a bear cat could do some totally awesome things as a Pokemon. First off you could throw away what the real animal is and just totally fuse a bear and a cat together because this is Pokemon they can do what they like.

Swordfish:  Redhill and Tanjong Pagar is a myth from Singapore about dealing with their swordfish problem. I could totally see a swordfish legendary Pokemon being one of the legends seeing as we still don’t have a sword fish to this day. I could also see a really cool pirate mixed with sword fish to go with the sword fishes and the history of pirates on the island.  

Merlion: If a Merlion isn’t in this game your just missing a massive thing if the game is based on Singapore. It’s such a weird mythical animal, I mean it’s just a Fish Lion but that could be a really cool Pokemon to encounter. I can’t see it being a cover legend but I could see it being a legend that is in the game that maybe has some kind of deeper meaning.

New Shark Pokemon: If we’re doing Hawaii we need at least one new Shark Pokemon. Hawaii has several shark gods namely  Kamohoalii who I believe is the king of the shark gods. Also Kamohalii was brother to the Fire Goddess so  mixing origins here we get our second Fire Water Pokemon and a really cool one at that because how do you make a shark cooler? I believe the answer to that is let them breath fire. I could see it being based on the tiger shark, perhaps being some kind of land shark.

Coqui: The Coqui is a frog that is kind of like an annoying grasshopper. They are indigenous to Puerto Rico and more or less the island’s mascot since so many live there. However, the Coqui were accidently introduced into Hawaii and totally damage the ecosystem in Hawaii. It’s a cool way to add a Puerto Rican animal while also keeping in theme with animals that exist in Hawaii. Hell we could totally do a legendary evil frog, as a Puerto Rican I’m down for Coqui’s being evil, keeping me up at night, ya jerks.

Opossum: I don’t think we have an  opossum  Pokemon and Brazil is home to several species of them. They can mix and match features for a really cool possum Pokemon to appear.

Ghost Bat: Okay so Brazil has freaking animals called Ghost Bats, i mean right there that is a Pokemon idea alone. We always need more ghost type Pokemon, why not also be a bat, a ghost bat. Ghost Flying type Pokemon that is kinda creepy looking maybe reaper inspired it could be a really cool thing.

Maned wolf: The Maned Wolf is such a stunning looking wolf it’s like if a Wolf and Fox had a baby that grew up to be a fashion model of the animal kingdom. I would adore seeing something based on this grace the stage. Maybe to mix it up a bit adding in elements of the crab eating wolf also found in Brazil.

Boitatá: Brazil has several Snake stories but Bolitata is one of the most interesting of these. It’s a Fire Snake and commonly added to the Willow Wisp family of myths too. A flaming spirit kind of thing. This could be a Fire Ghost type in the shape of a snake perhaps taking the iconic look of another Brazilian myth Boiúna a giant blue snake as part of it’s design too. Then again Boiuna could it’s own river snake Pokemon.

Dolphin: Dolphin’s are shockingly not a Pokemon yet at least not in a very iconic sense. All of the regions have Dolphins that I am mentioning and several even have myths. There is boto it turns into a human to seduce people maybe a Dolphin Pokemon that could learn transform. Really there is just so much potential with Dolphins and I think it’s about time we got a Dolphin Pokemon.

That’s it for my post, I write about Pokemon kinda often so if you want to see more of my musing check out my blog. I had a lot of fun making this and there is a ton of other potential ideas for Pokemon I just didn’t get to talk about for the sake of trying to not make this too long. If you want me to make more let me know and I’ll do another one.

So we kinda saw a bit more flamboyancy from Louis from Nov 18 2014, then when OTRA started he was already different on stage than during WWA, the Singapore show sealed the deal, but the EU leg again raised him to a next level happiness and I am sure this is not for 1 show, but something started in Kansas City and I hope it continues!!!

The best thing is the happier he’s on stage the more flamboyant, the more himself he is.