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RFA + V + Saeran Kinks

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RFA + V + Saeran kinks plS ^q^ <3

Here you go! Also I’m sorry that some are longer than others. I elaborated more on the people that had more kinks because I really feel like Yoosung,V and Jaehee are generally very vanilla. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!

I also got carried away with saeran please forgive me but you're welcome saeran stans

NSFW below!!


 I honestly don’t see him as much of a kinky person. He’s pretty vanilla in terms of everyday sex. Occasionally spicing it up with a bit of role play. Even though yoosung isn’t the type, he’d be open to trying new things as long as it’s not tooooo crazy. He’d be open to things like extended foreplay is that even a kink i don’t even know


 bODY WORSHIPING IS HIS THING! He will never stop telling you how beautiful you are and how much he loves every inch of your gorgeous body. especially if you wore lingerie. He is also into consent (obviously they would all need consent, but he like to verbally hear it many times) he would love to ask you vulgar questions just to hear your response. the way you would answer as he’s thrust into you just makes him nghhhhhhh- the beast™ 


rough sex. enough said He’d love the ddlg stuff. i don’t think he’s much of a sadist though. he’d just want to control you make you feel like he owns you. he’d like some minor bdsm play such as handcuffs blindfolds and silk ties you guys saw that coming he loves seeing you squirm in the binds as he continues to pleasure you, things getting more and more heated as he hears your whimpers. He’d also want to mark you but he’s gotta do it in places that aren’t visible to the general public out of respect to you and to spare you the embarrassment even though he’d really want to do it anyway (he’d probably just leave one on your collarbone bc he couldn’t resist) 


 I also really don’t think she is kinky. there isn’t much to say about her honestly. i think she might be an exhibitionist. the feeling of being caught gives her that rush that she can’t get anywhere else. She tends to follow all the rules so she gets really excited when there is a possibility to be caught doing something “bad" 


is a low key daddy honestly. He is a confirmed sadist so i don’t doubt he will drag out foreplay to tease you in every way he sees fit. He also has a roleplay kink. He’ll bring out costumes that he bought for you to get your opinion. I also feel like he’d be an experimentalist. He’s always down to try something new with the consent of both people. He also has a thing for sound. Hear me out on this. anytime in mysme when things got heated saeyoung never has his glasses on. i’m telling you right now his vision is sHIT. he just stares at a screen all day so it’s a given. since he doesn’t wear his glasses during sex, he’d probably close his eyes. which heightens his other senses. it's a reach I know I have an overactive imagination 


okay he is not kinky whatsoever. He is super vanilla. but i do see him being into body worshiping. he’d want to make you feel like the goddess he says you are. he also has a thing for taking pictures and videos of the intimate moments. 

 jihyun i swear to god if that click sound was your camera 


 like i mentioned before this dude is kINKY OH GOD PLEASE I KNOW IM GONNA GET CARRIED AWAY WITH THIS okay so first of all he has a major dominance thing. he always wants to be the one to dominate you but imagine him being bottom oh shit that’s going to the spank bank (i also may write a fic about this in the near future) he will dabble into light bdsm like blindfolds and handcuffs or rope. also he’s definitely a sadist, but he will only give you pleasurable pain because he’s afraid to hurt you although he’d never admit it. Overstimulation is his favorite thing. I even touched on this in my dirty talking headcanon shameless plug seeing your body writhe underneath him as you beg him to stop in between moans oH GOD I NEED TO STOP NOW


All right before you all jump on the “Diana is such a bitch!” train let me stop you. She is not bullying Akko. Just like in episode 5, she is merely pointing out her faults, which are things Akko would do well to recognize and fix, for her sake and for the sake of those around her. When Diana yells at Akko, Akko listens and takes what she says seriously. It might be the only way to make her listen to Diana, since Akko is so tunnel-visioned and sees her as her rival. And most importantly, the things Diana says only serve to motivate Akko.

A main reason these two are always clashing is because Diana comes from a family that is steeped in tradition and the traditional usages and practices of magic, while Akko has said multiple times she has no interest in “becoming like those old hags”. She wants a new, more modern magic.

As they are now, they cannot accept the other’s ideals/views of magic. I would really love to see them come together somehow to appreciate the other’s viewpoint, whether it would involve Chariot (and Diana’s secret love of her) or not.

But there is SO MUCH potential for them to overcome their differences and work together and to join the two types of magic together, and I really hope we get to see it.

The One On The Last Night

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader have a moment before Dean goes off to face Amara one last time.

Word Count: 1,971

Warnings: Angst, Smut, A bit of Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess‘s Hubba Bubba Birthday Writing Challenge! I got the prompt: “The One On The Last Night”. I hope you guys like it. Feedback is definitely welcomed! 

**Also, special thanks to my beautiful Ree for putting up with me and reading over this. I could cry, to be honest.**

Nothing hurt more than knowing that the person you love was going to cease to exist come tomorrow. Nothing hurt more than knowing that it was all due to a plan to help God. Nothing hurt more than knowing that your life was going to mean absolutely nothing from here on out.

Not without the person you love.

I swallowed the huge lump in my throat as Rowena explained the plan to Dean. I couldn’t even concentrate properly. All that mattered was Dean. It was like I was having tunnel vision and all I could see were those beautiful apple green eyes, once so full of confidence and awareness, now looked broken and lost.

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Watch Me

♡♡♡ Valentine’s Day Drabble 10/13 ♡♡♡

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Member: Woozi
Genre: smut
Word Count: 888

“HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!” you squealed at your computer as the skype call opened. Your boyfriend smiled at you from the screen.

“Happy Valentine’s day, baby.” he grinned, his freshly dyed pink hair shining bright and his dimples popping. He looked so cute. Oh, how badly you wanted to wreck him. “What’s with the weird angle?” he asked, noting the way you had the camera set up to only capture your eyes.

“Is there anyone else in the room right now?” you asked him. He cleared his throat and sat up straighter, his eyes widening for a split second. He had caught on to why you were asking that.

“No, there’s nobody. Should I lock the door?” he asked, licking his lips. You gave him a short nod and smile with your eyes. He scrambled up immediately and clicked the lock on the door before returning to his seat, his chest giving away how hard he was breathing already. He was always one to get nervous before you did something like this. “Can I see you now?”

You turned the camera downwards, revealing yourself. You were wearing thigh high socks, a pair of soft pink panties, and absolutely nothing else. Jihoon’s adam’s apple bobbed. You ran your hands over your own body slowly, watching his reaction. “Like what you see, baby boy?” you asked. He nodded slowly, seemingly entranced in the vision of you nearly naked for him. “I was gonna wear this for you tonight but since you can’t come home…I think this is the next best thing, yeah?”

“Definitely. God, I wish I could come home and see you like this myself.” he sighed, shifting in his seat. You knew that when he started squirming it meant that he was getting turned on fast. You bit your lip and stood on your knees, slowly turning around to give him the 360 view of your little outfit. Once you were completely facing away from him, you bent over and supported yourself on your elbows, arching your back so he could see the wet spot that had already developed on your panties before you had even called him. You heard him groan through the computer behind you. You got back up and turned to look at him.

“Are you hard, baby?” you cooed, sitting yourself back down on your ankles and keeping your thighs spread for him.

“Yes, oh my god, I’m so hard, fuck” he sighed, palming himself over his sweatpants. All you wanted to do was touch him, and it annoyed you that you couldn’t. Stupid work.

“Can you show me?” you asked as you began playing with the hem of your panties. He wasted no time in shimmying his sweats and his boxers down enough to slip himself free. Your mouth watered at the sight. God, you missed the taste of him. He rummaged under his desk and pulled out a tube of lotion, squeezed some into his hand and leaned back. You watched as he slowly started rubbing himself down, and the slick sounds the lotion made had you clenching around nothing. Jihoon was always one for extra lubrication, making the sex you had very…wet. The sounds the lotion made reminded you of the way it sounded when he was actually driving himself into you over and over again.

“Can’t I see you too?” he almost whispered, getting lost in his own pleasure already. You Slipped your panties off quickly but kept the thigh highs on. You reached down and cupped yourself, and shivered at the contact. You reached down to your slit and collected the wetness before bringing your fingers to your clit, rubbing slow circles. Jihoon pumped himself in time with the motions of your wrist. You moaned a little louder than you usually would, making a bit of a show for your boyfriend. He seemed to like it though, as he moved his hand faster at the noise. He opened his mouth to say something deliciously dirty to you, but was quickly interrupted by the noise of his studio door slamming open.

