Sinbad no bouken

SnB Omake

A few days ago i was talking with @maumauxmau about SnB and we were wondering … what kind of relationship did Judal had with Serendine? were the friends? or did they just work together to achieve something? , and today i found this omake in the manga one app!  yayy! :D i normally don’t pay so much attention to the omakes but since we were waiting interaction between these two we translated it! juseren is my new BROTP

Raws from the manga one app by me

translation by @maumauxmau and me

Revision and editing by @maumauxmau ( Thank you so much! i had so much fun talking about this! <3)

Can we take a moment to appreciate the clear changes in SnB!Sinbad’s age and how it’s still looks like the same character despite these changes?

Sinbad - Age 0: (Chapter 1)

Sinbad - Age 3: (Chapter 1)

Sinbad - Age 5: (Chapter 2)

Sinbad - Age 14: (Chapter 10)

Sinbad - Age 16: (Chapter 41)

Sinbad - Age 17: (Chapter 85)

Also, props to  Ohtera-sensei for how much her art has improved these last  3-4 years ♥

Late birthday gift for dear @romya-the-pirate <3 I know everybody drew Draher for you but I’ve been wanting to draw them for so long… Sorry for being late and uncreative.

AU featuring Drakon and Saher where Drakon remained hot human and lived happily ever after with his wife, Saher. I decided to keep the red cape because I like it plus he keeps wearing one even as a dragon.
I’d have finished this last weekend if I hadn’t messed up Drakon. ovo;;;
Actually, I kind of missed drawing romance. I don’t even remember the last time I drew a shippy pic, heheh~