“GUYS, I CAUGHT JIHOONIE WATCHING PORN,” you heard Junhui shout, and you immediately froze up. Jihoon snapped his head around and then back really quickly to start shoving himself back in his pants. You scrambled out of view of the camera as fast as possible, hoping Jun hadn’t seen…well…that much. You knew he had seen at least something.

“WHAT THE FUCK, JUN?” Jihoon shouted, trying to find the hang-up button on the call. Jun came up behind him and looked at the computer screen.

“I’ve always wondered what kind of porn you watch, is that…oh.” he said, watching your hand come up and hit the end call button from your computer. The skype home screen appeared on Jihoon’s desktop. “Oh my god, you were totally having skype sex,” Jun gasped, and Jihoon just shoved his tomato red face into his clean hand. “OH MY GOD, WHICH MEANS THAT WAS Y/N, I AM SO SORRY,” he said, trying to stumble out of the room.

Jihoon was sure he had gotten up and locked the door. But come to think of it, he might have accidentally unlocked the door that had already been locked in the first place. Fuck. So much for his Valentine’s Day surprise.

- Marcy

Seth Rollins - Too Late.

Part 1

Summary - Part 2; Seth and Reader have been together for just over a year and it seemed they knew all about each other to every little detail. Seth had proven over time that he is true to his character portrayed on screen, ‘The Man’ however when he finds out some life-altering news, will he allow his old cowardly ways to take over.

Warnings - Angst again- it’s heartbreaking, sorry guys ;-;

Word Count - 1,386 words.

My eyes slowly fluttered open instantly taking in the artificial looking white walls surrounding me along with the various chemical smells that filled my nostrils. My vision roamed the room, my brain already disoriented from the however long amount of time I was asleep. However, It wasn’t exactly long before I was able to distinguish a light, warm breath brush against my knuckles as my medically hooked up hand lay against the bed. In an instant, I shifted my focus to the figure leant against the bed; his forehead pressed against my hand and his leg bouncing up and down at a constant speed, a tell-tale sign that whatever was going on within his mind, it was causing him to be nothing less than in a pure state of panic. It seemed as though he sensed my change in movement as his head jolted upwards causing his chocolate eyes to instantly meet mine. My heart seemed to shudder even at the lone thought of him saying the slightest word- I mean not long before I was begging him to say something, say anything but now I just wish he’d say silent…. like always.

“I came.” He mumbled, reaching once again for my hand as I ripped my palms away from his touch- I couldn’t be in contact with him; not right now.

“You came!? Is that really all you can say Seth?” Anger seethed through my bloodstream; how dare he come here and have absolutely no response for the actions that left me in this position in the first place.

“What do you expect me to say? When you spring some news like that onto me how else was I supposed to react?” He began, his tone getting stronger by the second as sweat began to appear in droplets onto his forehead. “It all seemed kind of selfish to me-”

“Selfish!? Seth, are you even hearing the words coming out of your mouth right now? I seriously cannot believe you. This is our baby, our child and you’re saying I’m selfish for something that takes two fucking people to create.” Enough was enough. When it comes to Seth you’ve always had a soft side; no matter how bad of an argument you’d gotten into, you never fully managed to gain so much anger, so much hatred towards this one man. Today was an entirely different day, now you had not only yourself to defend for.

“Yes, slightly selfish the fact that you’d given me no warning at all. Not even one sign or doubt towards the situation. I worked my ass off to get us that match at Mania as I wasn’t expecting this to be the thing that gets in the way of our dream.” He stated with annoyance ever present in his words. His dark locks cascaded down the sides of his face as he released the band that held them loosely at the back of his head- He never let his hair down; only for two reasons, wrestling or because he was frustrated.

“Seth! My dream has always been to marry you and to have children with you because you were the only man I’d envisioned to do that with. From the moment I saw you back in FCW I knew you were the one for me and ever since we’ve been dating I’ve known I want to spend the rest of my life with you; now you’re making me doubt myself Seth.” I proclaimed, already fresh tears welling up in the corners of my eyes and ultimately blurring my vision yet still anyone could see the picture of a broken man; his head lowered and rested in the palms of his hands. “Seth, that’s always been my dream, I thought this was both of our dreams. Now I don’t think we’re picturing the same future, we aren’t visioning the same dreams anymore.”

Wiping the stray tears that escaped my eyes with my thumbs I desperately tried to avoid any eye contact with the man sitting beside me; unsure whether to call him the man I loved anymore. He wasn’t the same anymore, it just isn’t the same person I knew a month ago.

“You always told me your dream was for us to wrestle together. You’re acting like I don’t care about you. I’m here, I came and I found you y/n.” He spoke in some sincerity but I wasn’t buying it; not this time at least. I couldn’t lower myself to that.

“You came too late. You found me in a hospital bed because Dean had to tell you. He and Renee had to bring me here because you weren’t man enough to pick up the damn phone Seth. Guess you fooled the whole universe with your whole ‘I’m the Man’ gimmick but you’re not fooling me Seth.” How did it get this way… how did it ever end up like this? I couldn’t even think clearly anymore, it was just his clogging up every thinking passage left, right and centre. It wasn’t even like I was scared of him, he would never do anything but still the lone fact that I felt the need to place a hand delicately across my stomach in some sort of self-defense was enough to leave my heart shattered and broken into way more than a million fragments.

“Well that doesn’t have to matter-” He started to utter words to redeem himself, clearly knowing that through his words he’d completely fractured me. 

The slow creek of a door redirected my thoughts seeing the pure white coat of the door enter the room, immediately blending with the clean, sterile looking wall behind him. “Mrs y/l/n, you bruised your hip slightly in the fall obviously adding to your previous complications but we advise that as long as you use your crutches as much as possible, it should heal pretty quickly.”

“It’s Miss…” I uttered, glancing over at Seth in the corners of my eyes before returning my vision to the tall man stood at the end of the bed and consequently my arm which was still rested lightly on the main worries I had right now. “What about the baby?”

“Well we’d like to run some tests now on the baby.” He exclaimed and with those few words I’d never felt the world become so small in my entire life. Never could I ever dream for this to end in misery; not even in these circumstances… That’s when I felt a set of fingers intertwine with mine. Knowing saying something would start a fuss, I opted to remain silent but as soon as the doctor said he’d be back and exited the room, I snapped.

“What do you think you’re doing? Seth now isn’t the time for this. I think you should go…” Even saying those words send my emotions into a downwards spiral- I mean how did I even get to this point with him. Was it my fault or his?

“No, I’ll stay. You even said it, this baby is mine as well so I’m staying right here.” He muttered. I had to admit it; it felt good hearing those words for him in that very moment but once it had settled in, it all just seemed to be one big cover-up to shield the man that I didn’t expect him to be. He couldn’t win that easily.

“Seth why don’t you just get it. I want you to leave. Please.” Already I felt the tears threatening to spill and it wouldn’t be long before they did but before that Seth had to go. He couldn’t see me vulnerable- I won’t let him. With those few words I’d mumbled it was a mere matter of seconds before he rose from his seat and left, not turning back once to my relief. I don’t think I’d cope seeing his face anymore.

As soon as I heard that door click to a close, my head immediately pressed into the pillow and my hands reached my face as loud sobs escaped my lips, unable to be contained anymore. I couldn’t help but just think this was the end… the end for the trust we’d built up over the course of an entire year, the end of us. I guess not all stories end with a happy family after all…

A/N - Damn these Seth imagines are killing my heart like seriously! Anyways hope this part lives up to the last and you all enjoyed it even if we’re all dying slightly. Have so much planned for this! And as always your responses and thought on the part mean so much to me! Thank you guys! xo ~ Nikkii

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Hello!! I'd like to request a scenario with Bakugou, Todoroki and Kirishima reacting to their s/o having a quirk that lets them see alternate timelines, helping them prevent disasters, but causing them to see themselves and everyone else die over and over again, which causes nightmares so bad they stop sleeping to avoid them. Their s/o never previously explained the side effects of their quirk to the boys?? If it's okay, and thank you for your time!! Sorry if I messed up

SUPER SORRY IT’S LATE! Thank you for requesting, it was an interesting request! I hope you like it! <3

Katsuki Bakugou
“You look like shit,” Bakugou commented upon seeing the bags under your eyes as you took a seat in front of him.

“Shut up, I haven’t been able to sleep okay?” you put your head down on the table, the cold metal feeling good against your tired face.

Just as Bakugou was going to say something, your name was called by a certain female brunette, “Y/n!”

“Yeah?” you looked over at her.

“Time to go!” she grabbed your arm and pulled you outside. You two had gotten pretty close since you’ve been working together on the hero missions. Whenever you use your quirk, her gravity quirk comes pretty handy when you’re stopping natural disasters.

“Can I ask why we’re out here?” you asked looking at the ground while she jumped around, excited about something.

“Becau-” her reply was cut off when a swordlike metal was rammed through her stomach.

You looked up in horror and screamed as she fell to the floor, blood pouring from the injury. Her eyes were wide and it looked like her mind had yet to comprehend what had happened.

“What the fuck? Who the hell are you?” You heard Bakugou’s voice but you didn’t turn to see who he was talking to, all you could do was stare at your dying friend.

You got on your knees next to her, you didn’t know what to do. You put your hands on her stomach, you needed to stop the blood. You needed to save her, but how?

“Look out!” you turned your head just in time to see Bakugou get impaled by the same blade. He had tried to protect you from the villain, who was about to stab you instead.

You screamed, louder this time, and you didn’t stop. You were covered in blood, Uraraka’s and Bakugou’s, your friend’s and your boyfriend’s. They were both dying right beside you, and there was nothing you could do about it.

You jolted up, someone had slammed their hands down on the table, “I don’t give a damn! I’m going to kick your fucking ass!”

Bakugou turned to look at you, fear evident on your face, “What’s up with you?”

Your heart was beating so fast, your body was trembling, and you were finding it hard to breathe, “I-I’m fine!”

You quickly stood up and ran outside, you felt suffocated in there and needed some air. The air was no use, the images from your nightmare kept flashing in your mind. All the blood, the fear, the screams, their eyes, it was all in your mind. The images were too much to handle because you started crying.

Little did you know, you had been followed out by a certain blonde, “Y/n?”

Your eyes widened and you wiped away your tears before turning around, “Oh hey Katsuki! What’s up?”

“That’s what I should be asking you? Why are you crying? Do I have to kick someone’s ass? Cause I’ll fucking do it!”

That made you laugh a little, “No, no! No one did anything! I’m fine!”

“Fine my fucking ass, why were you crying?” he got into your face. You looked down and sighed before telling him everything. You explained the downside to your quirk and how lately the nightmares had gotten worse.

“That’s a fucking stupid side effect,” You agreed with him. At the moment, you two were sitting down against a tree and your eyes were feeling really tired again.

“It’s a horrible side effect,” you whispered, yawning right after.

Bakugou sighed, “Just go to sleep. I’ll be right here the whole time. Not a single fucking thing is going to happen, okay? Now go to sleep.”

He was looking straight ahead, a look of determination on his face. You smiled, you loved how protective he was. You reached up and kissed his cheek, “Thank you Katsuki.”

“Just-Just go to sleep,” a blush appeared on his cheeks as you put your head on his shoulder and closed your eyes. This would be the first time in a while where you’d be able to get some sleep without the nightmares tagging along. And it was all thanks to the handsome blonde by your side.

Shouto Todoroki
“Y/n? Y/n? Hey, class is over,” you slowly opened your eyes to see Todoroki standing in front of you, a concerned expression on his face. You took your head off your desk and rubbed the sleep away from your eyes.

“Are you okay? You never sleep through class,” the classroom was empty except for the two of you.

You quickly stood up, “Yeah, just tired. That’s all.”

You gave him a small smile, a fake one but a smile nonetheless. You weren’t only tired, you were exhausted. Sometime during Aizawa’s lecture you must have fallen asleep, a part of you thought that if you were surrounded by all your classmates, the nightmares wouldn’t come. Thankfully, they didn’t but you could still remember the rest of the nightmares that haunted your dreams the previous nights. Nightmares of everyone you loved, along with yourself, dying, repeatedly dying. Some deaths were accidental, some were caused by villains, but you saw all of them and every single one was horrible to watch.

“Y/n, I know there’s something wrong. You know you can tell me right?” the moment you looked into his eyes, flashbacks came rushing into your mind. All the times you’d seen him die replaying in your mind like a CD stuck on a loop. From being stabbed to car accidents, all of it plaguing your thoughts.

“I-I have to go!” tears started flowing down your cheeks as you hurriedly grabbed your stuff. You were almost out the door when a hand grabbed your wrist.

“Y/n, what’s wrong?” Todoroki’s voice held nothing but concern, he was completely worried about you. At the moment, his thoughts were on how to make you smile again. The only thing he ever wanted for you was to see you happy.

“I’m sorry Shouto,” you whispered, wiping your eyes. His touch had somehow brought you back to reality. He made you realize that he was still alive and he was with you.

“It’s okay, just please tell me how to make it better,” he turned you around and looked you in the eyes.

“It’s the side effects of my quirk. You know how I could see the future to help stop natural disasters?” Todoroki nodded and you continued, “Well because of that, I always end up seeing the deaths of myself and people I love, they don’t come true but it’s still the same effect. I’ve seen so many that now I have nightmares every night and I can’t sleep.”

He nodded before pulling you in for a tight hug. He knew he really couldn’t do anything about it since the visions were caused by the use of your quirk. What he did know was that he needed to assure you that he, along with everyone else, was okay.

“They’re just visions, right? Maybe after you see them, call the person the vision was about to talk to them. It might make you feel better. On another note, I’m okay. You’re okay. Since I’m here, you want to get some sleep? Nothing will happen while I’m here, I promise,” Todoroki kissed your forehead.

“Okay,” was the only thing you could say while you both walked to the back of the room. You both sat against the wall and you put your head on his shoulder while he put his arm around you.

“As long as I’m here, you’ll always be safe.”

Eijirou Kirishima
“Y/n, if you keep drinking coffee you’ll never be able to sleep,” Kirishima joked about your 3rd cup of coffee in the past two hours.

That’s the point, you thought but you simply just stuck your tongue out at him and took a sip from the bittersweet drink. You didn’t want to go to sleep anytime soon due to the nightmares that tormented you while you slept.

“You wanna watch a movie?” Kirishima stood up from the table. You two were currently in your house while your parents were off on their weekly date night.

“Yeah, sounds great!” you followed him into the living room. He looked through your movie selection and he pulled one out, and it happened to be a horror movie.

“This is the only movie we haven’t seen yet, are you okay with watching it?” he asked as you sat on the couch.

You looked at DVD case and nodded, “Yeah.”

Only you weren’t okay. You’d heard the movie had a huge number of deaths and that scared you, you felt like the movie would remind you of your many nightmares. After the movie was put in, Kirishima sat next to you, an arm around your shoulder. Both of you leaned back and put your feet on the coffee table, a positioned you both enjoyed.

About halfway into the movie, and a few deaths later, your heart was beating too fast and your breathing turned shallow. Kirishima was too into the movie to notice and you didn’t want to worry him about it. You were trying to calm yourself down when another person was killed. The person was stabbed and thrown off a bridge, a similar scene to one you had envisioned about Kirishima.

That was it, you couldn’t take it. You got up and ran out your door. Instantly enjoying the freshness the cool night had to offer. The cute red head followed you out in a panic, “Y/n! What happened?”

“I-I couldn’t breathe. Eijirou, I can’t take seeing all the deaths! It’s too much!” you fell on your knees sobbing.

He ran over to you and got down to hug you, “What deaths?”

After you calmed down a bit, you explained the side effects of your quirk to him. He sighed and hugged you tighter, “I’m so sorry you see those, but I’m here okay? I’m okay, and so is everyone else. No one died.”

He stood up while standing you up at the same time, “Now come on, I know you’re tired so let’s get you to sleep, yeah?”

As you walked towards your room you shook your head, “No, the nightmares are too much.”

“You’ll be okay because I’ll be here. I’ll make sure nothing happens, okay? I’ll always be here to take care of you. Always.”

When he got you into bed, he stayed by your side until you fell asleep. Afterwards, he grabbed a chair and sat next to your bed, where he too would fall asleep, your hand still entangled with his.


The Queen

**gifs not mine, if yours kindly let me know so I’ll credit 😊**


There was no escaping nor denying what the heart flutters and the butterflies in their stomachs meant. Every time their eyes met, how Sansa found her recent feelings rather peculiar and how Jon’s lingering gazes seemed curious, every time she entered the hall or opened her mouth to speak. Those lips…

Or how much he clenched his fists and seethed whenever Lord Baelish slithered near or breathed in their presence. The audacity…

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A Kiss in the Night

Vikturi Fanfic: Rated G

“I wish I had known you when we were younger.” Viktor said as he laid with his head in Yuuri’s lap, one arm extended so he could stroke Yuuri’s cheek with the back of his knuckles. He looked up, locking with chocolate eyes. The expression on his face was almost saddened.

“Why’s that?” Yuuri asked, lifting one eyebrow in slight confusion.

Viktor hummed before responding. “I just feel like you would have helped me a lot.” The Russian man’s eyes followed his own fingers as they moved to run through black hair. He twirled short locks into short curls. “You help me so much now.”

“You’ve helped me a lot too, Viktor.” Yuuri smiled down, knowing that Viktor would be able to see it in his peripheral vision.

“It’s just strange.” Fingers couldn’t stop playing with the dark hair. “You were so close for so long. How did I never notice?”

“I’ve always been cheering you on. Ever since I first saw you skate.”

The small blush on Viktor’s cheeks disappeared as quickly as it appeared. He pushed himself up off Yuuri’s lap, sitting up, but not moving away from him. Viktor rested his forehead on his lover’s shoulder. He pushed his weight into the other, so that the space in between their bodies was minimal at best. “Can you imagine what we would have been like? When I was still in junior competitions?”

“Mmmm. If you were fifteen, then I would have been eleven.” A whispered laugh left Yuuri’s lips. “I was barely a skater then, so I wasn’t really competing.”

“But you were at competitions?”

“Yuko competed in the girls division a little bit. She never went international though.” Yuuri explained. “I would go with her to some of them when I knew you would be there.”

Viktor separated from Yuuri’s shoulder so that the smile on his face could be seen. “You liked watching me that much?” Yuuri only nodded his response. “You’re too cute.”

“Don’t call me cute.” The pout that appeared on Yuuri’s lips was beyond precious. While he had spoken with a serious tone, his eyes betrayed him. They sparkled at the compliment. A hand reached out to seek one of Viktor’s. Their fingers interlocked with one another, and they both leaned in, closing as much space between them as possible. Viktor’s head found itself back in it’s place on Yuuri’s shoulder. Nuzzling into the collar of the other’s shirt. Loving the feeling of the thumb that rubbed back and forth across the back of his hand. Loving the way Yuuri’s scent filled his senses. They were beyond comfortable, just being like this.

“You make me really happy, Yuuri.” Viktor’s voice was low as the words rolled off his tongue.

“You make me happy too, Vitya.”

Viktor pulled his head away in surprise upon hearing his russian nickname; Yuuri didn’t use it often. But a large, goofy smile quickly took over his expression. It only grew wider when he saw Yuuri smile back at him. His free hand traced up Yuuri’s side, lovingly finding its place under his smaller man’s jaw to cradle the side of his lover’s face. He watched, almost in awe, as Yuuri turned his head within Viktor’s hand to place a quick kiss on the heel of his palm. The two made eye-contact, just simply looking into each other’s eyes. Yuuri let out a breath, letting his eyelids fall shut, and relaxing into Viktor’s touch. He didn’t open his eyes again until Viktor’s forehead was pressed against his own.

“You’re being very passive today.” Yuuri’s voice came out like a whisper.

Viktor shook his head, rubbing their foreheads together almost awkwardly. “I wouldn’t call this passive.”

“What would you call it then?”

In that moment, Viktor answered the question with a soft kiss to Yuuri’s lips. It was short lived, but Viktor could still hear Yuuri’s sharp intake of breath, and feel the hand holding onto his squeeze tight. He put an inch of space between their lips, searching for some kind of confirmation in the form of a smile, or laugh. Anything. Instead Yuuri looked down. Eyes trailed towards the movement of his own fingers as they ran over the skin of Viktor’s hand time and time again. The expression on the younger man was unreadable; halfway between worry, and pensive.

“Yuuri?” The concern in Viktor’s voice was a lot more evident than he had planned.

“Don’t you think it’s funny? How this all turned out I mean?”

“What do you mean, my love?” The little sweet name clearly brought a smile to Yuuri’s face.

“Not that long ago we were competing against each other.” Yuuri began. “I know I wasn’t any kind of real threat for you at the time, but we still went to the same competitions. We crossed paths so many times. There was a time when we didn’t even know that the could speak the same language.”

“And now look at us?” Viktor finished the thought. He put his fingers to Yuuri’s chin, and forced him to meet his gaze once more. He wore a comforting smile.

Yuuri just nodded. “Sometimes I just wonder how I got this lucky.”

“I think the same thing Yuuri. Everytime I look at you, that’s all I think.”

The pair simultaneously leaned in, closing that minimal gap between them once more. This time they let their lip press against each other with mutual pressure. The kiss was kept chaste. No ulterior motives in mind. Afterwards they stayed still, lips still just barely touching, and each other’s breath fanning over their faces.

“I love you.” Yuuri’s words were soft, but the expression on his face showed that he wanted his partner to know just how serious he was.

Those three little words made every emotion within Viktor swell. His eyes grew wide and watery, his throat clenching, heart fluttering in his chest in time with the butterflies in his stomach. “I love you too. So much, Yuuri. So much.”

Bad Liar- Chapter Five (JB GOT7)

Surprise! I got sick so I had the day off of work, and had the inspiration to write since i’m so bored! Sorry for mistakes, and let me know what you think :)


Genre: Fluff, Angst, and a little suggestive.

Jaebum/JB (GOT7) X Original Character

Collage/University AU

Warnings: Swearing. May cause slight heart break, and rage towards characters.

May contain: Brief mentions of BTS members.


“So, she lied to you?” Jimin asked, while picking at some chicken while it was on the grill.

“Yeah, it appears that way.”

“Do you know why?”

“I think maybe because we left to the car without telling her. I don’t think that is a huge deal though, but all people are different.”

“Do you think it’s maybe because you two are ex’s and left to the car together. She might have taken it the wrong way, or maybe she doesn’t trust you two around each other alone?”  

“Why wouldn’t she trust me?! I told her we’re over, splits Ville, done!” I groaned while slamming my chopsticks on the table.

“Maybe it’s not you she doesn’t trust.”

“Well their relationship isn’t going to go anywhere without trust! Anyways, thanks again for meeting me on such short notice. I didn’t really know where to go or what to do in case they were home. I have a feeling I should stay away from the both of them for a while.”

“No problem at all. Anything to help out a friend,” Jimin smiled.

“I also wanted to say sorry that things didn’t really click as a couple on our first date. I’m just not use to dating and I was really awkward.”

“Hey, it may take time for you to properly see me as a man, rather than just a friend. Don’t take that as I’m giving up though, I want to ask for another chance to see how things go.”  

“Oh wow, someone is being a little flirty. Are you sure this won’t make things awkward between us?”  

We grabbed our coats before walking along the dirt path across the campus grounds towards my dorm. The air was thick and chilly, feeling a slight frost in the air as we continued our conversation.

“Micah, you’re one of my best friends on campus, and they always say you should marry one of your best friends… Not that I’m saying I want to marry you, but like… I want the chance to at least try to date you because… Well, I mean I.”

“Ha-ha, don’t hurt yourself Jimin! No, I understand what you’re trying to say. I think it’s sweet that you want to find someone who you click with on a personality level. Not going to lie; I want to say something cocky and be like “Oh well since you asked nicely, I guess I’ll give you a chance” but that sounds like a total bitch move, and in all honesty, I’m surprised you even like me. You know you’re really attractive right? Like, you can find someone way better than me? You do understand you’re super out of my league, right? Like 10/10 could be a model, and date famous people.“ I stared at him a little puzzled.

“Do you know you have a natural talent of complimenting other people enough that it makes them feel really awkward?”

“I’m sorry! I’m just really good at tearing myself down.”

“Don’t tear yourself down, you really don’t give yourself credit. You’re beautiful, smart, funny, and you also are extremely selfless. I mean, you’re letting your roommate date your ex. I’d kill someone before letting that happen to me.”

“That’s a fresh wound you just picked at Jimin, fresh wound” I gulped, still regretting letting them date. I made my life almost 100 times more difficult because I couldn’t admit the fact that I still have… I mean that I had feelings for JB.  

“Sorry. Anyways I better get going, I’ve got to be early for work in the morning. Stop by the shop when you have a chance. I’ll have an iced coffee and a blueberry muffin with your name on it.”

“You sure do know the way to my heart… Through my stomach.”

“Ha-ha, have a good night!” Jimin smiled walking off across campus in the other direction. I waited until he cleared around the other side of the building before pulling on the door handle to the lobby of the dorms. I shuffled around my purse looking for my keys, but they were nowhere to be found. I pulled out my phone and debated calling Amie. It was late and she was probably still mad at me, but I needed to get in so maybe I should call her anyways? I decided just to not bother her. Instead I just called my parents, but they didn’t even answer. Of course not, it’s 11:56pm, they’re probably all asleep. I debated for a moment and then decided to call up someone who was defiantly still awake.  

“Hey Youngjae! How’s it going?”

“Good, I’m just playing some video games. How about you?”

“Could be better… I have a favor to ask. Can I crash at your place? I got in a bit of an issue with my roommate, she needs space, and I left my keys in my room so I can’t even sneak in.”

“There are currently 6 dudes in one house, are you sure you can handle it?”

“I’ve slept there many of times before, I don’t see how this is any different,” I asked.

“You had the protection of one of the guys before, and you had JB’s room to sleep in so you were protected from wild beast-like boys.”

“Youngjae, you act like your house is the jungle during mating season and I’m the only female for miles.”

“I was talking about pranks… If you sleep in the living room Bambam or Yugyeom are definitely going to try and pull something on you,” Youngjae said. I could physically hear his confused blinking through the phone. Sometimes I forget that Youngjae is actually really innocently minded and usually looks for the best in others. “Actually, JB isn’t coming home tonight. He said he’s staying with Amie, so I guess it’s a trade for a trade. You can just sleep in his room for the night, he won’t mind.”

“Oh… Okay, well I guess I’m on my way” I mumbled.

The bus ride wasn’t all too long, and Mark met me at the bus stop with a flashlight, walking me back to their place. Mark and Youngjae were playing games together, while almost everyone else was asleep, including coco, the little white dog who was fast asleep upside down on the couch.

“We’ll be up for a little longer and then we will head to bed. You can stay in JB’s room, and if you need clothes he just did laundry so you can just pick something out to wear to sleep,” Youngjae offered.

“How insensitive are you? You can sleep in my room, I’ll stay in JB’s room for the night. I have some clothes you can borrow as well,” Mark huffed.

“It’s okay, I can sleep in his room. There is no need for you to do any of this. We’re still friends, it’s okay.”

“Are you sure? I want you to be comfortable. You haven’t slept over here in almost 2 years.”

“Thanks for your concern, I’m okay Mark, really…” I assured him.

“If you change your mind just come get me, even if I’m sleeping.”  

I thanked him one more time and walked into JB’s room. Not much had changed. His blue walls still met the same dark wooden floor, decorated with the same old shag carpet from his home. He still had black bedding, and everything was still in the same place as before. The only thing that really changed were the photos and a few decorations. I glanced over some of the photos on his desk. He had pictures of his parents, the guys, and other friends that I recognized from outside of our circle. On the bedside table he had a picture frame that sat empty and picture-less. It was a little odd, but he was probably waiting to fill it with a photo of him and his new girlfriend.  

I tipped the frame down and tossed my purse on the table before walking over to his closet. Automatically I grabbed a black cotton shirt and grey sweat pants and put them on before walking to his full-sized mirror which rested against one of the walls. I looked at myself in the eyes, seeing the dark circles peeking out after I washed my face. I scanned over my body, seeing the sweatpants drawn up tight over my hips when I lifted the shirt. The black shirt cascaded over my shoulders, nodding at the fact that this shirt was meant for someone much broader in the back, especially since the shirts shoulders had actually been stretched a little as well. My eyes met back at its own reflection, seeing my vision blur a little at my tears which were now starting to build up. I asked myself why was I crying, but I already knew the answer. I was wearing the clothes I always wore when I stayed here. When we cuddled for hours and talked the night away.  

It was automatic for me, something that had felt natural. I was wearing the clothes that contained so many memories for me, but now ultimately felt more of a burden to me. The clothes that once were a sign of comfort, were now a sign of feelings that shouldn’t exist.  I felt like I was forced to let go of everything, and the way the shirt would brush against my torso now felt like nails against my skin; like I was a sinner, because I was wearing something that no longer was welcomed on me. Every part of my body wanted it off, wanted the feeling to stop. The feeling of pleasure and comfort were not mine anymore, and an immense amount of guilt started to build within me. The worst part of it all was that there was a part of me that wanted to lay in his bed, wearing the clothes I always had, and suffer, because there was a part of me that didn’t want to let go…Didn’t want to admit, that it was over, and the left place on his bed wasn’t mine anymore.

“Mark…” I called out into the living room.


“Can I sleep in your room tonight instead?”

“Do you need my clothes too?” He asked.

“Yes please.”


When morning arrived, my eyes were met with a foreign room. Pale walls, white bedding, and the smell of clean laundry. I shuffled out of the room to see Jackson and Jinyoung in the kitchen, the only two who were awake at the moment.

“Oh, Micah. I didn’t know you were here? Where is Mark?” Jinyoung asked.

“Mark slept in JB’s room, I crashed here because I locked myself out at night, and I had a little problem with Amie…”

“She wouldn’t open the door for you?!”

“No, I didn’t want to bother her while she was angry with me. She needs space so I thought I’d give it to her.”

“Wait, so where is JB then?” Jackson asked.

“He’s uh… At my place with Amie.”

“Oh boy,” Jinyoung rolled his eyes.

“Morning” Mark mumbled, rubbing his eyes while crossing the living room.

“Good morning, thanks again for letting me use your room, and your clothes.”

“No problem,” he smiled. We were all sat at the table when the front door swung open and closed with a loud bang.

“Morning guys!” JB cheered walking in, “Oh hey Micah, when did you get here?”

“She got here a little after midnight” Mark replied.

“Oh, you stayed the night? Why didn’t you go home?”

“I left my keys in my room and I didn’t want to bother you two,” I muttered.

“So, you decided to stay in a house full of irresponsible guys instead of going to your own home?” JB started to sound a little annoyed.

“They’re my friends too; they said I was welcome, and I just was trying to be respectful of you and Amie. Fuck sakes JB, just because we aren’t together doesn’t mean I’m going to hoe myself out to my own friends.”

“I didn’t say that!”

“That’s what you implied though, right? Just because I’m not dating you doesn’t mean I’m low enough to try and hit you where it hurts and start going out with people who are basically your brothers, and my friends. The only person who’s low enough to go after someone’s friends… is you.

“Woah, I wasn’t saying any of this! You’re blowing everything out of proportion now. By the way remember that you were the one who gave your ‘almighty blessing’ for Amie and I to start dating. You said we could still be friends, but you’re actually kind of acting like an asshole right now!” JB yelled.

“I said we could be friends, but I guess I was wrong. I wish I never fucking fell in love with you.”  

“Micah, stop. You don’t mean that…” Jackson muttered grabbing my arm.

“No, I do mean that. Falling in love with JB was the worst mistake I ever made in my life. I don’t regret being friends with him, but catching feelings for him was a problem on my behalf. I shouldn’t have been so foolish.” I looked at him dead in the eyes, pure anger written on my face. I wasn’t going to cry, and he knew it too. My face wasn’t showing any signs of sadness, only pure fury. I started grabbing my stuff and headed out the door. That’s when I think something clicked for JB, as I tracked down the walk way, I saw JB in my peripherals running after me.

“Micah, wait!”


“Wait a second! I’m not letting you leave like this, you’re my best friend. I fucked up, okay?! I know I did. Can you please just come back inside so we can talk about this?”

I was so angry I just kept walking, and after about a block or two, JB gave up. There was nothing he could do right now to make me change my mind.

When I arrived at the dorms I saw one of my neighbors leaving the building, and noticing the opportunity to get into the building, I started running. “Hold the door!”  

Luckily, she heard me because she held the door and waited, “You lost your key or something?”

“I left it inside, but hopefully my roommate will let me in.”

“Oh, by the way there was one of your friends sleeping in the common room last night. The guy with black hair, and the two moles by his eyebrow? Uh your singer friend that goes to the neighboring university? Your roommate kicked him out of your room last night probably because you weren’t there. I think he was looking for you though, also she was pretty mad at him, woke up the whole floor.”

“Oh? Well thanks for letting me know. Have a good day.” I was a little confused as I started marching up the stairs towards my dorm. When I got there, the door was already unlocked. It was still early In the morning so I opened the door with caution, only to find Amie sitting on the couch looking probably the worst I’ve ever seen her.  

“Uh hey…” I greeted.

Her hair was a mess, she was wrapped in a blanket, and her under eyes were dark. She looked as if she had been crying, but as if the tears had run out. “Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not fucking okay!”

“What happened?”

“I was with JB last night, and I was trying to start something with him but he was really reluctant. At first, I thought maybe he was just nervous, but we were making out and he fucking moaned your name; are you happy now?” She shirked.

anonymous asked:

A ficlet about Spock and Kirk looking into adoption options at the end of their 5 year mission- 3 years together at that point and bonded for 2. Potentially moving to San Francisco or New Vulcan.

Kirk leaned over the desk chair in his private quarters, knuckles pale as he clutched its back. He drummed his fingers against the synthetic material to the rhythm of an old rock and roll song his stepfather used to play.

“Jim,” said Spock, sounding very far away. “I wish–”

“Okay, I know you can pick up on all the anxiety right now, which, i’m sorry. I hate when I do that. I don’t mean to. You’d think I’d be accustomed to how this works by now–”


“–And, on my side, you’re just so calm from what I can tell because you always are.” He waved a hand in Spock’s general direction. Out of his peripheral vision (he was afraid to meet eyes with Spock), he could see his bondmate in the usual stance. Hands clasped behind back. Posture erect.

The Captain let go of the chair, beginning to pace. “But I just didn’t know if you were ready to talk about this. And now it’s at the forefront of my mind all the time especially since Sulu’s kid’s 10th birthday party and with too few lightyears between here and Starfleet and the end of this mission for me to make sense of how I should approach it–”

Ashayam.” Jim hadn’t realized that Spock had been gradually approaching him as he rambled on, and the term of endearment in tandem with the light touch of Spock’s hand on his arm gave him pause.

“I wish nothing more than to raise a child with you.”

His brown eyes were full of sincerity. Spock’s eyes always betrayed his stoicism. And even if they hadn’t, Jim could feel the overwhelming sense of trust, assurance…happiness through their bond.

“Are…are you sure?” he stuttered. Somehow his t’hy’la was the only one who could make Jim Kirk’s speech falter.

“I would not say so otherwise,” Spock replied, tone soft.

Jim reached up to take the hand on his arm, squeezing Spock’s fingers gently. “I’ve been doing a little research. I want you with me every step of the way on this. I was…thinking about adoption. I just don’t want…”

He trailed off, letting Spock’s hand go, shrugging and looking down at his regulation boots. He didn’t need to finish the sentence. Spock did for him, gently prodding into his mind: You do not want any child to feel as you did growing up.

The next sensation was physical, as he felt Spock come up behind him, placing a gentle hand on the small of his back and kissing the side of his head. “Our child will surely be many things, Jim. Never alone.”

Jim leaned back against Spock, not bothering to hide the tears behind his eyes. “Holy shit, Spock. You’re gonna be such a great dad.”

He could practically feel Spock blushing against him, and he smiled.

CYB: No Way Out

Well, several people asked for Kakashi’s POV of that scene in chapter 96. Uh 3.5k of the misery caboose for the feels train? Careful what you wish for? Because I’m not really sure this makes anything better.

Raido leaves me at the gate, angling left towards the Aburame clan and Genma’s apartment. It’s not too hard to imagine why, not when it’s his and Genma’s place. I stop long enough for the guard on duty to not-so-casually tell me Kei’s back with a small laugh. It’s good news, but at the same time doesn’t mean much, so I leave without a word.

I’m not expecting her to be back for long, and I’m not expecting to even see her. She comes back and sleeps, then leaves. Even if I’ve told myself I’ll finally work up the nerve to tell Kei how I feel or ask her out, and make sure she knows that’s what I’m trying to do, I don’t plan on doing it tonight. She’s probably sleeping, and I’m tired too.

I’ve not been out of the village like Kei has, but ANBU’s kept me busy. Long enough that as I hop across the rooftops, I can feel my low chakra reserves tell me I should have just walked along the streets. The mental tally of what food I have in my place is low too. Nothing there that’s still good or easy to make.

I pass by my place, and head instead for Sensei’s. He won’t mind if I swipe a few packages of noodles, and I’ve got more than a few spare sets of clothes there. If it weren’t for the fact Tatsumaki liked crying at two in the morning, I’d contemplate crashing there for the night. As it is, I land lightly on the roof and climb in through one of the hall windows.

“Kakashi’s home,” Sensei says softly to someone in the main room, and I brace myself for the loudness that is Naruto. It doesn’t come, and I think of turning to get my clothes and changing out of the ANBU gear that is badly in need of cleaning.

After a few seconds, Sensei raises his voice to address me specifically, “Kakashi.” And I turn back to see what he wants. “Kei’s here.”

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King of the Underworld (Chapter 3)

TITLE: King of the Underworld
AUTHOR: winterwolf57
CHARACTERS: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel
GENRE: Romance, fluff, smut in later chapters
SUMMARY: AU where Dean is Hades, King of the Underworld. 

“So you’re telling me that you really don’t see it?” 

“See what?” Dean asks without taking his eyes off you and his brother. “The way she smiles when you’re around. The way her eyes light up when she looks at you.” Castiel answered frustrated.

“Looks at me?” he turns his attention to Castiel, head titled slightly in confusion.

Castiel rolled his eyes. “You can be really clueless sometimes, and that says says a lot coming from me,” he shakes his head. “Whenever you’re together, she looks at you like she can’t see anything else; like you’re the most interest thing in a universe filled with interesting things. She looks at you as if you were magic, and you don’t even notice.”

A/N: Hi guys! Yeah I know this is long overdue. I’m excited for the next few chapters because I thought of adding a little drama to the story. Something, I think, that would possibly make you guys hate me a little. If I’m not too swamped, I’ll write it over the weekend. :)

P.S. Apollo is also known as the god of prophecies.

P.P.S. I suck at writing poems.

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If you missed the first few chapters, check them out here.

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voltron soulmate au thing

But speaking of Shallura, though, I’ve been thinking about a soulmate AU (specifically one of the you-only-see-color-after-you-see-your-soulmate ones). Where Shiro leaves Earth seeing in gray-scale, not really bothered by it, because it can take decades to find your soulmate. Some people never do. He’s young. (”Who knows,” Keith suggests, in what might be a dry joke, “maybe you’ll find yours out there on that frozen rock.”)

Then he gets captured by the Galra and he’s pretty sure he’s going to die without ever learning what colors look like, knowing them only as words. He does his best o keep the others alive, because it’s his job, because it’s the right thing to do, but also because, well… They both found their soulmates, even though things are rocky for Matt. 

(”It’s hard,” Matt explained, during the long trip across the darkness of space, “we’re not like normal soulmates, you know? She’s not… I mean. We can’t really have, uh, an intimate relationship.” He made a disgusted face.

“That’s not required,” Shiro pointed out, “you don’t have to be romantically involved with your soulmate. Plenty of people aren’t. Sometimes its parents and kids, even. It doesn’t change how important they are to you.”

Matt didn’t look convinced. Shiro didn’t push.)

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krispinathederp  asked:

Does Pearl tend to hof rosie from the other Gems? 9 since Rosie looks alot like rose XD)

Oh she tries really hard, but Garnet is always one step ahead (Future Vision yay) and takes Rosie from her while saying “Pearl time is over, now it’s Garnet Time!”. And no one can argue with Garnet Time! ;P The Gems are constantly trying to top each other “scores” on who gets to spend more time with little Rosie and win the “Favorite Grandma” title. XD

And I hope no one is getting the wrong idea about that comment Pearl made of Rosie reminding her of Rose. She was just happy to see that Rose’s legacy still lived on in Steven’s descendant.

Sapphire and Ruby: Here comes a thought... “Never Alone”

When Garnet showed Stevonnie Sapphire and Ruby (most likely a flash back of somesort or an example) and then a butterfly appears take notice it only bothers Ruby notice it swirled around Sapphire at first and then it proceeds to bother Ruby.

I believe Garnet’s showing Stevonnie the first time “Garnet” experienced Future Vision and of course Sapphire is used to it but not Ruby. That’s why the “thought” gets even worst and the more Ruby gets frustrated. And more start to surround Sapphire.

Sapphire unintentionally hurt Ruby with her visions and power, it breaks her  heart because she just put her through the pain she goes through. And she only experienced this because she was fused with her and she can’t even comfort. This makes Sapphire worry even more in what if this makes Ruby not want to be Garnet anymore and leave her. 

She can’t even comfort Ruby and she covers her eye because she can’t have Ruby unseen what she’s seen. Which makes her Sapphire’s unhealthy thoughts into out and the pains she goes through too.  And she just falls to the ground and she’s certain that Ruby will surely leave her. And then her worries and thoughts just completely consume her. 

And if you don’t believe me this is the part where Garnet sings “And I might lose you” of course this wasn’t the case and Ruby was able to calm down and go to Sapphire and that wasn’t the case. And that she doesn’t have to go through it alone anymore when she goes through it alone anymore (I’m here).  

Ruby to the rescue 

It gave me a better understand why Garnet said “you forget were ever alone” and from my perspective Sapphire had always hide how much her future visions affected since it was her job on Homeworld to predict the future.  And she was forced to put her feelings aside; that’s why she always acted serious. But since she was a fusion, these feelings are brought to light Sapphire. In reality I think Sapphire is scared of what she sees might whenever she used her power and she didn’t know which future was gonna happen; she had to suffer this alone. Ruby keeps Sapphire grounded and reminds her that to focus on whats happening now. Not only that but that Sapphire had someone that she could share and trust these emotions with.

Which brings out the parallels with Steven and Connie. Steven was just like Sapphire who, he had to hide his feels because in a way he has to keep up appearances to be like Rose, and to not have the others worry about him. He thought it was better to ignore his feels and do what he needs to do to be stronger, but he couldn’t. But Connie was there to remind him that is was okay to feel that way and that he had to because then he’ll never feel better. She keep Steven grounded like Ruby. 

I’m here

This episode basically showed the importance of talking to someone and letting your emotions. Because if you don’t then your not gonna think weird bad thoughts about yourself….. 

The End - Part 2

*Soon to be adapted as an original novel by Tristen Ross, called Exitus*

Warnings:  Angst, very dismal setting, death, apocalypse, language, future!Dean being a bit of an ass to the reader, Future!Cas’s drug use

Read “Part 1 - The End” if you haven’t yet

I woke to the smell of campfires. A thin screen of smoke drifted above my head, creating soft patterns in the air. Dean was already gone and his boots were missing, so I knew he was out on another raid already. I stretched and disentangled myself from the sheets piled around me. They still smelled like him. Even without his usual hygiene products he smelled distinct, like leather jackets and gasoline. I thought back to our night together and grimaced at the conflict that still lingered.The invading sunlight lit up the can of peaches on the table. It sat, untouched. If Dean really wanted it back in the storehouses, he could have put it there himself. No one would question him doing so, but no, he didn’t want convenience. He wanted me to have to carry it back. I heaved an exhausted sigh and splashed some water on my face. 

Stepping outside the tent took strength but I did my best to smile brightly at each person I passed. Men and women of all ages milled about, some bent over fires and others bent over in agony. There was too many injured to all be tended to in one place, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary to see children dragging broken legs or mothers cooking with bandaged hands. I swallowed back a whimper and tried to greet each with a hopeful expression. They didn’t need pity, they needed help. The can of peaches hidden in my apron felt like it was burning a hole in my side. The guilt I should have felt the night before was searing my throat like acid. Dean was right, I couldn’t rightfully take something from these people, not even for an anniversary. As I neared the stockpile tents I recognized a voice calling after me. A genuine smile tugged at my lips as I turned in anticipation. I was met by lazy blue eyes that were set half mast, drifting far beyond reality. 

“Cas, how are you?” Castiel was never quite ‘all there’ but he never failed to make me smile. Sometimes I was tempted to ask him to share whatever questionable substance made him so carefree. He grinned wide and spread his arms in a sudden hug. 

“Fantastic.” His drug induced euphoria seemed contagious, because my spirits immediately lifted with his embrace. “You are well? You look stunning. Dean is a lucky man.” I blushed and stifled a laugh. His candor was easily forgiven. I muttered a thanks and shrugged. 

“I’m good enough…” Cas didn’t appear satisfied. I watched as a little boy scampered from behind a tree and clung to his legs. The boy’s red cheeks were smeared with dirt, the color of his skin concealed under layers of filth. It wasn’t Castiel’s child, but it might as well have been. More than one orphan was taken in by the angel. I think he identified with them, as another forgotten, fatherless son. 

“Will you be joining the prayer circle today?” Cas’s question was directed towards me but he asked while playing with the boy at his feet. A little stone was retrieved from behind the child’s ear and produced laughter that turned heads in all directions. Warmth filled my chest. This was what would save us, these fleeting moments of normalcy and joy. Survival was nothing without love. My fingers lingered over the can in my apron. 

“No, I won’t be. But I would like you to do something for me, Cas.” The man hoisted the giggling boy on to his shoulders and nodded at me. I discreetly placed the can in his hands, careful to keep it hidden in his fingers. “Could you distribute this to the children? Make sure everyone gets some… And, don’t say anything to Dean, okay?” For a moment I could have sworn cogniscience flitted across Cas’ face, but it faded quickly. He nodded slowly and I wondered how much he understood of what was happening. When I turned to leave the man stopped me and squeezed my wrist in what I assumed was gratitude, but his grip didn’t lessen. His eyebrows were furrowed in the seriousness he usually lacked. 

“Y/N, he’s still the man he’s always been.” It only took me a moment to realize who he was referring to. “Please… have faith in him. He needs it.“ 


 I was tending to a wounded soldier when the door was thrown open, its hinges groaning against the pressure of being slammed into the wall. My first reaction was to scowl out of concern for all of the injured trying to get rest, but when I saw the intruders expression, my breath escaped me. The man in the doorway looked frantic, his eyes so wide they seemed to be escaping his skull. His clothing was torn and freshly stained with blood, none of it his. I watched in horror as he struggled to catch his breath against the doorframe. If felt like ages before he was able to speak, but when he did I wished it had been a little while longer. 

"Y/N! It’s Dean, he needs you…"I didn’t notice that my hands had begun to shake until the patient I was bandaging held them in his comfortingly. The entire infirmary was watching now, with baited breath and silent curiously. It made me sweat that most of their stares were directed at me, and not the gasping messenger. They were all waiting for my response. The mix of urgency and stillness made me feel sick. "Y/N… He’s asking for you." 

 My feet caught on stones as I raced across the compound, my lungs ready to burst with the breath I dared not take. The people nearby watched with emotionless intrigue as I stumbled over the dirt like a child. I wasn’t pretending any longer. I wasn’t faking smiles or trying to sell hope. Right now all that mattered was Dean and all of the horrible images that blurred my vision and fogged my mind. I knew this day would come. I always knew that one day his warrior spirit wouldn’t be enough, or the temptation to give up would be too great. Maybe he was bitten, or shot, or dying. Maybe he couldn’t walk, or see, or maybe I wouldn’t be able to run fast enough. I used to fear for his safety every time he left, but my confidence in his ability had grown since then. Now that confidence just served to fill me with guilt. I never even got to say goodbye. I didn’t even tell him I loved him the night before. I didn’t hear the friends calling after me. I didn’t notice the gravel embedded in my kneecaps. I just ran. When I arrived at our tent and saw the truck parked outside I knew he was there. Men and women of all ages milled about around the entrance, their hands pulled together nervously or raised in anger. When they saw me, everyone quieted down and stepped aside. Like Moses parting the Red Sea, I walked quickly between the saddened faces and curious watchers. Their expressions meant nothing to me. 

 When I entered the flap of the tent my eyes were still closed. I made sure that the opening shut behind me to ward away the spectators, and took a deep breath. Smoke, gasoline, leather, earth, it smelled like our home. It smelled like him. That comfort gave me the push I needed, and I reluctantly opened my eyes to the dimly lit room. The bright sun outside made my pupils cry out against this sudden darkness. Once my sight was adjusted I strained to see where he was. No tall figure stood nearby, and there was no stretcher on the floor. Then I saw him, a man sitting at the dinner table. He was perfectly still and straight. I crept forward cautiously, very aware that something wasn’t right. 

"Dean?” The man moved slightly, but he seemed restrained to the seat he occupied. A chill traced my spine as I neared the center of the smoky room. From my new vantage point I could see that a burlap bag was tied around his head, the edges secured around his neck like a noose. My legs froze mid-step. 

“Dean… Is that you?” I found myself looking around every corner of the room for some clue as to what in the hell was happening. My entire body was on high alert, my hands shaking as they gripped the knife in my belt. I inched closer to the covered person, but a strong grip on my shoulder stopped me from getting a good look. I cried out in shock, my initial reaction to swing the weapon in my hands like Dean had first taught me. My advance was blocked by a forearm and a familiar face inches from mine. 

 "Whoa, babe. Easy.“ I was still buzzing with adrenaline, shaking with fear, when Dean pried the blade from my fingers. "It’s okay, it’s okay Y/N. Put it down.” His face was just as confused as mine as he talked me down from my high. My eyes flicked over him wildly, searching for any of the visions I had seen in my mind. He was still perfectly intact, his clothing unmarred by bullet wound or bite mark. Relief collapsed me into his arms. 

“Dean, oh thank god… I thought-I thought you… I love you! I love you…” There was no holding back the tears that wracked my chest. My fingers dug into the fabric of his shirt, desperate for proof that he was really there in the flesh. I had completely forgotten about the hooded stranger sitting behind us. Dean whispered comfort to me, his hands smoothing down the wild mess of my hair. 

“I know you do baby… what on earth got into you? Why are your knees bleeding?” His words were almost chastising, a certain sense of disgust evident in his tone. There was no explaining myself so I stayed quiet and still in his embrace for a little while longer. 

“They said you needed me…” The phrase was foreign between us. He never needed me, not like that anyway. Dean scoffed slightly and patted my back. He had an uncanny way of making me feel foolish and inexperienced, but maybe beside him, everyone felt that way. 

 "I sent someone to get you, and you thought that meant I was injured? Have some faith in me.“ Dean used his calloused thumbs to wipe the tears from under my eyes. His touch was quick and impersonal, and I could tell his thoughts were elsewhere. He was looking over my head, towards the kitchen table. "It’s the prisoner. He needs medical attention. I was hoping you could help with that.” My body grew rigid at the reminder of who still sat only feet away. For the first time I turned to examine him. A man was handcuffed to his seat, feet tied to the bottom wrung of the dining chair he was unable to escape from. Even though he had burlap covering his face, I could still see the fabric flutter over the bump of his nose with every breath. The situation felt ominously unsafe, even though the stranger was far from posing an active threat. Dean must have seen my jaw grinding in apprehension. 

 "Trust me, the bag is for his own protection. If the people outside saw his face, they’d likely rip him to shreds. He’s a traitor. They want him strung up for what he’s done… but, he still deserves trial.“ His word’s were rushed, suspiciously so. I rubbed at the goosebumps on my arms and stepped closer to Dean. The people outside were audibly whispering and straining to hear our conversation. Exaggerated silhouettes were cast against the sides of the tent by the crowd, creating the illusion that we were the center of some sort of twisted sideshow. I lowered my voice and searched his face imploringly.

“Dean, are you sure you’re telling me everything? Something’s not right…” He didn’t flinch at my accusation, but his hand on my shoulder tightened urgently to draw my attention back to the task at hand. I could tell his patience was growing thin. He responded without answering my question. 

 "Whatever you do, don’t take the covering off. He’s dangerous Y/N. Just tend his wounds and I’ll come back to move him to the cell when you’re finished. I need to talk everyone down.” A cold kiss was pressed to my tense forehead before he turned to face the spectators outside. I barely registered his leaving before lunging after him. When I caught his strong arm in my fingers I could feel his body shudder with a frustrated sigh. 

“But… Where are you going?” There was a pause between us, filled only by the heavy breathing of the seated stranger. Dean couldn’t bring himself to look at me. Whatever secret he was keeping weighed heavily on his conscience, but not heavily enough for him to stay and explain. 

“Look, I have to go speak with Cas. Just do this for me, Y/N. You can handle that, can’t you?” The condescension in his tone was crushing. My wild hair and skinned knees made me feel all the more child-like, but it was his words that filled me with dread. My hand dropped from his arm like it had been singed. Normally I would have agreed reluctantly, he would reassure me that he loved me, and we would go on like we always did. But today was different. Today there was a dull heat that I felt rising inside me, a low burning, unexplained anger that was only fanned by his weak dismissal. 

We both were very aware of the space growing between us, and even more aware of the secrets filling those gaps.I think he recognized my lack of an attempt to stop him for what it was. He swallowed loudly and exited the tent without another word of disagreement. 

Now I know what that moment really was. That was our breaking point. It didn’t come in a heated fight, or the discovery of a betrayal. It wasn’t obvious, violent, or even very sad. In fact, the utter feeling of insignificance makes it more painful to reflect upon. It came in a silent act of passivity; it was the moment that neither one of us bothered to put up a fight.

I was left in the presence of a faceless prisoner, unable to suppress the thought that his fearful company was still more inviting than the room had been seconds before.

Full Disclosure.

“William Sherlock Scott Holmes." 

The silence in the lab was broken, the comfortable working space disrupted, Molly was pulled only slightly from her work. "Hmmm, what’s that?”

“My name, my full name.” Sherlock hadn’t yet looked up from his microscope, simply stating each of his words. 

“Oh, okay then?”

“I’ve told John, he laughed.”

Molly has to stifle her own giggle, this whole situation was a little strange. “Sherlock, why are you telling me this?”

“I was thinking. You’re the one person that I never want to lie to… Again, ever. Not once in the rest of my life, and it only seemed appropriate to lead with a name. Hello, Molly Anne Hooper, my name’s William Sherlock Scott Holmes, nice to meet you." 

The smile that graced Molly’s lips was sweet, as if some part of her already knew this, the trust. And of course he knew her full name. "Oh… Pleasure’s all mine I’m sure.”

“I went by William ‘til the age of 8, loved the name in fact, Mummy and Father would call me Will. And I even managed to persuade them to call me,” Sherlock cleared his throat and lowered his voice slightly. “Bootstrap Bill. Then I stopped, requested I be named Sherlock at all times, because Mycroft no longer went by Myc, he was too grown up. And I was quite too young to understand I needn’t follow suit. I began to hide behind it at school, all the normal boys had normal names, and William was a normal name. Sherlock was not. And I was assuredly and repeatedly reminded I was not normal.”

Molly rose, making her way over to Sherlock’s side, still by his microscope but now looking straight at Molly. She could see it, again, as always, the sadness that clouded his vision and dulled the crystalline blue of his eyes. 

“S'okay, y'know,” she spoke as she placed her delicate hand on his shoulder, giving it a slight squeeze Molly was fully prepared for the gesture to go unnoticed or to even be shrugged off, she wasn’t expecting his own hand to join hers. “There’s no need to hide behind anything, especially with me.”

“I know. That’s why I told you. Thank you, Molls.” She hadn’t heard that name since her childhood, since her father’s last days on earth, it brought a pleasant ache to her heart. He always knew.

“My pleasure, Will." 


And then, of course, follows a hell tonne of head-canon where Molly calls Sherlock, William, or Will, or Bootstrap in private, if you catch my drift. Also this is clearly the closest thing to a declaration of love for Sherlock before he’s in an actual relationship with Molly. Because he adores her.

Inspired a little by this lovely (yet cruel) post.